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Yes, I do Have A Plan God and It may Not Be Good News For Some

January 19, 2017

Personally, I don’t really know what happens when we die, but I do know I’m hoping I’ll get time on “the other side” to bully the crap out of the bullies. I’m hoping I get a chance to seek out those who, to this day still live and who told me I’m like family to them. Those same people had no problem booting me to curb when I got sick. Those same people had no problem being craptastic, ignorant human beings at all. I understand. My plan:  Suicide. What I can hope is that I’ll die rip-roaring pissed off. Once I leave my body I’ll find every human who has found joy and happiness in pouring flammable liquids on living humans and animals, then gleefully light them on fire for real. I will have no mercy on your souls. There will be ZERO survivors. NONE.

Then I will move onto the people who thought God saved you so that you could teach about how great Jesus is and “spread the word”. Now it is in writing, right out in the World Wide Open internet – Every torment you laid out on others will be laid upon you, only TEN TIMES WORSE. Oh, see, I am aware of the fact that Jesus is the famous one in the family. That’s going to stay that way.  Me, well, I’m the not-so-perfect one in the family. You will experience a taste of hell your brains could not ever comprehend for a short period of time. Once you have, you then will be even more grateful to the Lord God Almighty that I didn’t put you in a place where that lasts for all eternity.

Next, I’m going to find all those people who knowingly and willfully used women and children as shields in any sort of combat, of any kind. You, I will end slowly and painfully. I will then bring you back to life and do it again. That’s not what I’m unleashing in Heaven loud mouth liars claiming to know God. That’s something reserved for those of you who are in flesh on/in Earth. The sanctity of Heaven shall remain in tact. Make no mistake, I am not your friend. You will come to appreciate the mercy of God.

Don’t think I forgot about you people who beat on the weak and feeble. You will get haunted in numerous ways. Just when you think all is well and you start moving on with your life, I will come at you again from a different direction. You will want to run. You will want to hide. You will want to get “Holy” people to assist you. You will confess all your sins to the Lord of Lords and then you will die. Rest assured, I will know who you are, where you live and exactly what you have done while breathing air in/on Earth.

No prison can contain me. No prayer will save you from understanding why NONE of is God. None of you should be doing the thinking for God. None of you can kill God. What you can do however, is take it. Then you will take it some more. Every tear of fear and terror you have caused you will cry each one a thousand times. The only option any of have is the Jesus option. When I do commit suicide, and that is the plan, I will also be on “the other side” and if you are not league with the Lord God Almighty on that side. Know this, I am not your friend. I will put you in the eternal hell right where you belong.

ENOUGH! Enough innocent blood has been shed. Enough! For those so consumed by evil they simply cannot come back from it – you will find out exactly what the power of God means. Between the two of us there “Beast”, the female Beast, yes that would be me, is much larger than the male. This will not be fun. This will not be a good time. This will be pure and utter hell for you. You will know the pain you have caused. Make a note of it. You and all your crazy women are headed for the wrong end of eternity.

My very least favorite type and kind are the child molesters and rapists. What will I do to you? Well, that’s for me to know and for you to find out the excruciatingly hard way. Dealers choice!

I know I will come out of this just fine – DO YOU?

I do not fear evil, but Holy Redeemer do I absolutely shutting it the flock down.

For the kids out there, if you are ever in a paradise garden and a serpent starts yapping it’s unholy flap at you; find the biggest stick in the garden and smash the serpent in the pie hole. Don’t stop doing that until the slithery, lying puss bucket comes crashing down out of the tree and hits the ground. Then yell at the top of your lungs, “because God said so, that’s why!” Good job kids.

I’m a National Hockey League hockey fan, that simply will not change.

It as they say, is ON.

See ya, Mia

Thanks for not giving a crap about me people who actually know me and did nothing to help me. Screw you very much.



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