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Nothing Better Than a Glowing, Growing Love

August 11, 2014


Even if the lights go out, we’d glow through the darkness.

Even if the words got in the way, we wouldn’t need a word to say.

I know you know, because you see what I see.

Sometimes I’m not sure if it’s you or if it’s me.

We’re crashing into each other and that’s the way it’s meant to be.

Getting closer. Ever closer. There’s a kiss being kept only for you.

I’m keeping it safe here with me, so it can be shared between we two.

Are you coming to me? Or should I meet you somewhere?

I’d drive all night to get to you. Wouldn’t want time to run out, so I’m there.

True love cannot be stopped.

Peace, love and light to you – mia



I saw you happy with me and that made me smile.

Luv Ya



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