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If I Don’t Die At A Hockey Game – I Am Going To WRECK Heaven

October 8, 2016


I’d like to welcome and thank those of you follow my blog. I ALWAYS appreciate anyone who reads, comments, likes etc. Sometimes, when I get a chance, I read what other people write. That includes some of you. I know that some of people who have actually met didn’t know a good about my life. Some of what some of them have read on my blogs (Triple MMM will be deleted shortly – all the archives are now on this blog) is a complete surprise to some people.

I’m sure some of them don’t contact me because they don’t know what to say and they just can’t believe I got the call from God. Well, I did. There is no mistaking that kind of call, I can assure all of you. I said “yes” to Jesus and now God’s handing me a collar. No, I didn’t go seminary. No, I didn’t go to a religious university. Yes, I was at the tip top of my classes based on the theory of evolution. I love science. Most particularly, I love the science of light and sound. Female pastors do where collars and we can get married. I am non-denominational and what’s known as an Evangelist. The Bible isn’t some awful book. God gets misrepresented – ALL the time. Many of you don’t even give it a chance. The “old boys club” of the National Hockey League probably won’t ever know or understand what I’ve sacrificed for them, but I already did it, so it doesn’t really matter any way. One thing’s for sure, I absolutely won’t, for any reason, even if I’m in a firefight with anything related to demons, write or say anything that even has the slightest potential of taking my ice hockey team off their best game. GO BOLTS!

One day soon, those who read this and think I’ve gone straight off my rocker and I should spend my time in a loony bin will begin to actually experience true and real supernatural activity on this planet. Some of you may even begin speaking in tongues, especially shortly after reading one of my blog posts.

I am now 44 and so far, cancer hasn’t killed me. I have not received any treatments and I can’t do traditional treatments anyway. I have a congenital heart defect. Any known treatment for blood cancer would be too much for my heart, as far as I know. Since I haven’t received any treatments and the cancer hasn’t killed me yet, I can’t have an aggressive form of is, so there’s still hope. I am not afraid to die.

Over the last three years, I’ve been doing a lot of learning. I actually pray when I sleep. I started speaking in tongues. The enemies of God don’t like me very much. It’s not as though I wake in the morning hopping out of bed these days all sunshine and smiles, because, I might get attacked pretty much any time. Oh well, let them come. The one thing that SHOULD NOT HAPPEN is friendly FIRE people who claim to love the Lord Jesus Christ. It needs to stop. It will stop and I’ve been called up to the majors, so to speak, to take a 1000 mile walk, on foot to look some church “leadership” right in the eye gates to make sure we stop fighting with each other. We shall not be oppressed and we shall not let any force divide and conquer. I will walk at least sixty miles a day through six states on foot ending in Tampa Bay, FL at the Tampa Bay Lightning’s home barn. When I there. I’m staying. Make no attempt to talk me out of it.

Every Christian denomination is now on formal. I’m one of God’s specialists. I love my father God and all those rude, loud mouth, F bomb dropping, hooligans of the ice hockey world are like family to me. The F#$K if I’m going to let them go down. I pray for peace, but if it’s war that comes. I’ll be waitin’ for ya. By the authority and power provided to me by the Kingdom of Heaven, his shed shall protect you. Tweet this around to EVERY SINGLE ICE HOCKEY TEAM YOU CAN FIND. This is your point of contact for that protection. Read this and send it to everyone you know and love. There is confirmed Angelic activity on planet Earth. Be ready, take the Bible seriously please. I’ve been in battle since before I could walk on two legs, trust me. Thank you. I sustained a rather heavy duty injury and I’ve been recovering, but I’m an ice hockey fan and we’re not like other fans. I don’t answer to the Pope and I don’t need permission to DEMOLISH true and real evil. The ice hockey lovers do it on ice. I do it in the supernatural.

PLEASE DO NOT CONFUSE ME WITH A “LARPER”. I don’t hate the TV show “Supernatural”, but they and their fans need to stay in their warm safe places in make pretend land. I do not get that luxury.

I’m going to need some Psalmists. I’ll be raising some money to help God answer prayers on my 1000 mile walk from Maryland to Tampa Bay. If we need miracles – look the blankity blankin’ FLOCK out – we’re going to get them. I am a Christ and I will act like one. I don’t negotiate with terrorists.

I love you – Peace – Pastor Mia 1622 E Rebecca Court, Forest Hill, MD  21050, 410-980-1173,, stop by, call, write, don’t be shy. I’m a very gentle soul.



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