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Oh The Things I Can Do To Help One Mr. John Clayton Mayer

August 9, 2014


There’s a spiritual realm. It truly does exist. Heaven exists as well. Having written that, all I can say is that John Mayer, yes the one who plays guitar, YOU ARE ALL OVER MY SPIRITUAL REALM. Pretty sure I took quite a few spiritual hits that directly relate to Mr. Mayer. I know what you need John. I know what you want. I know you still have faith. I also know that “heaven never hurt no one.” isn’t entirely the truth. We should meet person to person. I’ve already gotten angels involved, so it’ll happen sooner rather than later.

You’ve been hurt in your life John. More than you know, no matter how enlightened you may believe you are. You do carry a load, perhaps you can’t see it or feel it, but it’s there and it affected me. Your spiritual got all tangled up in mine somehow. Regardless, if any of your fans, friends, or maybe those who don’t like you so much see this – show him this blog post and ask him to e-mail me

There were some very, very, very “interesting” things I pulled out of your music John. When you stated in your 2012 Rolling Stone article that you were looking for your soulmate. I understood. Then I listed to all your CD’s a few times.  Since that time, I’ve been in “firefight” that had everything to do with you. The result turned out to be that a pregnant woman (yup, that’d be me) got used for a shield in a Spiritual war, so I expect Mr. John Mayer’s going to either contact me of his own free will OR something from the spirit realm is going to be upon him, get him in the now and keep him there long enough to “guide” right to my apartment in Maryland. I been in that war since I popped out the womb in 1972, so as one can imagine – I’ll be getting the straight, whole truth about that situation. I gotta go all “other wordly” on some asses and wear Jesus like a garment in order to make that happen – that really should not surprise anyone who knows me. If it does surprise you, then you didn’t really know me at all did you.

It’s going to happen, so might as well be sooner rather than later.

My faith and my love is strong John (it runs in the family, so I come by it honestly) – I believe you need to experience that with your own two eyes in person.

Besides, I know you want a son, perhaps you’ll even name him Hendrix, so maybe your friends and fans who love you will do you a kindness and make absolutely sure you see this blog post.

Peace – mia

(or call 410-980-1173) You can also just show up at my apartment anytime, day or night – ask God for my address. You know he has it.

True love never dies.

The heart of life is good.

So too is the heart of love.

As is the same with the heart of life.

We’re not entirely strangers.

A perfect rhyme for “heavier things” given context of your writing could be “mightier wings” “or “sturdier strings”.

I like humming – it helps builds bridges. You should try it sometime.

ps-the mechanisms in your head were NOT working correctly – yipes!

The power of love is so strong – members of the other team are starting to defect and they’re singing like little canaries.

Oh, he knows what this is all about it – he knows.






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