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If I could Talk to the President of the United States

September 10, 2013


To all of you who have read anything I’ve written in any blog I’ve authored, tweeted from my former twitter account @creasesinger, and/or watched or listened anything I’ve ever said or sung; I truly thank you from the very bottom to the very top of my heart for taking the time. There are many reasons why I haven’t rushed the process of getting all the content of my other blog, Mia’s Musical Musings, moved to this one blog. There are many reasons why I haven’t been in any great hurry to change the format of this blog. I’ve been working. I’ve been recovering. I’ve been moving. I’ve been thinking. I’ve been singing. I’ve been listening. I’ve been helping. I’ve been learning. I’ve been talking. I’ve been walking. I’ve been living. Now, the time has come.

So many want to express themselves and that’s a good thing. So many, however, aren’t familiar with themselves enough to actually express the truth of themselves. Me, well, if I truly expressed what I thought, all the time, 24/7/365, there’d be a need for a much more efficient process. Plus, as I’ve mentioned in previous post in a former incarnation of my blog, I’m not complicated. I’m an ice hockey fan. I’m a musical type who appreciates the vastness and diversity of music and sound in general. It’s all rather simple and boring in some ways.

I’m the kind of person who doesn’t spend my time in front of a mirror or out in public wondering if anyone happens to notice I have acne on my chin, or if my glasses (which I need to see and drive safely for that matter) suit the trend of the season. No, I don’t really care if one of my boobs is slightly bigger than the other or if I’ve got spots on my arms. It’s not a major concern to me if I’m  “keeping up with the Jonses” or if what I wear is something that any of the rest of you would wear. Quite frankly, any who have some sort thought about what I should be wearing and how and when I do are then required (in my mind) to 1) pay for my wardrobe and all the maintenance required for the upkeep of that wardrobe for the rest of my life or 2) simply see the happiness in the fact that I’m wearing clothes, hence protecting you from having to see me naked. I’m not hideous naked, but I do have a good sense of humor and for the illustration of the point to those who are just so stuck on all those external indicators of what some truly cannot see beyond, I can make light of my bodily “flaws” in this public format with little issue.

I’m in a relationship now as well, so that too is something I feel takes precedent over spending time tweeting and blogging. I’m not the speed dating, burn yourself out with fiery lust, get all crazy stupid about being in a relationship variety. I’ve been down that road and personally, while that is something I wouldn’t want to deprive anyone from experiencing at least once in a lifetime, but I’m all about the lasting relationship these days. That’s not going to change. At the moment, it’s a “long-distance” situation, but I get the feeling that will change and sooner rather than later.

I’d like to express my personal feeling that NOT “everybody wants to be a rock star”. I don’t. NOT “Everybody wants to rule the world”. I don’t. Not “Everybody want to know how it feel.” I don’t. Yes, the quotation marks indicate I’m referencing song lyrics. I want to get my name of the Stanley Cup. I want peace on Earth. I want love to be the only thing all the hearts and minds of all humankind even really knows. I want joy and happiness to be the reality for all kinds. I want world leaders to know that molecules of air they’ve poisoned with the stink of war don’t just go away because they can no longer see them. I want all those who point their fingers at others to know that at any point in time, another could just as easily point a finger at you and from his or her perspective, they’d have a good point , just as you may have felt you were justified to judge another. I’d like everyone to know that I’d gladly hug a tree and say, right out loud to that tree the following; “Thank you not motile life form that also resides on the same planet as I do for being the filter for the air I breathe. Thank you for having roots that keep the soil from slipping and sliding and keeping the ground beneath me firm without sliding away so I lose my footing. I know you can’t run when someone wants to cut you down. I know you shelter birds and all sorts of other life forms so many don’t take the time to notice anymore. I know you provide shade. I know you get attacked by Woodpeckers, termites and all sorts of other life forms, and yet, there you stand. Lovely, strong and real as real can be. May you always know that even though I’m human and all on my own cannot save you and all your lovely friends, I can do this and ask the Universe to show you kindness and perhaps help humankind understand you far better than they do. I need you and I thank you for cleaning the air we as humans have polluted and destroyed. Thank you tree. Thank you.”

If I could speak directly to the President of the United States who is the President of my country, the country in which I was born and in which I live, I’d say “I don’t want any children of the world to suffer and there are those in this world who will destroy their own kind, which truly is sad and not at all something I would ever support, however, your own country needs you. Those who have already fought the wars and yet still do are coming home and need your help to transition to life outside of the war, outside of being in the military. Their family needs you to help them recover. We, who live and work and love in the United States of America, we need you to work on our needs. We need you to be strong for us. We need you here, in your own country where children can’t get good food. Where music needs to be put back into the public school systems. Where farms needs water and where cities, like Detroit, need help to stay a good, viable city in these United States of America. I know that you know the words “In God We Trust” is written upon united states currency. If you govern a country where something like that is written upon money, then the least you can do is trust in God to work with all the powers that be in this good Universe to remove those who bring war and devastation to not just humans, but all life on Earth. Please don’t be the “war machine” anymore. Pray. Meditate. Say the words “Peace to all mankind” once a day. Show strength by helping those who are stuck on land where is war is waged out and let peace the ultimate show of strength this time. Show the rest of the world that you can feed and clothe and take care of those in your own country. It matters very little if we are Muslim, Jewish, Christians, Pagans, believers, non-believers. We ALL want peace. It may not appear as though this is true, but when I say “we” I mean the vast majority of all the world. We, who want peace, far outnumber those who do not. We are they who want our children to live happily and harmoniously and put all the words and feelings of bad things that have already happened and shall not be repeated far behind us and only know love and joy and sharing and happiness. I wasn’t there when our founding fathers wrote all the documents that constructed and built our U.S. Government and surely have no idea if they could see into the future, into the year 2013 to this very moment as I type, but in today’s world, I’d have preferred if the words would have read “freedom FROM religion” and “Life, life, liberty and happiness”. Of course, I can’t second guess why things were written the way they were written, I can simply be in the now, in the U.S. and state my thoughts via my 1st Amendment right as a FREE-BORN American citizen. If the U.S. government cannot budget properly and balance checkbooks, then leading by example, why would those of us who pay taxes, pay with our lives, pay with blood sweat and tears be expected to do the same and if we don’t we lose everything. Lead by example. Be the kind of leader who knows the truth of your own country, before you attempt to show other countries just how great you are. I vote. I volunteer. I care. Be the leader who brings to peace to all mankind. The masses are with you. Trust in that. Oh and if you’re ever in the Tampa Bay area, go check out a Tampa Bay Lightning game at the Tampa Bay Times Forum. They have a real live Tesla Coil there and a massive, beautiful organ too! The security of your own country should take precedence over all other items on your agenda. If you really did quit smoking while taking on the ultimate challenge of running a country, I’d love to shake your hand and tell you that, in and of itself is an amazing feat to me. I couldn’t do it. No way. No How.”

I truly know so many have been kind to me from afar and sometimes up close and personal. I truly know I got a little help just at the right perfect time, so that instead of starting a physical confrontation with an angry mob of Washington Capitals who threatened my life and barely know a quarter about what I know the game of ice hockey, I was able to leave the building still having the joy and happiness of that game in my heart. I know that the nasty, rude “Sea of Red” was not successful in even slightly disturbing my love of the game of ice hockey or my love and support of the Tampa Bay Lightning either. I know my singing voice has become much stronger. I know I don’t have to have any company, any business or any outside source tell me what kind of songs to sing, how long those songs must be or how long it should take me to write, produce and share my music with the rest of the world. I know I will not ever want to earn a living making music. I know I can share it for free, quite happily. I know I will move to the Tampa Bay area and cheer on my hockey team live and in-person, because that’s what I do and that’s who I am.

I want to live in a world in which the word “terrorism” isn’t in any dictionary in any language and I’m not alone. Not even close to alone on that one. Not even close to alone.

I know healing is happening. I know we can all work together, despite differences, just perfectly fine. I know it’s not madness. It’s love and love is real.

Go Goalies Go!

It’s time to get the bad sound out and make sure that SHIT NEVER HAPPENS AGAIN.

Yeah, respect the music indeed. That one I take personally. Like I said, you really shouldn’t mess with an American hockey fan who wouldn’t have made it this far if it weren’t for music and those wonderful artists who have the music in them, big and small and all those in between. LOVE DON’T PLAY WHEN IT COMES TO MUSIC AND NEITHER DO I.   LET’S.BE.CLEAR.


All the way Baby! All the way.

Peace – Mia


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