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Finally – Progress (And A Few Little Things Can Make All The Difference)

April 27, 2014


Hi there person who reads. It is NHL playoff season, so you can expect any posts appearing here at this time of year will have some sort of ice hockey content. The good news for me and a particular NHL team is that I’m now medically cleared to travel. For me, that’s a very good thing. As for where I’ll be two months from now; that’s still an unknown, but not for much longer. Let’s see, will it be Detroit? Perhaps maybe Phoenix? It could be Denver. It’s still possible I could go Tampa Bay. My decision could be swayed by a little bit of hockey love coming from certain locations. Who wants a hockey fan?

I’m retired from my previous, I suppose it could be described as a “vocation”. Obviously, I can’t (won’t) retire from being an ice hockey fan. Also I can’t (won’t) retire from being the musical sort either. Retiring from life doesn’t fly in my airspace, so what’s next? I’ll know very soon.

As for the NHL playoffs, I’ll admit it took me a few days to get over Carey Price (Montreal’s goalie). Oh, he’s a good goalie. I’m sure some of the Montreal Habs faithful are glad they didn’t run Price out of town a few years ago. It was my team, so the kind of antics coming from the Montreal net defender weren’t making me happy in one way. Of course, now that we know who the Habs play in round 2 (Boston Bruins), I’ll be far more likely to have a good-old “goalie snicker” if suddenly Lucic has a little trouble standing up on two skates during a TV timeout. Clearly, Mr. Price plays to win. I’m over it now. It’s hockey and I love it.

As for the Tampa Bay Lightning, well, it was pretty darn amazing that they made the playoffs in the first place and it just so happened that they had to play the ONLY Canadian team in the playoffs in the first round. It wasn’t just Montreal fans supporting the Canadiens, it was ALL of Canada. The coverage was Canada biased. Yeah, you can deny it all you want Canada, but I know better. The Bolts had an injured starting goalie, several brand-spankin’ new rookies and the face of the team changed this last season, so as a fan, I’m proud that they went out playing Lightning hockey and they went down fighting. I don’t want to press on any Bolts bruises, so to speak, right now, so I’ll simply state that the Habs had the edge and Lightning hockey is far more stable than it was even two seasons ago, so all is well as far as I’m concerned.

As for the “little things”, well, here’s a moment from the first round of the playoffs I think I’ll always treasure: I imagined Zedeno Chara giggling like a little school girl when this happened.

I admit it, I’m home in the mornings and yes, I’ve been watching Supernatural. Can you blame me? Jensen Ackles – uh, yummy. The writing is pretty good actually and Jensen’s delivery is right spot on every single time. He’s good at what he does. There are some “little things” that when delivered by Ackles are just humorously priceless to me. I know how to hold onto to what I got and even a teeny-tiny smattering of laughter a day is enough. It often times has had to be and if I have to make it last, I make it last.

For example: “I love posse. Gonna make a t-shirt out of that.” Dean Winchester, and then Sam’s reply “are you done?” – equally priceless.

“What? I’m nesting.” Dean Winchester, Supernatural. Don’t even get me started on the scene where Castiel discovers porn and the ensuing comments from the Winchester brothers. All very well done as far as I’m concerned. I have needed a laugh here and there over the last year or so like nobodies business, so thanks much for those little fun treasures all of you who have anything to do with Supernatural. (Especially you Ackles – you can lip-synch “Eye of the Tiger” at my house any time you like – I mean anytime) 😉

Watch the show if you want to understand the fun of it all. It’s got many fun tidbits to discover. (Dean “communing” with the dog which makes him a bit more canine than usual is worth a watch I tell ya!”

Also, the number of nicknames I have for Henrik Lundqvist, New York Rangers goalie has increased again this season. Here’s one I’ll share for fun: “The Metrosexual Swede Singularly Responsible for the Mani/Pedi Wing at Madison Square Garden.”

Here’s to laughter, love, back-getting, guitars and smart goalies I can appreciate even if you gave my team a hard time.

I’m still having a little trouble with links and I live (not for much longer) where internet isn’t always available, so social media isn’t my prime mode of communicating these days. And yes, those are indeed my digits on the home page. No kidding.

Peace – mia – – have I mentioned “out loud” that I’m really tired of being single? Yes, I have, you just read it. Luv ya.


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