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Do I Have To Fly To Montreal Now Bolts Nation!?

April 18, 2014


Hi there Bolts Nation. I’ve been bringing the THUNDER so loud from my living room couch in Maryland that I just might get an eviction notice tomorrow morning. Do you think I’m kidding? I’ve got those “singy” lungs and I think three streets down they know I’m Thundering for the Bolts. When your team is down, that IS NOT the time to be quiet. No, that’s the time to get your LOUD ON! Don’t wait for your team to score a goal, move those mouths, get your hind parts out of your seats and help ’em out by THUNDERING like YOU MEAN IT.

Technically, I’m not supposed to travel (health reasons), but at this point, I know there are seats available for the next two games in Montreal. Screw it. I couldn’t give a dirty puck if I get evicted for thundering in my living room or how crappy I feel or if flying on a plane is bad for my health. LIGHTNING NEEDS THUNDER.

Yes, I’d much rather be seeing Ryan Malone on ice right now. I think the Bolts would be fairing a little better if he were, but that’s not the reality so, let’s all just do that whole “ain’t no quittin’ in hockey” now and tell the Habs they ain’t getting anything in this playoff season easy.

As for the Bolts, well, I’m taking a wild stab at it here and will simply guess that Coach Cooper and likely a few others will likely have some choice wisdom to impart in the lightning locker room. I’ll just let that be what it’s going to be.

Don’t anybody be giving Lindback (Goalie who stepped up when stepping up was required) a hard time – we who are of clan goalie can sense that sort of thing from many, many, many miles away.

Yup, I might as well just Thunder in enemy territory. I mean if the Caps fans want to send me death threats (true story and one of them will do jail time soon), then why not just throw a few Habs fans in the mix while I’m at it. (Yeah, I’m the respectful sort, so don’t worry Montreal, I don’t believe in bringing attitude – all I believe in is bringing some Thunder for my Boys – plus, I’ll get to see “Stinky Chees” Briere play – that’ll be good too – although I may taunt Price a little – but you all expect that sort of thing up there.) 😉

As for whatever else is going on with me – you don’t want to know – might not even care really – and WHO CARES – It’s the playoffs and I woke up breathing and opened my eyes this morning!!!

GO BOLTS! ALLER BOLTS!! YOU HAVE AT LEAST TWO MORE GAMES, SO DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT GIVING EVEN A SINGLE INCH – MAKE ‘EM WORK FOR IT! Hey Gudas, I’ll drive to Tampa Bay and clean your house or wash your car or something if you stay out the “Downie Suite” a.k.a. the penalty box for the rest of the playoffs. Seriously – I don’t joke during when it comes to the playoffs – it’s against the hockey code ya know?

Peace + good music to all of you – (yeah, I’m more than pretty sure I’m about to get evicted – OH GOOD – welcome to Friday night as a certain ice hockey coach might understand – that sounds about right).

Goalies Rule (except you Price – we’ll just see how cooperative your posts and crossbar are on home ice mwahahahaha). Aaaah, I love hockey. Always will. Born this way. Can’t help it. Don’t want to either.


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