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This One’s For You Team Love

August 2, 2013


Hello out there. Yes, I realize certain posts over the last year may not entirely reflect my thoughts (mine as in, Mia, the originator of this blog). That’s all being worked out, but please do keep in mind that 1) I haven’t gone absolutely over-the-top nutso and 2) Until I’m sure I’ve gone through everything and made sure I’ve edited out what isn’t mine on this and my other blog, it’s best to take some of the rest with a grain of salt, so to speak. I’ll be sure to state in a future post when I’m sure all the appropriate corrections have been made.

Moving on… yes, I’m still with you Tampa Bay Lightning. I had to basically skip last partial NHL season. Life happens and as it happens, that’s a good thing. I’ll be working on catching up with all the NHL goodness over the Summer. I’m also looking forward to moving to the Tampa Bay area so I can #BeTheThunder in person. As of today, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to make it before or by the start of the NHL season, but I’ll have the ability to get NHL Center Ice, so I won’t miss any Bolts games either way.

Let’s see, over the last year many things have happened. To keep an “interesting” story short and as a reminder of something I wrote on my former twitter account (@creasesinger), “Nice Mia never really goes anywhere. No worries”, I’m doing fairly well all things considered. NIce MIa, who is actually just plain Mia, is indeed all present and accounted for and very thankful for all those full-fledged members of Team Love.

The reason “Nice Mia” needed to take a bit of a back seat and full on Beast Mode Mia had to, let’s say, emerge with a certain amount of passion should be very clear to some. For those who do need some sort of explanation, I’ll gladly help out with that. When it comes to ice hockey and especially when it comes to children who attend ice hockey games and could grow up to be passionate lovers of the sport I love (well, we who love hockey are all included here), well, warrior bitch just pops up. As I stated in previous posts from last year on this very blog, it’s one thing when adults act a certain way, it is entirely another thing when those adults seeminglye completely forget that children exist. At no time will any of you, no matter your name or station in this Universe or any other, ever receive anything remotely close to an apology for my response to a particular NHL hockey game that occurred on January 13, 2012. Tampa Bay was the better team on ice, despite who got the points for that game and none of you were able to diminish my joy and happiness in being present at the Verizon Center to #BeTheThunder for my hockey team. That’s what good hockey fans do and that’s not going to change as far as I’m concerned. I’d do it again if that scenario should ever come to light. Let’s concentrate on letting that be the past though and simply get the clarity here in my words to inform any who may happen by this blog and take the time to read that I’ll be a passionate lover of the sport of ice hockey until my very last dying breath and I’ve moved on fully to supporting the Tampa Bay Lightning through thick and thin until my last dying breath or until the Lightning are no longer an NHL franchise. I’d like them to be an NHL franchise for all eternity, so I’ll vibe on that thought.

As for the Washington Capitals, I do still love the Caps. I mean, they are an ice hockey team, so by simple love of the sport, they’re in by default in my mind. I’m also still sticking with the notion that if the Caps ever do win a Stanley Cup and I’m alive to experience it, I will indeed likely be all teary eyed and happy for them, for all the fans and for the entire geographic area. I haven’t backed down off of that either. Of course, if it should ever happen that the Caps and the Lightning somehow competed against each other for the Stanley Cup, well, all those in the Washington Capitals camp now have it on record ahead of time – I’m gonna vibe the hockey love all over the Bolts and good luck to ya there Caps – you’ll be needing it.

I’ve had a few detours over the last year. All necessary as I understand it. There was a visit to Montana. There was an emergency dental visit in Missoula Montana. I’d like to thank Missoula General Dentistry for taking such good care of me spur of the moment and recommend Missoula General Dentistry to all in Missoula or any who may wind up in Missoula or the area with a dental emergency. Then there was the drive through Idaho into Washington State to “The Gorge” to experience 3 days of outdoor “Phish”. There were not-so-good times, but in the grand scheme of things – it was a good time, despite the slightly urgent need to quickly avoid heat stroke.

Of course, the hockey fans will relate when I mention that the 1st vehicle break down on the drive to “The Gorge”, or rather, the 1st time the vehicle needed a little “rest” on the trip happened in Ritzville where I say a sign indicating that “Tri-Cities” was a certain distance away and in my often hockey oriented mind, I had a good knowing smile to myself while thinking, “Hey, I’m not far away from the ‘Tri-City Americans'”. Yup, there’s not much I can’t relate to hockey in some way and I’m perfectly okay if anyone thinks I’m “weird” that way. Perfectly okay with that for sure.

I hope all of you are doing well. I certainly appreciate certain friends and assistance, as usual and very much aware of how awesome many of you truly are and shall always be.

Oh and no pressure or anything  John Mayer and Phillip (singular and plural), but I’m slated to partake in your live music in Bristow, Va at the end of the month, so ya know – may you have a great show and may you both be totally on your A-game. 😉

That’s pretty much the excitement of my life and I currently have no expectation or time frame as to when I’ll be a resident of the Tampa Bay area, but know that it will be before December 31st. There are a few things that are not in my control at this moment in terms of that and quite frankly that too is perfectly okay with me. Two concerts and the possibility of live hockey if things work out as they should is a pretty good year for me personally.

I’ve been focused on music more than hockey for various reasons and that, at the moment is still the case. The NHL season won’t be a focus for me until mid-September (or until, well something else happens – but I’ll leave that be for now).

Goalies, keepers, net defenders, guardian types – I LOVE YA AND AM ALWAYS WITH YOU IN SPIRIT – ALWAYS.

So here’s to you Team Love and all the big and little things you do. #LoversGonnaLove



Peace – mia – thanks.

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  1. dj4jg permalink
    August 2, 2013 7:34 pm

    Happy to see things are looking up for you. I’ve been crazy busy, will speak to you soon! DJ

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