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This “Cow” Does Give Milk

February 3, 2017


However, if you want the “milk” ignorant , rude, obnoxious people (usually with penises), you will HAVE TO BUY THE COW! That payment is as follows – you are sober most of your year. You give me a ring and legal paperwork. You have a real single-family home with the following: indoor plumbing, closets, windows, a washer dryer, a dishwasher, plenty of storage and one of you’re goals in life is to live debt free.

Also, anyone who “hollas” at me – “womern, fetch me a beer” will be responded to as follows: I will retrieve a white board, I will spell out the word W-O-M-A-N and inform you the you don’t need a beer, you need to know how to spell and that you have issues with reading comprehension.

I am no man’s “side dish”, “piece on the side” or any other such thing. It is a shame that real men don’t know a good woman then they see on males I’ve met along the way. It’s also a shame that the men in my own country United States of America don’t want to keep the good woman with genius level IQ’s in their own country.

The Lord God Almighty had better be arranging a marriage for me that indicates that he understands with complete clarity that I understand I will likely have to “marry down”, but I surely will not be marrying dirt, filth, classless, immature buffoon. That will result in the end of this entire UNIVERSE AS BOTH ANGEL AND HUMAN KIND KNOW IT! DO NOT TEST ME.

I was operating well above the heads of you “OLD BOYS CLUB” of the NHL. Every anonymous identity who has EVER made contact with me shall be identified to me IMMEDIATELY. HEADS MUST ROLL FOR THIS ONE.


Peace – Pastor Mia – @ganstahoflove

Archangel Michael – I want a ride home RIGHT NOW! Jesus cannot provide me a proper husband – it then is HE who has broken a promise. This is now on the Angelic record and on the HUMAN record via the world wide web.

Thank you. Any Angel pretending to be God shall immediately be placed in containment. Any human who is pretending to be he or she is not and who does not possess a SAG card shell be visited by and “unfriendly” visitor.

I ask for sanctuary Jesus – it SHALL BE PROVIDED TO ME.



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