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Hello To Those With Learning Disabilities Who Love God or Are Jesus Curious

October 11, 2016


I am being very protective of some particular types of people and I am letting fellow clergy know that some of you have been coming way to hard at certain types of people. There are people who simply do not understand what is meant by “we were born wrong” and clergy who continuously go on and on about how we’re all terrible sinners and we all wrong and we can’t ever be good and on and on. Hey, He forgave us. We know we are not perfect. There are some people with actual real brain damage and actual real learning disabilities. I am one of those people. Many of them need to hear THE GOOD NEWS. If you or someone you know has been beat down by ANY CHURCH MEMBER OR CLERGY, stop attending that church. Read your bibles at home in a quiet place with calm, gentle souls. You can pray to our father God an thank him for pointing you to a church, mentor, tutor or small group of other quiet, calm, sensitive souls. He will answer your prayer. Sometimes you will need to be a little patient. You can trust him to know when you are ready to participate in certain bible study and which teacher is best for you. I will teach them if it’s a problem for some of you “churchy McJudjertons” out there. Back AWAY from them. Thank you.

All teachers/preachers/priests mean by “we were born wrong” is that because of Adam and Eve’s decision based on a crafty, sneaky no good serpent in the Garden of Eden that is described in Genesis, human kind got some yucky, no good stuff in us. The GOOD NEWS is that God’s good, cleansing word was born in the flesh and human kind knows that flesh by many names. One of those names is Jesus. He is OUR Lord and Savior. God’s plan to remove all that yucky “sin nature” that we were born in the flesh with is to have us accept his only begotten son Jesus, be REBORN in Christ and let his blood clean all that yucky out of us so that we are not denied Heaven and an eternity with God in Heaven. IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT YOU WERE BORN THAT WAY. God is not mad at us. I promise. He knows it takes us a while to get used to some things. He knows we all think in different ways. He understands that some of us get hurt when loud people yell at us and call us “idiots.” CLERGY SHOULD NOT DO THIS. I am a Pastor who will tell you to let GOD fight for you and allow God raised protective types to shield and protect you. It is okay if you don’t always understand. I have a college education and a very high IQ and sometimes even I get stuck. I ask OUR Father God for help all the time.

He loves us. He doesn’t want us to get hurt. Christians should Jesus check EVERY SINGLE DAY. We are not shame based. Let go. Let God. Remember that Jesus is the HEAD of our church. Remember that Jesus is the HEAD of our households. Unless you are the creator of all things, you are a servant of the Lord God our Messiah. Kings serve the Lord. Queens serve the lord. Janitors serve the Lord. Athletes serve the Lord. Submission is not a dirty word. Surrender to Jesus and let him know you are willing to learn. We are all learning. Yes, there are different types of baptism. When we are ready, God guides us in that direction. Take heart. God is NOT A BULLY.

God loves us and Jesus, who was born clean, without sin was the only able to go to the cross for us. We can happily accept God’s grace even if we don’t understand what we’ve done wrong. Some of us would like to learn the true and real, proper Gospel exactly the way God intended. And we shall. Not all clergy scream, yell and stomp. There are quite of few of us who are patient and not at all quick to anger. We have time and patience.


It is perfectly okay with me if you read this and check scripture to make sure what I am telling you is Holy Bible proper. If you have a comment, have questions, need prayer, or have been called rude, mean, hurtful names by other Christians – please do not hesitate or be afraid to tell me. I will listen. I concentrate on healing. We are meant to love one another. Our Father created us that way. Any church teaching from the Holy Bible which contains both the Old and the New Testaments, must remember that we are not a snobby country club. I will talk to you even if YOU ARE NOT A CHRISTIAN. Jesus is for everyone. Thank.

Thank you Father for your mercy, kindness, healing, light and love. In Jesus name we become whole. Hallelujah. Now say “Amen”. You are blessed.

I love you – peace – Pastor Mia 1622 E Rebecca Court, Forest Hill, MD 21050  410-980-1173 (I’ll even talk to you if hate sports) Are you a Psalmist? If you need a bible and you’re flat broke – they can be purchased for $1.05 (US) in any Dollar Store. It is not stealing if you take the Gideon’s Bible located in many hotel rooms across the globe. It is a gift to from God.

Go Bolts!


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