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4/19/11-Puck Update Is Blogging in an “Intellectually Lazy Manner” about the Washington Capitals

April 19, 2011


It’s a gloomy day in the Baltimore/D.C. Metropolitan area and, as is the norm, the sports media, bloggers and other assorted pundits from across North America are self-expressing on all things NHL Playoffs. It’ll be an “intellectual” challenge for me to avoid any “jinx” while I take my turn at self-expression, but I BELIEVE I can make a good go at it anyway.

Like some of the Washington Capital’s faithful, I also get very interested in other NHL teams and their progress as well. Before I get “down and dirty” with my opinions about a particular blogger’s sentiments regarding the men of ice from D.C., I will state that I was pulling for the New Jersey Devils to get a spot in the playoffs. Something they usually do and frankly, of all the teams in the East, I have simply assumed they would be in the playoffs. Every new  NHL season, I would ask myself, “I wonder who the Devils will play in the playoffs?” I’m not trying to rub the Devs and their fans in it, so don’t anybody go there. I thought New Jersey’s recovery from a bad start to this regular season was inspiring, if not plain amazing. I feel for the NJ Devils and their fans. The only thing I can offer from a Rocker of THIS RED, is that the Capitals really want to take the Rangers out of the playoffs. Most Devils fans can at least get behind that anyway.

New Jersey had a “blip on the radar”, so to speak, and 2012 will be better for sure. There’s not doubt in my mind about that. For the rest of this season though, it’ll be Washington’s RED that’ll have to take the NY Rangers out of Cup contention. On that note, let me begin my typed thoughts on “New School NHL.” This blogger from NY posted thoughts about Washington’s “non-offense” and how their “Devils inspired defense” can’t work.

Okay Puck Update, while I am impressed with pulling “obviate” out of the depths of your thesaurus, I’ve been left little choice to point out some critical issues with your thoughts. First, I am very curious how much time you’ve spent talking to Bruce Boudreau, Alexander Ovechkin or any Assistant Coaches in Washington? I’m also curious how much time you’ve spent watching other NHL teams this regular season? How many playoff games have you seen and which teams have you watched?

Seems to me that you failed to notice games where both Alexander Semin and Alexander Ovechkin had success with scoring the “fancy” goals after the team had been working on their “transition” in the regular season. It also appears that your logic may be sound in thinking that the Capital’s “defensive” system may only work for the New York Rangers, but it seems “intellectually lazy” of you to assume you know how the Capitals will play and perform against the next team they will face in round 2. If you’re able to see the future, perhaps your efforts in blogging are being wasted right now. Go win the lottery or something.

I prefer not to point out any real specifics about the CAPS, since there’s no need to help any party “know” my team better. It is the playoffs after all and the less information given about how the hockeymen of the Nation’s Capitals can and will play, the better, as far as I’m concerned. I will take the time to point out to you however, Puck Update, that you making short-sided, matter-of-fact written statements about nuances that you apparently forgot to notice of other NHL teams this season about the Washington Capitals, is tantamount to me driving to New Jersey and informing Lou Lamoriello that he doesn’t know how to run a hockey club.

Thanks, but we’re good down here in D.C., so if you don’t mind, we’ll “do us” and you can “do you.” I would have put this in your comment section, but alas, it does not appear your intellect dictated to you that comments should be allowed and a means to do so should be provided. Tell ya what though, we’ll take your Wonderlic score and compare it to my Wonderlic score. Maybe I’ve got your “intellectually lazy” thoughts all wrong. Bring it.

GEHEN SIE CAPS! ALLER CAPS! GO CAPS! STAY THE COURSE! – peace – mia – and twitter (@creasesinger) luvyalotsformakingthemlaugh


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