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A Different Kind Of Romance

October 16, 2016


Sometimes I write poetry and create lyrics my friends. (I’m owed music royalties – I rather think those who owe me those royalties would rather deal with lawyers as opposed to a guy his mom calls “The Butcher” wouldn’t you? 😉 ) I’m a very reasonable woman. I’ve recently read some of the poetry written by some of my blog followers. Some of it’s deep and some of it’s a bit, light, yet with a touch of hickory. Thanks for sharing.

Hey, U.S. Military I’ve been remembering all the fun I’ve had on this planet. Yeah, it was a super great time I had over there at the MEPS in the early 90’s. I just couldn’t believe it, I scored so well on the ASVAB that I qualified for ATC. The best part about that experience was the part where ALL OF MY PERSONAL SENSITIVE DATA (Driver’s licence, social security card, etc.) just up and disappeared out the not-so-secure lockers YOU provide to Navy hopefuls. True story. I guess you wanted to top that complete disregard for my safety and comfort as a U.S. American citizen by allowing OPM to get hacked a couple of years back, and yet again ALL OF MY PERSONAL SENSITIVE DATA (Bank accounts, employment history, etc.) was compromised by people who, as the news put it “were just trying to figure out what criteria the U.S. uses to obtain national security clearances. Something I did, in fact obtain.

I feel all happy and safe and warm and fuzzy my own government. Although, upon further review, I think I need a gigantic SIGN FROM GOD to let me know if my government actually likes or not. If not, let me know. Simple fix, HELLO CANADA – I HAPPEN TO KNOW THAT YOU ARE A SANCTUARY COUNTY AND I LOVE ICE HOCKEY SO MUCH, I LET DUDES ON MY PICK-UP LEAGUE PUNCH ME IN THE STOMACH, MORE THAN ONCE.

I know you likey that shiny Cup that used to be owned by a Lord CANADA. Hey, me too. We should be friends. I like a lot Canadian Music. It all reminds me of hockey. I’ll marry Canadian. God, then hockey, then sex, then being nice to your neighbors. I’m pretty sure I got the order correct this time.


Yes, Steve Yzerman, I ripped all the “Q” page out of the dictionary. Why, QUIT IS NOT A WORD.

I hope all of you are well. God Bless the sticks, the pucks, the clothes, the plane, the skates, the equipment, and the glasses on Steve Yzerman’s face. Hallelujah. Amen. Thank you Father God.

The “hockey gods” don’t run me. I run the “hockey gods”.

Sure, I’ll date a defense man who goes both ways. There’s nothing hotter than a good two-way game.

It’s hockey season. I need a husband. I don’t lie. It’s just true. The ice hockey fraternity wants me. My hockey IQ just keeps getting higher and higher. Try me out and see for yourselves. I used to dream of the Stanley Cup when I was a little kid too National Hockey League types. I have something in common with Lightning GM Steve Yzerman. No penis. No problem. I see ice hockey games in fluid dynamics.

One day, someone will actually take me seriously. Until then, I’m still planning to do a Jesus-lifting, charity 1000 mile walk to Tampa Bay, FL. Well, the employment page for the Lightning says I should be local. Okay, I’ll get local.

Body of Christ unity. Live it. Love it. GO GOD. Of course I want a cure for a cancer <—–(Punk az frick nut that deseres New York cab driver body language), I get the “joy and pleasure” of living with it – every frickin’ day. I’m not dead yet planet Earth. Don’t pay any attention to any rumors any of you hear – Define what you mean by “Alien”.

Go Bolts! #LoversGonnaLove

I love you (some of you should understand – Kingdom of God wise – not romantically – but LOVE nonetheless). No, ladies, I don’t want your husband. I want my own. No husbands, I give you that old stinky glove PAW IN THE FACE if you even spark a thought I want to see your “little head” which is often, NOT WHAT YOU SHOULD BE THINKING WITH.

Peace – Pastor Mia – 410-980-1173. Phone conversation is not a lost art. Don’t be shy. Communicate. I’m friendly and I’m glad a great many of you have never had to identify the dead bodies of your own children. LOVE THEM WELL MY FRIENDS. LOVE THEM WELL.



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