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It’s a Hockey Love Thing Washington Capitals Fans

November 30, 2011


As I suspected, Bruce “Gabby” Boudreau, was removed from his post as the Washington Capital’s bench boss this week. Former Caps great, Dale Hunter, now gets his shot at steering the ship toward the ultimate victory hockey lovers of every sort refer to as “The Cup.” But this is now “old” news, so today, as I sit on hold with the Maryland Unemployment office, just to have the call disconnected yet again I’m sure, I will address how a commited, loyal fan of the Washington Capitals transforms into a full-on, dedicated fan of the Tampa Bay Lightning.

First, for those Capitals fans who can’t fathom such treachery, I kindly ask you to take a bit of time and check out some of the rest of my blogs. If you begin at the “Get to Know Mia” page, you will discover that I have even challeged the Grim Reaper in order to see the Washington Capitals win a Stanley Cup. Tampa Bay fans can simply take from that the knowledge that I have already seen the Tampa Bay Lightning win a Stanley Cup and it was pretty spectacular. I’m sure it will be equally so when it happens again.

Capitals fans should also know that not once in my life have I ever thought that the Washington Capitals will not win a Stanley Cup, not even right now as I type. Have you watched any of my video blogs? Have any of you seen any tweets this season that is truly disrespectful of you as a Caps fan or to Alexander Ovechkin or even Bruce Boudreau for that matter? Did I not go hard in belief and positive thinking last season in support of your Washington Capitals, even to the point of obtaining an official jersey that had the words “BELIEVE” sewn into it. Did I not offer my VIP Row B seat, not once, but twice, for an even trade for a 400-level seat in order to share an up-close view of Caps hockey with one of you? Did I not clearly go through all the reasons why I made a personal decision to save myself the hurt of watching more Washington Capital’s players lose the love of the game? Has anything I’ve tweeted, said or blogged, not been from anything other than pure love of the game of hockey itself? Is it not of any importance to you that I brought as many people to their very first hockey game to as many Washington Capitals hockey games as I possibly could over the course of my life to fill an entire section? Did I not spend the money to sit in ROW A and cheer on the Washington Capitals for their last home game of the 2003-2004 season, which was by all accounts, one of the worst seasons any hockey team could ever display in terms of on-ice apathy? (Not to mention, I was surrounded by Buffalo Sabres fans no less).Have I not recently stated in most recent video blog (I know, I yammered on for a bit, but my current situation only allows me certain small windows of oppurtunity to do so these days) that I will never root against the Capitals? Am I really such a bad person for putting every last emotional strength I had into giving a crap about the fact that your Washington Capital hockey players are humans who should never lose the love of the game?

It became very hostile, very quickly after the “Sea of Red” was born. I bore witness to that birth by the way. I sold a life insurance policy to make sure I had a season seat in the fourth row behind Olie Kolzig’s net in 2007-2008. The “Sea of Red” did not exist until the end of that season. Prior to the “Rocking of the Red” was the “Elevator Music of the Half Empty Verizon Center”. Those fans who’ve been around for awhile know exactly what I mean, don’t you? Time was, there were often more Penquins Jerseys in the Verizon Center (MCI Center) or US Air Areana (Caps Center) than there were Capitals jerseys. I have been a female hockey fan in a place where some people still don’t know what sport the Washington Capitals play since I was a very small child.

Have I not paid my dues? Is it really not my choice as an American to understand my own “pursuit of happiness” and sense of “hockey love” enough to understand that being a Tampa Bay Lightning fan feels more like “home” to me? Does it not make sense to you that I have simply been on the NHL bandwagon for as long as I can remember being alive? I’m not jumping off or on that bandwagon now am I? How many of you Capitals fans can’t really appreciate the fact that both Martin St. Louis and Vinnie Lacavalier have been with the Lightning, together through both the winning of a Stanley Cup and a season of placing dead last in the NHL? Is it not of some importance to have respect for those two hockey players for going through that, survived it and are still playing some pretty darn good hockey to this day? How many Tampa Bay Lightning fans don’t sometimes see Ovechkin or Semin highlights and think to yourself, “Holy S*&#, how’d he do that?” Does it not impress some of you Washington fans that Tampa Bay came back from a 3 game deficit to beat your arch rivals, the Penguins, in round 1 of the playoffs last year, then with very little time to recover from that battle, manage to sweep the Capitals in 4 games? How do you think that happened? Which team earned the right to move on? My point is essentially, the Tampa Bay Lightning as an entire organization has learned its lessons faster, smarter and better than the Washington Capitals as an enitre organization. Have a look at their respective franchise histories before you blatantly disagree please.

I may die penniless and cold before the new year arrives, so is it really such a horrible thing that I prefer to spend whatever time I am not putting toward finding a job and/or solution to my not-so-great life putting my hockey love where I feel 100% certain I will not have to watch almost an entire team lose the love of the game. Deep down, if you really strip away all the numbers, media and the “Sea of Red”, doesn’t it seem reasonable to think that the largest part of why each year, the Washington Capitals seem to fall short. I have done my part to build America’s Hockey Capital. I’m proud of it. I refuse to do it any more if it means I have to support something that systematically sucks the love of the game out of NHL players. I have rights as a human. I’m exercising my right to agree with the organizational resilience of the Tampa Bay Lightning, hockey in Florida and Boucher Crazy Eyes.

While you Rock the Red, I shall Be The Thunder. Go Bolts!

 P.S. No one puts Mike Knuble on the 4th line 😉


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