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December 19, 2012


“Ghosts of Conversations Future”

“This will all make perfect sense one day”;

Something you would typically say.

And soon, I’ve no doubt, you will see,

A self-produced CD is our commonality.

It’s each other we need,

Because your muscle picked-up too much speed.

It had to be done, even if on the run.

I’m the key to not doing it to yourself again,

So remember the letter “M”;

The begining of your last,

And today only, in familiar contrast,

Also the beginning of my first.

Our lives as seen apart,

(Let’s be honest from the start);

Make the word “coincidence” seem,

As though it only exists in an unreal dream.

Mathematical odds cannot  explain by chance alone,

Why our lives are so intertwined, even if we, to each other, are still unknown.

That will change;

So will your definition of “strange”.

Your voice is returned,

And it wasn’t me you burned.

I’m still okay,

And ready to go away.

So thanks for lending me your hands.

I know your the only one who understands.

My work ends in a different place;

But I don’t know if with the same face.

I don’t need to roam.

I’m glad it’ll be you that takes me home.



That too;

All because of you.

Pick-up your guitar everyday;

It keeps the doctor away.

I sing.

It’s my thing.

Peace – Mia –


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