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11/9/11-Thoughts from a Homeless Hockey Fan on the Tampa Bay Lightning and a Message to Washington D.C.

November 9, 2011


I’ve finally been able to get enough time and resources together to post my first video blog of the 2011-2012 NHL season. There’s a marked difference between this season and last season with regard to my blog. I’m sure some have noticed. For those just joining in, my team is no longer the Washington Capitals. I feel somewhat robbed of my fan passion, support and dedication over the last 30+ years. There are reasons. Those reasons are explained in the following vlog and they are also detailed rather plainly several times since February 2011 in this blog.

People are dying and losing their hope in America. I’ve got but ONE thing to live for right now. I chose to put the best of my hockey fandom where it will not be taken for granted and squandered by an organization that simply doesn’t get it. Hence, the Tampa Bay Lightning now have a very passionate, loya, dedicated fan and they have earned it. I may die very soon, but I’m going to die happy. Watch the vlog and GO BOLTS! You are good enough and you will be what you need to be. I absolutely trust you. Relentless enthusiasm in working hard to address the little things is so sexy it can’t even be contained on one ice sheet!

That’s right, Tampa Bay Lightning are sexy and they know it! 1st period=2nd period=3rd period=stepping up to build on the process – Special THANKS to Dave Mishkin ( @DaveMishkin ) and ( @BoltsRadio ) for making it possible for me to do the “Dave Mishkin Game-call Dance” and for alerting me to the creepiness of carnies with their small hands that smell like cabbage – peace – mia – @creasesinger


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