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I’ll Be Editing My Own Words – Deal With It!

August 21, 2013


I’ve set aside some time to work on editing out the, how shall I put this – “bullshit” that was written in my blog over the last year. There weren’t many posts that weren’t mine and since my twitter account was shut-down by me, for many reasons – there’s not much to do on that count. There’s a security system I’ve put in place called “Phoenix Fire Security Systems”. That security system is something I created to make absolutely sure something like that never repeats itself again. It’s not for sale, but it covers more than just me and my own personal blog.

I had to get a few “cease and desist” orders sent out as well, but that was basically just a safety precaution. I’m doing fairly well and have been spending some time catching up on all the ice hockey goodness. I certainly hope Vinny LeCavalier adjusts to being a Flyer. I’ll miss seeing him with the Lightning. And, yes of course, I’ll also miss seeing “Stinky Cheese” Briere as a Flyer. Welcome to the Devils Cory Schneider! I didn’t see that one coming! Well, things change and I’m sure he’ll learn a lot from “Smarty” Marty Brodeur. Still, a bit sad to see Moose Hedberg leave the New Jersey Devils. All the best to you Moose.

I hope all of you are doing well and living and loving and all that good stuff. I wasn’t what some might call “happy” that some particular (insert hockey language here) interjected your thoughts into my personal blog. It is known who did what though, so quite frankly, all that really happened was YOU alerting “Phoenix Fire Security Systems” to the exact source of the problem, so all is well.

It’s not a wise idea to mess with an American, hockey loving woman. It makes my friends a little angry. Regardless, Let it now be known that those responsible for the situation have either become aware that it was a bad idea or, as you read these words, are now becoming aware it was a bad idea. What can I say – I’m not quite defenseless. And now you who, perhaps thought otherwise, know. It’s one of those “good to know” situations.

As for all those musical types, I’ve been working on some making some more of my own music for a couple of years. I’ve been taking time to recover from the loss of my immediate family. There have been some family estate issues that need resolution and after having to clean out the family house a few months ago, it’s been a bit difficult for me. I miss them and three of us were (I still am) “shutterbugs” and photography enthusiasts. Needless to say, there were thousands upon thousands of photos to sort through. I’m doing much better with all of that, but it’s taking time. It’s the only reason I haven’t moved to the Tampa Bay Area so I can #BeTheThunder live and in person. The estate is a mess, but it’s getting better. My point is, I’ll be sharing some new music of my own soon. Not sure exactly when that will happen, but my goal is to get that accomplished before the hockey season begins. I really did only have $2 to name (that was mentioned in a previous blog post and in fact true), so between dealing with the family estate mess and doing some independent  contractor work I can’t discuss here, it’s been slow going, but steady nonetheless. Me health seems to be improving slowly but surely as well. I know my dentist is going to be able to afford a new car when he’s finished “fixing my grill”. I really was starting to look like a hockey player. I like my teeth and want to keep what I got, but the chips and broken tooth wasn’t  bothering me for any vanity reasons. I simply saw it as, hey, I’m poor – life can beat the shit out ya sometimes and I love hockey so much my teeth were even making that statement. Yup, hockey loves my teeth too! 😉

I still need some recording equipment and need to learn how to use new recording software, so I suppose it’ll just happen when it happens.

I ask that any who did get all up in business, perhaps because you thought you were helping, simply know that it’s being handled and I’m a hockey fan. It’s just a little “ouchie”. (You know what I mean hockey fans). There was a situation, having little or nothing to do with me and I happened to be prepared for that situation, so no worries.

To all of you out there who do what you do for team love and to keep us all feeling the love – ROCK ON!

As usual, goalies – always with you. #MindYourNets and watch your heads – you need them! and for the fellas, I do mean both heads 😉

I’ll be making sure my other blog is archived on this blog before I do much to adjust the theme and appearance of this blog, but the basic set-up is already here. Obviously I needed to change the background to blue and make sure the Lightning links were there and working. They are and all things considered, the plan is shaping up nicley.

BRITTANY MCPHERSON – GO GOALIE GIRL GO!!! THAT’S WHAT I’m TALKING ABOUT!! #GoaliesRule (Not doing links in posts right now while “Phoenix Fire” does it’s work and while I’m editing the content that wasn’t mine (or permitted by me), so take the time to look-up the name Brittany McPherson, goalie, girl – AWESOME!

Peace – Mia (yup, still at


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