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How To Evacuate The Planet In A Day

September 20, 2016


Hello six people who actually read my blog. I suppose I could type all sorts of shfoe aidaoijfajdsf and barely anyone would know. First on the agenda: The Order Is – EARTH EVACUATION (ask Jesus). Next on the agenda: by the time you figure out that practicing witchcraft is DIRECTLY against the Lord of Lord’s command as quoted in the Holy Bible (New Testament), it may already be too late. The 2nd death is about as real as the eyeballs you are using to read this.

As for my e-mail account at gmail, I just plain stopped checking it. I do however have a cell phone and a mailing address. I know, I know – I say un-PC things right out loud and I also type them, right out loud. It happens. This is not something “new” for me, so don’t go thinking you know me well.

Yes, I am one of “those” who is holy spirit filled and speaks in tongues. I talk to our Father God all the time. I also wait patiently for Him. OPEN YOUR SPIRITUAL EARS – JESUS can actually be heard. No kidding.

I’m ready to leave Archangel Michael (if you aren’t friendly with the Angel who is actually in charge of God’s Holy, loyal angels – I doubt you want to bother me with, well, anything) Thank You. Amen to that!

Any enemy of God’s in an enemy of mine. It’s true, I love a Jew named Jesus with all my mind, heart and soul.

Breaking news from the kingdom of God – You Don’t Ever Want To Mess With A Genesis Eye. If you’ve never heard of a Genesis Eye (Google can’t help you now), come on over to 1622 E Rebecca Court, Forest Hill, MD, 21050. If you aren’t GOD trained to fight in the supernatural, you should just sow your seed (send financial support to an Ordained Pastor – that’d be me) and be happy God Loves you. Grins and kisses.

Yes, I am a female. No, demons don’t stand a MUTHA FREAKIN’ chance. Yes, I do call God Daddy.

THE REAL SUPERNATURAL BEINGS ARE ABOUT TO GET KNOWN ON PLANET EARTH. The “Sons of Thunder” are my brother’s and the Family Christ hasn’t lost a war since before the foundation of this world. Please note the Old Testament that the word “worlds” denotes more than one world. The word “aliens” is also used. I LOVE GETTING SHOT AT – IT’S A HOOT! Hugs and flowers planet Earth. My brothers Daniel, Luke, John and well – all the rest as mentioned in the Holy Bible found out what happened to me while I was on this planet. Some of you of this world will be receiving bad news, because of it.

Just wanted to mention to the curious types that it isn’t polite to ask a lady how old her soul is, but let’s just say – I’m older than Eve. I had nothing to do with what happened in Eden. Ask God.

It’s been interesting planet Earth – a separation from God is coming quickly. IT’S NOW BEEN WRITTEN ON THE WORLD WIDE. If you don’t tell your friends and the apocalyptic Armageddon sneaks up on you and takes you by surprise – hey – YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

I love you Daddy. I loved you planet Earth.

Pastor Mia – Peace – 410-980-1173 (sure, give me a call for prayer, death threats, chat, or try to sell me something I probably won’t by. Also, if you’re considering suicide and you are a US War Vet and the VA sent you to an answering machine – DAY OR NIGHT – YOU CALL ME!) You may consider me one of God’s “Spec Ops”. Tootles – as for the work of the Devil (God has special erasures for that). Suck dusty fire Satan and friends.


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