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Tampa Bay Lightning – Game 4 – Let’s Do This Boys!

April 22, 2014


Oh how very interesting the Bolts (Tampa Bay) – Habs (Montreal) NHL playoff round 1 series has become. First, I still believe in the Lightning. Second, his name is Anders Lindback. No, he’s not Ben Bishop. He’s not Ryan Miller either. He’s an NHL goalie. He stood in front of his net in Montreal in game 3 to do his one and only job, stop the puck. He faced the challenge of keeping a crease for a team that was down 2 games in an arena that is always filled to the brim with loud, hockey-lovin’ Canadians. He took the initial hit of being scored on within 11 seconds of the opening face-off in said game and said arena, and then shook it off like a professional and helped shut-down a FOUR minute Montreal power play immediately afterward. So, for those who continue to mention on air, on your blogs, in your tweets, in your living rooms, and where ever else you opine about the NHL and particularly the Lightning and goaltending, in some cases with a rather matter-of-fact tone (as though you even have the chops to be a goalie), here’s a bit of news of for you:  Anders Lindback doesn’t care what you have to say. Ben Bishop is injured. That’s the story. That’s the only story. Move on. Get over it. The Lightning have TWO goalies don’t they. Exactly how is it anyone’s “expert” opinion that the Bolts would have at least one series win if Bishop were in the net? It’s not “expert”; it’s hot air expelling words from the bodies of those who can’t seem to understand reality as it actually happens in real life, in real time. Perhaps the “experts” out there would like to share with the rest of us your “secret” technological mojo that you apparently must be in possession of because you were able to go back in time and actually be present, in the building to see the alternate Bolts-Habs series in which Ben Bishop was manning the crease. Until such time as you can share that with the rest of us – SHUT YOUR YAPS. (yes – I am very clearly typing this for public consumption). 


As long as I wake-up in the morning, which is always a good thing no matter what the day brings, I’m going to do point out the obvious when it comes to ice hockey. My team has two quality goalies and when one is injured, the other was ready. That’s not something several other NHL teams still playing can say with confidence is it? Go Bolts! Go Lindy.

Hi Montreal. I protect my team. Bare that in mind. Somehow, I just get the feeling Game 4 will be a little different. I may not yet be a recognized member of the “old-boys” club fella’s , but when it comes to a certain something a hockey lifer who had to fight just TO BE A HOCKEY FAN “picks-up on”, oh let’s just call it an “intangible” or “unseen factor”, well, she isn’t exactly powerless. I protect my team. It’s just that simple. The officials are neutral and impartial now, and for every right good reason, including the love of game and implications extending through the course of an actual human lifetime form beginning to end, it best it stay that way isn’t it “gentlemen”?

I’ve only just begun.

Tampa Bay Lightning are getting better every game. What’s the matter Montreal, getting a little worried about that? Let’s be sure Carey Price’s skates are sharpened correctly before the game and in between periods. The Habs equipment staff must be slacking a bit. Can’t win on skill and teamwork like mere mortal men of hockey Montreal? Oh well, I’m on to you and I know with no doubt you know exactly what I mean. That sort of thing comes back to you later, so perhaps you’d like consider that this morning. It’s a hockey love thing and maybe I don’t want to hurt yourselves that way.

Yeah, so I’m a little goalie weird. It’s quite normal actually, but it’s not for everyone.

Peace and GOOD hockey love – mia –

Oh, you’ll hire me alright. As a matter of fact, you’re thinking about doing it right now.




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