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Hey Cancer – You’re Going Down and Out BeeYatch

November 16, 2013


I don’t think much of Cancer, so this poem was written to let it know:

Say Good Bye Cancer

You’re getting taken out in every one of your forms and fashions

You can’t overcome Team Love, together with all of our various passions

We grow stronger hour by hour

You’re getting weaker and losing power

You’re not needed on land or in sea

And you’ll certainly have nothing to do with me

You’re going extinct on Earth, it’s very own face

We’ll relentlessly end you right in your place

No life on Earth wants you here

We’ll live on without you and do it with cheer

You’re a life taker, so you shall not persist

You’ll soon be a word that does not exist

Peace – mia – – it’s what you get “C” word for messing with hockey and children and the music ya bully.


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