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4/23/11-The Washington Capitals Move to Round 2 and I Don’t Feel So Alone Any Longer

April 23, 2011


It’s a fantastic day for Capitals fans across the hockeyverse! Our boys just showed the New York Rangers the door to the golf course and now the CAPS move onto the 2nd round of the NHL playoffs. Please, no one take this short and sweet post as an attempt by me to say ” I told you so” in any manner. I have NEVER lost faith in this team at any point in the season. I know I challenged things. I did that because I care and I love this year’s team. I knew our hard-working and talented hockeymen from DC could play the game we all love well enough to be serious cup contenders.

If the “defensive” play and change in the “system” that most saw take-shape over the course of the regular season was a problem for others, I was not in agreement with most of the fans, bloggers and media. I continued to blog about this exact type of play at the beginning of the 2010-2011 season. I never waivered. I have thought the team should be approaching the game the exact way in which they did today, as they took the Rangers down. I am so proud of the Washington Capitals right now, I couldn’t find words in any language to express my gratitude for their courage, work, commitment, team-spirit and concern for the “little things.”

The only reason I mention that I have been wishing and hoping that this “new” Capitals would play the way they have and I kept blogging, vlogging and talking about it like a nucance all season, is simply because it would appear that the CAPS are a much better team going into the post-season. They are playing smart, play-off ready hockey. It may not be as most of the folks out there prefer. The excitement dropped a bit. People were HIGHLY  frustrated and there was not shortage of “hating” sent out by many of the people who blog and send out multi-media messages to the public.

Again, no one be offended. I’m not pointing fingers. I am asking everyone to understand why I may not be a Washington Capitals fan next season, after 30-some years of die-hard CAPS fandom. I GOT MY ASS KICKED BY ALL THOSE WHO DOUBTED! I got e-mails from people who proclaimed that I should take myself “outback and shoot myself”. I got harrassed in a bathroom at the VC, for a ridiculous reason, and was then put in a situation where I could have hurt someone in defense of what the law would considering physical assault. I didn’t respond, because I know I’d hurt the unsuspecting female who saw only the shirt I was wearing and had no idea that I drove myself to work the day after I broke my tailbone. I am not a person with whom 120lb. folks should force to protect herself.

The Capitals did what so, so many of you swore all over the place they could not. There are still games to play. I refuse to BELIEVE anything other than the Stanley Cup will come to DC. I have BELIEVED in and been pushing, via my blog, the shift in “system” from the start and long before it actually happened. I have taken so much BS from angry, hate-filled, aggressive, bully-fans this season, that I actually had to be in another team’s barn (New Jersey Devils) to actually have a stress-free, good time at a Capitals game.

I know we all love our Washington Capitals. They deserve all you crazy Red-Rockin’, louder-than-MSG fans. I will never begrudge the team any of that and I want a filled, loud Verizon Center for our boys. I am proud and happy, but I took too many hits as a fan. I’m only one fan and I am certain the Capitals don’t need me as a fan any longer. They have all of you now. Please try just a tiny bit more in future to have a little more faith and make a small effort to keep in mind that when you unleash your anger – there is collateral damage.

GO CAPS! THERE IS NO LOVE LIKE HOCKEY LOVE! THERE IS STILL MORE HOCKEY TO PLAY, ONE GAME AT A TIME! – peace – mia – and twitter (@creasesinger) luvyalotsformakingdoubtersintobelievers


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