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4/11/11-Washington Capitals Matt Hendricks and Mike Knuble Get What They Deserve

April 11, 2011


It may be another of a continuing string of jobless Monday’s for me, but the hockey gods have sent me a couple of rays of happy sunshine in the form of news from the Washington Capitals Nation. Matt Hendricks #26 has been given the Bill Masterton nomination by his team. The winner is selected by a poll of the Professional Hockey Writers’ Association.  From my perspective, this is exactly the right choice and I am all on board with this news. He has earned this nomination for all the reasons and a few more, mentioned in this news release from the Capitals. WAY TO ROCK THE SPUNKY DETERMINATION HENDY!! ONE NON-SMASHED THUMBS-UP AND ANOTHER SMASHED THUMBS-UP FROM ME TO YOU “FIRE CONTROLLER!”

Hendricks isn’t the only icemen of DC who’s getting what he deserves either. The happy news has come in pairs for all the believers out there. Mike Knuble #22 has been signed to a one year contract extension with the NHL’s Eastern Conference Champions 2011 today as well. Again, this is another ray of sunny, goodness in my book. As a fan, I not only get behind this all the way, but I have been “vibing” in front of it for a while now. It caught-up and the deal is done. This is fantastic news for Knubes I’m sure, but even better news for the Capitals. WELL DONE ON ALL ACCOUNTS AND THANKS FOR SHOWING THERE’S CONFIDENCE WHERE CONFIDENCE SHOULD BE (at least from my “hockeyverse” anyway).

I was having a tough time finding anything resembling “positive” this morning, so reading this good news has helped get me going a little today. Thanks for that and MAJOR KUDOS TO #26 AND #22!

Go Caps! Gehen sie Caps! Aller Caps! THE TIME IS NOW!! ROCK THE RED! BELIEVE! TRUST! PERSEVERE! – peace – mia – and twitter (@creasesinger) – luvyalotsyamagnificantbastardsya


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