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Setting The Record Straight Ted Leonsis Style

July 7, 2012


This one is going to hurt. There’s no sense giving you any cause to think otherwise. Before anyone reading this gets any ideas, prudence in reaction is the best course. If that statement is not crystal clear, consider the entire whole of every single thing I have typed, said or put on Twitter. That’s quite the task, but make no mistake, every piece of information seen as the big picture indicates that no single word in this post is insignificant. Each one carries weight. This is not a light matter.

Ted Leonsis has a blog. He likes to express himself. He encourages others to express themselves. He has a proven record of generating “pixels”. He appears to enjoy informing us all he likes to generate “pixels”. He’s getting “pixels” generated by me, right now. Ted Leonsis has a problem. Because Ted Leonsis has a problem, so does the NHL, a lot of openly vocal Washington Capitals fans and, as it turns out, many other parties.

What is Ted Leonsis’s problem exactly? That’s an easy answer; me. Let’s set the record straight and all be informed that I had every intention of simply giving my hockey love to another NHL team and moving on with brand of hockey fandom. Unfortunately, on January 13, 2012, Washington Capitals fans outdid themselves in terms of their version of hockey fandom and their “self-expression” by sexually harassing me and verbally abusing me in a public building. What’s wrong with being a “passionate” hockey fan you ask? The answer to that is an easy one as well. Not a single person in these United States of America are above the law. In ANY public venue, there are laws that govern every single person. The internet is a public venue. Federal laws apply to the internet.

There are rules and regulations that guide us in a civil society. This information is vital to the NHL in this case. There’s an issue with one of its franchises. Let’s all take the time to take a very good look at every single one of “pixels” generated by the Washington Capitals and their fans. Ted Leonsis created is “media monster” and publicly and openly encourages any and all additions to that “”. He admits openly that he likes to feed that monster. The problem with that “moster” is that hurts people and violates peoples rights. The evidence is openly plain to see in public.

If we took the same good look at every single one of the “pixels” generated by media of each of the other 29 NHL franchises, that picture would be smaller. Ted Leonsis is proud of this fact. That’s the problem. Has anyone happened to notice how much hate, abusive language, threats, anger and general bullying is collected in that mass of public media generated by the Washington Capitals media machine? The big picture is pretty easy to see when viewed as a whole. Ted Leonsis is the proud creator of a very large anger and hate machine that isn’t regulated by the justice system. I’d think this problem goes far beyond just one incident of Capitals Fans behaving badly. I’d say this is going to take a lot of time, money and legal verbage all the way up to the federal level to reach its conclusion. There is very clear abuse, violation of federal bullying laws, sexually explicit material that could be seen as breaking child predator laws, human rights violations, civil rights violations, thousands of verbal attacks and this is just the tip of the iceberg. The 1st Amendment does not cover a U.S. citizens rights if the “speech” violates civil rights or breaks laws.

The problem with Ted Leonsis believing that he should encourage his fans to “self-express” and giving them a lot of assistance with that in many proven and various ways is that Ted Leonsis did not do his due diligence to protect the rights of his fans who are guaranteed those rights by a power far greater than Ted Leonsis, the Washington Capitals or even the NHL. If anyone took the time to read the legal disclaimers on all of the many blogs and even a bit of the mainstream media, you’d see that not only are they often not visible, but they aren’t particularly legal. Most of them wouldn’t hold up in a court of law. That’s a problem because there is a lot of hate and bullying out there in the public and there are laws, rules and regulations that govern every human regarding those things. Those laws most certainly extend to the human who “expressed” themselves in public. When those views are expressed on the internet, they fall under the jurisdication of federal governance. The amount of federal laws broken by “self-expressive” Washington Capitals is staggering, to say the least.

In other words, Ted Leonsis has spent years publicly encouraging people to generate pixels, but Ted Leonsis made no effort to legally protect the people those pixels hurt. Keyboard courage is not something to be encouraged, because it breaks federal laws, hurts people and violates people’s rights. I’d say that’s not a small issue. Generating a code for bloggers does not legally protect anyone’s rights in any way shape or form. Asking people to be nice on his blog doesn’t protect anyone’s rights legally, because Ted Leonsis is not law enforcement or any other legal entity in place to protect the rights of others. No one is now or ever has been legally obligated to care that Ted Leonsis wants to them to be nice.

It’s my best guess that Ted Leonsis isn’t particularly aware of human behavior, nor did he take the time to consult with anyone who has a keen insight into human behavior. Legally speaking, the Majority Owner of an NHL franchise has used his franchise to make a profit and get attention on a National level by stepping all over the rights of not only his own fans, but every single person who can publicly access those pixels. There are clear examples of human rights being violated within the media “moster” that has been generated in the name of the Washington Capitals.

Now I wonder if anyone can legally prove otherwise? We’re all going to find out. I’d take the time to get acquainted with my blogs and all that is contained within them before making any moves or making any comments out there everyone. The very last thing you want to do is give me even more ammunition.

There are some Washington Capitals who will face litigation for sending me death threats via e-mail and for their clear and publically recorded violations to my personal rights on January 13, 2012. Their fate was in their own hands and what happens as a result of this litigation is on them. There are rule and regulations that guide people in public places in America. Which one of you wants to feel it necessary to prove in a court of law that I’m making an incorrect legal statement?

I think it’s time for the Washington Capitals and the NHL to focus some attention on the fact that children have rights. They have the right to go to hockey games and not be subjected to all the publicly displayed “self-expression”, because that “self-expression” is by all legal counts not legal. Some of the public “self-expression” of Washington Capitals fans in the presence of minors could very easily land them in federal prision. I think the time has come. This is going to happen. Ted Leonsis is not beyond the law. The Washington Capitals fans are not beyond the law. I think it’s time we all consider the term “law enforcement.” I think I have been bullied, threatened, and treated in very poor ways by people who never had the legal right to do it. I’m tired of having my rights violated. I know I’m not the only one.

This isn’t going away. The record is now straight. I will take MY own time addressing each and every single case of proven, public abuse. I will take MY time addressing all the many safety issues in and around the Verizon Center. Clearly, Ted Leonsis may know many powerful and wealthy people, which he will happily inform you of in his blog, but it doesn’t seem any of them work within agencies and entities that are of the mind that sometimes, “transparency gets people killed.”

Feel free to eschew all of this and go about believing that I am simply an angry hockey fan who is making far more out of something than I should. Feel free to ignore this. By all means, don’t take me seriously. That seems to be how the pattern has evolved and I am quite used to it. When all the experts and legal folks take a look at all the pixels I have generated in public, however, it will be extraordinarily difficult to describe me as an “angry hockey” fan won’t it?

There’s work to do. Anyone getting the idea that I’m some sort of lone wolf out here, operating all by myself and have no power to make any of this happen, I’d say you aren’t really focusing on the details and you aren’t paying attention. Are you familiar with the saying,  “Money doesn’t give you power, knowledge does”? I’m 100% confident my lack of money is no concern to me in any way whatsoever.

Ted Leonsis never had the right to “welcome” me to the “blogosphere” either. I was already there, long before he was and the “blogoshpere” is not owned in anyway by Ted Leonsis. We can spend some time legally proving that too if you like. People get hurt and have their rights violated when other people are given permission to express themselves fully, without fear of reprisal. Can you prove me wrong?

peace – mia – and Twitter @creasesinger


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