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It’s Just Plain Hockey Love

November 15, 2013


Yes, I know that I stated I wouldn’t be posting on this blog anymore. I’ve been slowly working on editing a few posts and getting all the posts I still have from a few different blogs and places all together into one location. That’s happening little by little and I’m in no particular rush to get that complete at this point in my life. So, yes, I decided instead of waiting for that to get accomplished, and it will, I’ll just post on this blog every-so-often. Always know I appreciate any who may take the time to read or link or “like” anything I share on the internet. There’s still an issue with “in-post” links, so that’s the reason there aren’t links in my post at the moment. That’ll change. Thanks for understanding.

Also, I do still have a Twitter account. It’s not @creasesinger right now. There are many reasons I stopped tweeting, but the possibility is still there. I realize there are some Twitter “follow” prompts for @creasesinger on this blog. You can’t “follow” me on Twitter at the moment, but perhaps in the future that’ll also change. I wouldn’t want anyone thinking I disappeared off the face the Earth simply because I’m not Tweeting.

There are some things that “appeared” on this particular blog that weren’t necessarily all “my words”, so I’m taking the steps to make sure what’s been conveyed are my own personal views. In some ways, I’m sure some of the way I see things in the world are very similar to others, so I’m sure some thoughts expressed out there are on the same “wavelength” as mine.

I wanted to let the Tampa Bay Lightning and all of Bolts Nation know that I’m still with ya. All the way! I think they did a great job against Montreal and it’s great to have that wonderfully thing I know appreciate greatly known as “team mentality”. So GO BOLTS! I bought a ticket to go see The Lightning play the Yotes (Phoenix Coyotes) tomorrow in Glendale, AZ. The seat’s on the glass, directly across the visitor bench. I did that for a few hockey-loving reasons. One, of course, I wanted to bring some “Road Thunder” to an away game for the boys. Two, it’s a hockey game, so ya know, why wouldn’t I make a trek out to the “dessert” to see some hockey. Three, I am very happy for hockey, the Yotes fans, and all those who know as well as I do that hockey is a great sport and can do well, even in an Arizona dessert(yeah, I know – it’s spelled DESERT, but a little ice hockey in your dessert might be kinda cool if you really sit down and think about it). I decided for my own personal reasons that I need to take care of a few things and taking a trip to Arizona right this moment while certain other things in my life are happening isn’t quite the best of ideas. I could sell, or transfer my seat, however, I consider that seat to signify a few important things.

That seat, should it remain empty; if the Bolts see that empty seat on the glass, across from the bench and happen to have been made of this blog post, well they’ll just know that means “Road Thunder” for them and perhaps it’ll be good enough for them to help them get a couple road points. Also, if a Yotes fan happens to notice that the seat is empty and manages to make his or her way down there to see the game at ice level, well, I can consider it just a bit of fellow hockey love is all and I hope you have fun at the game. The money goes to hockey and that’s plenty good enough for me. If nothing else, maybe a fan sitting next to that empty seat will have a place to put food or a purse or something and that’s okay with me.

There’s a lot on my mind and I’m sure I’ll post a little more often, for now, the one thing I know for sure is that what some have the called the “NHL Old Boys Club” is where this hockey-loving belongs. I’ll wear you down fellas. It’s inevitable. You love me and you know it. Even now, I think Yzerman’s thinking, “yup, I’m going to the genius hockey mastermind who hired Mia before any other hockey club wised up and did and everyone will know exactly how awesome the Tampa Bay Lightning as an organization really is.” Yup, admit it NHL; it’s possible a woman can hold her own just fine when it comes to hockey operations and some day soon that’s going to happen. Perhaps professional ice hockey is a “man’s world”. Well, this particular woman, whose true passion is ice hockey, likes the fact there are men in the world, so it’s all the same to me no matter how it gets labeled. If it’s hockey love, it’s hockey love. If it’s team, it’s team. It’s just that simple. I’ll happily go through it, whatever “it” may be, through any kind of weather, no matter what it take guys. I’m pretty sure you already know that, so why put of the inevitable eh?

I discovered something about myself recently; I’m perfect. Yup, I’m perfect at being imperfect because I’m human just like everybody else. It happens and I’m okay with that and I hope you are as well.

I’m good for the sport of hockey fellas. Plus, you can all make jokes and say things like “look at us, manly men, who distracted the silly woman with a shiny object called Lord Stanley’s Cup. ” I wouldn’t even care if I had to wear a T-shirt that read “Token Female” on it. Nope, that wouldn’t bother me one bit. As far as I’m concerned, that’s just free clothing and there’s nothing with that. Maybe I let you distract me with a shiny object because I know how you work. Ya just never know do ya “Old Boys Club”. One thing you can be sure of, I love you no matter what anyway and when you do hire me, it’ll be because you guys got some smarts and you know what’s best. 😉

May love and light find you wherever you are and here’s to you clan goalie, I’m always with you (even if you do weird things no one really understands 😉 )



Peace – mia –

oh and this may make sense to somewhere out there – “The White One”. ILUM


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