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Well God, I Think It’s Because They Think You Pay All My Bills

August 31, 2016

August 31, 2016

So, it has become abundantly clear to me that people on this planet think money falls from the sky and people without any living family have ZERO problems. Not true my “friends”. I highly doubt, as a matter of fact that the few people who actually read could really care that I have written suicide letters. Nor would it really make any difference that financial stress isn’t something one care “pray away”. It is true that my suicide letters aren’t very nice, but since I won’t give a hoot, who cares about that anyway. God may love me, but his response time is, well, lacking in WOW factor. What’s the big plan Jesus? Perhaps one of you who likely hasn’t been raped, seen people die right in front your face, had to sell everything you own because God puts mentally unstable, alcoholics and drug addicts in your life, lost people to suicide, cancer, drug abuse, war and just plain bad driving would like to drag yourselves all whining and complaining over to my apartment at 1622 E Rebecca Court, Forest Hill, MD 21050 and explain to me where all the “manna from heaven” has gone?

No, I am not putting fun little emoticons on my post. This should indicate to you that I AM NOT OKAY.

I could swear that when I was on Twitter as @creasesinger, some people were just all sorts of smiley happy to be calling me a “friend”. People get sick planet Earth. People get broken bones and people get laid off. After two FULL YEARS, every week, for 40 hours a week of looking for work – NOTHING. I have no criminal background, no wants, no warrants and guess what else – A GENIUS LEVEL IQ. Yet still – duh peeple who hire r wanduring around wondering why they can’t get good help. I’m not being snarky, I’m just being truthful.

Here’s the deal, I can’t pay my rent and I can’t buy food – so I’d like the planet to burn now.

Yes, the fire will be hot enough to actually melt the Stanley Cup.


No, I don’t want to be famous. No it’s not because I want attention. No I don’t like Twitter. Why? Too many terrorists and ignorant rude people whose only hope of being social in real life is if their mommies get them drunk first. Hey NERDS, real women EXIST. Imagine that single males who don’t live with your parents (except if you’re taking care of them as a caregiver – I’ve been there and I think that’s nice).

Jesus WAS my Jedi master, but it seems like he and all his friends like saving all the pretty girls with big tits better. THAT’S WHY GOD!

Yes, I have “gifts”. No, I cannot do an online ministry for you far from perfect hockey types who chase tail in every sort of wrong way FOR FREE. I created a not-so-fun place in HELL for people who pick on people living in abject poverty. Yes, I was one of those people. Now, YOU BURN. I know deities, so that’s easy to arrange.

Oh and yes it is true I am a sexual being who doesn’t believe in divorce and who is a FLAMING HETEROSEXUAL. Amen. Love like mine doesn’t grow on trees and once it’s gone – YOU WILL FEEL IT. I want to be a housewife and mother for a living militant women. Back away from me bitches or you’ll catch fire. I’m built for the men’s team. Make a note of it.

I’m pretty sure their are some slow-thinking people on this planet who might actually think I can snap my fingers and rain can become silver and gold for ya.


I used to want to save people. Now, I want to live among people who love ice hockey and who don’t think their doctors or GOD. No, I’m not desperate for SEX – I just LOVE IT and I’m only interested in long term, monogamous dick.

Simple enough. Learn to give a crap. Thank You.

Peace – Mia (yes, I’m still alive, but God hasn’t given me a purpose like the rest of his “special kids” , so, ya know – there’s that whole pile of BS being tossed around these days). I don’t need help in the Supernatural. I need help in the natural. Yes, I am a princess and yes I exist.

Yes, please continue thinking I’m just kidding around with you. My Angels are drunken slackers God! No JOKE.


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