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I See Jesus Handing Me The Stanley Cup With A Little Baby In The Bowl!

October 4, 2016


Hello to the few of you who read my blog. I am, perhaps to some, a bit of an “odd” pastor. I am a pastor, nonetheless. All YOU (yes you – reading this blog) need to do is say “It is your will, not mine Jesus.” Accept and embrace the fact that we live in a Jesus-o-centric universe.

I know all about grief and loss my friends. Perhaps any of you who are or have gone through the loss of a child or children, job, security etc. might find this helpful. There is something missing from the article however. Always remember you can walk through every single day with the Lord Jesus Christ. It doesn’t matter how ugly it gets – he will not give up on you, so do not give up on him.

I’d like to suggest Matthew as a good read in the Holy Bible these days. Go on – give it a shot. I’ll admit it right out in the great world wide web open that I was starting to feel a bit too much like Job. I mean friends dying, parents dying, fiancé dying, children dying, aunts, uncles, grandparents, loss of a home, loss of a job, the death of my children, bankruptcy, cancer, car accidents and on and on. THE GOOD NEWS – God made it up to Job and his wife, so no my faith in the Lord has not diminished. I rely on Jesus for everything, including understanding. In what we call “end times”, it is very important to rely on Jesus for understanding. Literally give God the authority over your life. Go ahead and write that down. Sing it out loud. Declare it on your blog. Tell your dog. If the Lord has authority over you, it will not be possible for ANY enemy of God to get control of you, your mind, your heart, or your soul.

Say “good morning” to the Holy Spirit every morning when you wake. Then say “good night” to the Holy Sprit every night when you settle in for sleep. On Halloween, get your friends and/or family together, dress up like Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus, a mule, the three wise men (get creative with it :-)) and when you knock on the door and the door is answered, instead of saying “trick or treat”, hand the person a Holy Bible, smile, say “TREAT!” and walk away. Yes you can.

I know I’m not your everyday sort of Pastor, but God likes me and I Trust him, so why not tell all of you to open your heart to God, let him make himself at home in their and off you go on a journey filled with love and joy. No my friends, you are not afraid of evil, evil is afraid of YOU. Besides, heaven needs fun, musical, hockey-loving, sporty, good natured people like you. I thank you for tweeting this to your friends and family. That’s very kind of you.

I’ve been thinking that perhaps I DO want to actually walk the walk. That means, yes Jesus, I DO want to walk from Northern Maryland (where I live now) all the way down to Tampa Bay where my ice hockey team lives in Florida. Since I-95 simply won’t do, I’ll have to walk the back roads, through the smaller towns, the farm country, the hoods, the hollers. I’ll be needing A Lot of help though. Trust me, cancer or not, I have the legs for it. All things are possible with God. I can lift the name Jesus (he’s the famous one in the family and I wouldn’t have it any other way) at the same time people who get on board can sponsor me a certain amount per mile I complete on foot for the purpose of helping me start a very easy going, easy to understand online ministry and bible study for everyday people. Plus I’m sure there will be plenty of money raised which will go to help a certain charity (to be revealed to me later) meet it’s fundraising goals. I don’t know that part yet.

Body of Christ unity will be the walking mantra for me as I go, so I’ll make sure the route includes a Baptist church, a Methodist church, a Catholic church, an Episcopalian church and so on, visit as well. Maybe I’ll just pop in to the churches along the way on my walk to Tampa Bay and sing to them. I’ll make up some Jesus related love-type lyrics right on the spot. Maybe I’ll get some media attention – “Weird Walking Un-PC Pastor Sings the “Spirit” Right To Churches Faces.”

Jesus is for Everyone.

I have quite a few inspiring ideas. Get in touch about it – (I’m checking my e-mail again), call me 410-980-1173. Write to me at 1622 E Rebecca Court, Forest Hill, MD,  21050. It’s okay, it won’t be the first time someone has told me I’m crazy and it probably won’t be the last. I may not have a bunch more time left on Earth, so don’t dawdle and DON’T BE SHY

#LoversGonnaLove (ministry media will be established – I need FINACIAL SUPPORT, VOLUNTEERS AND SOME FELLOW NERDS.) God has the Con and Jesus taught Yoda everything he knows. (Maybe were more like “nerks” – nerd/dorks – yeah, I like that. What do you think?)

I wouldn’t kid you Tampa Bay Lightning faithful. I will actually WALK from Maryland to my new home in the Tampa Bay Area. You should help me Bolts fans. You too other teams’ hockey fans. Yeah and you too other sports fans. Oh you want to and if you stay quite for a few brief moments you’ll actually hear God whispering “yes, help Mia coordinate and execute a charity, church unity walk of faith with Jesus to Tampa Bay, Fla.” No really try it. Also, if you ever get bored on Friday nights, go into the bathroom, turn out the light say “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus” and then turn around three times. You’ll see him. It works.

Yes, and as for you “dirty bird” section of the planet who read blog – I meant the Holy Trinity threesome, as in the divine number three. Ask God to clean out your noodles will ya! Jeez.


Peace – Pastor Mia – I love you (yeah, even you Washington Crapitals – you were about as helpful as a lightbulb to a blind person – booooooooooo – hisss – hockey community my as, er uh foot.) FROWNEY FACE DC.


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