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My Pledge As A Tampa Bay Lightning Fan

September 15, 2013


This will be the last blog post on this blog. I know, I previously stated that I was going to change the domain name and that part is still true to some degree. After some thought however, it is best to simply start again instead of having all of this content moved to Essentially, because I know exactly what happened and exactly who is responsible for it, I’ll be taking the safe route on this one and simply removing that possibility. While I understand this may not make sense to some who read this, that’s okay, it doesn’t really need to make sense. Simply know that I’ll blog again and from the “singingfromthecrease” name, which I promised I wouldn’t change, so I won’t. Moving on to the main focus of this last post from this blog, which of course is mostly hockey oriented; I’ll make a statement to the hockey team I will support through the difficult times and the good times. Yes, it’s not a secret my goal is to move to the Tampa Bay area and #BeTheThunder live and person. Until such time though, just know I’ll be listening to “Mish” and I’ll be watching the games. I’ll be vibing my hockey love to you each and every game, each and every game, each and every period. I’ll likely “love chirp” ya here and there and I know you’ll okay with that, because I’ll know that you all know that I know I’m not the one who has to do it. I’ll be cheering you on when your down and I’ll be encouraging you when you’re in the lead, ever mindful of the fact that it’s possible the other team may find a way to regain the lead.  I promise I won’t get all pissed off when you lose a game. I’ll simply think about the good things you did during that game and hope you build on those good things the next game, while still being aware that the next team you play may put some need for you guys to adjust together as a team on the ice. I’ll always know there’s another team on the ice and I’ll always know that sometimes, which is normal in a long season, the other team just is having one of “those” games, despite all your best efforts. I’ll be “air coaching”, as I always do, because I’m just “one of those” kinds of hockey fans. I’ll be focused for the entire game (baring emergencies of course), if you will. Other than that, I won’t be blogging a lot, nor will I be tweeting, at least for a little while. Just know I’m with you and who knows, one day this upcoming season, I might just show up at a game at the Tampa Bay Times Forum. I too want to win a Stanley Cup. It’s a bit more difficult for me, considering I don’t play hockey and I am a woman, but it is still possible. A woman already has her name on the cup and it was in fact, the Tampa Bay Lightning who had a woman in the net during an exhibition game. I’ll find ways to drop hints that the Tampa Bay Lightning should hire me. Some of the things I’ve written in my blogs, tweets and for Bolts by the Bay, go a long way in at least proving I do know a lot about the game, the history of the game and that I’m a straight, relentless, pain in the ass when it comes to my life long dream of getting my name on a Stanley Cup. No one can get his or her name on the Stanley Cup all by his or herself, but if you guys are vibing on winning a cup, well so am I. You know I’m with you. I’ve got limited resources on my own at the moment, that’ll change. I’ll #BeTheThunder from afar until I’m able to move to the area. Any assistance I can get with that would be good, however, I’ll manage with or without it and #BeTheThunder in the way I can each and every day.

As for the Washington Capitals – I DON’T NEGOTIATE WITH TERRORISTS!

Peace, love, hockey and light to you all. Go Bolts Nation – GO! Goalies – I don’t need to type it, but I will – I’ll always think we rule the world, it’s just how we do. 😉 Music is for everyone. Stanley’s cup is pretty nifty. (ps-someone used the WRONG hockey fan – good thing this isn’t a magic blog)


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