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Nevermind Then – I’ll Do It Myself

November 1, 2015


Well, for the eight or so of you who actually read my blog – hello. No, I don’t really check my e-mail anymore. Why? Death threats – that’s why. Two of them to be precise. Yes, I realize you don’t care world. You have made that abundantly clear by your lack of any concern for a fellow human being in a grand variety of ways. If the fact that I was born is such a huge freakin’ problem for who ever you are, here you go: my address is 1622 E Rebecca Court, Forest Hill, MD, 21050. That is also pretty much my only contact information for anyone else who claims you are a friend of Mia Lueth. Yup, that’s me. That hasn’t changed. I mean come and kill me if it’ll make you feel better, or something like that.

Yes, it was a drunk coward Washington Crapitals fan who killed my children, himself and someone’s grandma a while back. I didn’t hold it against the Crapitals mind you, but apparently my feelings and thoughts about cowards, belly-crawling filth mongers and general computer hacking slime buckets don’t mean much in today’s world. Unfortunately for those of you who sit in what you thought was the safety of your own home or wherever else the “keyboard” cowards like to “play”, I amassed quite a large pile of hate aimed directly at me for absolutely no reason at all and it is all admissible in a court of law. You would be surprised how easy it is to trace an IP address these days.

That’s fine, you’re not afraid and running away from life as though that were actually possible is some sort of crazy thing the kids do these days. I feel like suing everyone, for everything, all the time, until I feel better.

Yes, I will also take prayer requests sent to the above mentioned address and yes, as AN ORDAINED PASTOR, I will take the time to respond you personally. I tell you know lies. It’s unprofessional.

No Canada, I wasn’t kidding when I asked God to transfer me to your country on the grounds that I have been over-persecuted in my own country because I’m a hockey fan, and/or the fact that I’m a female, the fact that I used to work along-side law enforcement officers and I’m generally viewed as some sort of funny joke (which is not even close the truth), but what the heck everyone’s allowed their opinion in the U.S.

Oh and witches – Jesus is your only answer. I don’t do the false prophet thing, so please feel free to open a bible, begin at Genesis and check it out for yourselves. No curses can stand against me and as I understand it, the “second death” is in play. I will water baptize anyone who comes to me, however, I will only do so in living water the way John baptized Jesus.

Yes, Ellen Lueth, the only mother I have ever known is deceased. Yes, Fritz Lueth, the only father I have ever known is deceased. Yes, I’m single. No, I can’t call my “mom” and whine and cry. I don’t talk to the dead.

Someone please refer “Sean” from the Arizona Coyotes to this blog (consider a tithe – thank you). No, I got attacked a few too many times on Twitter and I’m not addicted to technology like many of the rest of you impatient, immature types (plenty of ya out there). I DON’T WORK FOR FREE. I’M NOT A PROSTITUTE. I’M NOT YOUR MOTHER. I’M NOT YOU’RE EX-GIRLFRIEND.

I will hold out hope like a stupid, foolish dummy that God will perform a miracle and find an actual real, live man with a steady income, a home, a car and who rarely ever finds poop humor funny so I can get married and start a family again. I won’t hold my breathe, but he is God after all.

I also government contract, because Jesus likes me and the Devil is liar, so some times he let’s me earn money and have at least a shot as health insurance.

Yes, Department of Education, I paid off my school loans.

Baltimore Sun – threatening bankruptcy protected people is against the law. I’ll be needing more lawyers. Thank you.

Satan – Second Death

Legion – confirmed dead

Mephistowhateverthecrapyouwere – confirmed dead

No, I’m not an angel – I’m a child of God and I don’t really like evil very much, so I do something about it.

Wiccan people – protect yourselves – it’s called the bible – don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Psychics – you’re screwed.

Have a wonderful life Tampa Bay Lightning fans (hockey in June was really a bit strange to be honest with ya)

Go God (he has eyes and ears everywhere)

Jesus is alive and well and ALL prophecy babies get born, that has and will never change.

May the good love of God bless you and keep you.

Hey Paul – NOW!


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