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A Little Bit of Love Goes A Very Long, Long Way (A Different Kind of War Vet)

August 27, 2014


Hello again or hello for the first time. I’ve been writing some prose, verse, lyrics recently, so I’m sharing the following verse (not in lyric form here, but if you like, I’ll sing it for you as well). I’m sure there are a few who might read it who’ll get it upon first read right away. If not, give it a little time and it will.

A Different Kind of War Vet

I’m a different kind of war vet,

With a different kind of pain.

I don’t think you wanna hear what I have to say.

Likely wouldn’t believe me anyway.

Even if you don’t really understand,

I’d still reach out and give you my hand.

So live like you like living,

And feel free to sing now.

It’s all right ahead of you,

Right there, right there in front of you.

All for you, all for us, it’s true.

You’re a different kind of war vet,

With a different kind of pain.

Now you don’t need to fear,

‘Cause you know you’re not alone.

You know it’s over and we no longer need to fight,

‘Cause we know, yes we know, we got it right.

Oh this road we’re on takes us home.

All the way home.



I’m not sure why it would surprise anyone that I might refer to GOD on this blog sometimes. I mean, I am a hockey fan. Anyone who has ever been to an NHL game in which a Canadian team plays should know, they sing to God before every single game don’t they. Besides (G)oalie (O)ffense (D)efense. If that doesn’t do it for you, perhaps you should visualize ice hockey goalie gear and then read Ephesians 6 10-18. It’s just like “invisible” goalie gear isn’t it. The time is now to #GearUp world. #PutTheLidsOnTheKids – both ways.

That’s right – #LoversGonnaLove Always. All Ways.

Rock the world peace.

Peace – mia – Go Bolts! Go YOU! Thank you. I love you. SING IT LIKE YOU MEAN IT! Keep your sticks on the ice. Got a guitar, play it. Don’t have a guitar, go get one. They hand-make guitars in Nazareth out of wood – coincidence shmoincindence. I don’t think so.


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