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And So It Goes. And Goes. And On. And On…

March 31, 2012


When it comes to how events unfold so seemingly incredulously in life, day after day, one must often simply release expectation of any sort. And do it goes for me in particular. To put even the details of today alone into a brief summary for mass consumption by almost every reader who wanders through the text of this post is so far from worthwhile considering attention to details and empathetic imagination is reserved for the rare types that for nondescript simplicity, I’ll state the entirely  obvious. I’m busy; as usual. Yet, this doesn’t translate to the common observer.

Not much I can do about how you view me. Very little can be done on my part to impress upon the average person exactly how each, single day provides an uphill climb, resulting at the end of that 24-hrs with the hill slanting slightly more at a steeper angle beginning the next 24-hrs. So many believe what they WISH were the way life works, that they chose to close the doors of any other possibility. This leaves those of us who face the life the rest do not believe exists, standing (or crawling, or wheeling, or limping, sliding, scooting, sledding or, well often not quite upright) on the frontlines of a battle most can’t even fathom. There are warriors among you. They are fighting invisible battles in an ultimate war. Their lives extend beyond them exactly as much their lives are lit with pure will to survive. The moments of those they see around them are simply sounds of a clock ticking off the seconds indicating something those around them have eyed as a future for which they cannot wait, while the warrior among you find glory in each moment, no matter how miniscule. It is each, singular, moment of life, no matter the size of the mountainous climb through cold, dark unknowns, that makes the last conquered moment of warriors fight with an inner strength only a scant few others can even see.

If you don’t believe in the unseen warriors among you, the moments of your day have already become insignificant units of time. Find glory in your moments by walking in the path of those who fought with no relent to clear it for you. Believe in the warriors among you and see the light in exquisite, beautiful detail. There is meaning in every particle. You walk among those who never hesitate to sacrifice their moments, so you may find glory in yours.

Love your hockey. Mind your nets. Don’t lose your moments simply because you don’t believe they are yours. They’re for sharing.

Warriors – you are not invisible to me. You’ve already won your moments and I, for one, will stand with you to fight as long I can to make sure you have all the moments you will ever need.

peace – mia – @creasesinger



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