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The National Hockey Gypsy League (Don’t Try To Save Me From The Ice Hockey)

October 12, 2016


Okay fine, I’ll be on TV – okay. Fine – I’ll write a book. I need an agent and book deal. Hey thanks. 😉 Hi there interesting people who read. I like ya. You’re neat.

I’m not sure how many hockey fans read my blog, but for those who are and you’ve been at it for at least 20 years, you’ll have to agree – it’s turned into a League of roving gypsies. I mean you take a break for a summer and as you start gearing up for a new season lo, you discover “what!? – “who got traded for who now?” “The coaches gypsy too! Crazy eyes Boucher is back! Sorry Mike Yeo, Gabby’s gone WILD!  The Hawk’s Joel Quenneville is boring. I mean it would be much better if he switched places with his buddy Ken Hitchcock over there at the St. Louis Blues.

Dear National Hockey League Goalies,

Your pads need to lose weight and say hello to Conner McDavid. No one can prove I had anything to do with it. NO ONE.

I’m still deciding about my ministry name. I was thinking “Jesus On Ice Musical Ministry” or “God Rocks The World Ministry.” I also need to get back to tweeting apparently. So the “artist formerly know as @creasinger” may end up on twitter soon as @GangstahOfLove or @TheUnPCPastor, I haven’t decided. What do you think?

I like talking to radio shows. It’s fun. 410-980-1173. Strangers too.

That’s right single men. Sometimes I check you out. I’m a single lady after all. Grins.

I’ll admit it – I can’t lie – I told God that if he doesn’t find me a husband soon – there shall be backsliding – a lot of backsliding. I mean hockey season is mating season. Yes it is. That’s final.

Thank you father God for inspiring a few helpers who want to help me coordinate a ONE THOUSAND MILE WALK through most of the old Southeast division.  Cancer’s like a tired old hockey goon as far as I’m concerned. I’m waiting for some brave soul to let me know what charity or charities I’m walking for. No – you tell me. I’m doing it. Maybe I’ll sing the whole way too! You’re enthusiasm is killing me twelve people who read my blog. God is good.

I love you – peace – Pastor Mia 1622 E Rebecca Court, Forest Hill, MD 21050,

Go Bolts! MAN U!


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