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The Church AND The State in the United States – an Open Letter to Both

March 5, 2017


I know that many discuss how the “Church” and the “state” can be separate in the United States. Many are not experts on the Constitution, Law, or what the founders and creators of the U.S. meant when the United States became independent. There are real people in the U.S. who don’t even know that we gained our independence from Great Britain, so there are many Americans who really can’t be experts in particular conversation. As an actual, real ordained Pastor, I would like to let the “State” know a few things at the same time I am warning all clergy in the U.S. as to what is expected when attempting run a non-profit in America.

First, any clergy collecting money for ANY reason must be accountable to the exact penny all year-long. Second, the “State” does actually have the right to investigate fake false charities that registered as 501 c 3  and further those who are claiming “God” and/or “Jesus” (which should mean “Church” as in an entity which SERVES the best interests of the Lord Jesus Christ and AGREES that Jesus Christ is the Holy High Priest, head of the ENTIRE “Church”. Now, what I am telling the “State” is don’t you worry about those claiming that you should stay out of their business and a more thorough approach should be taken when granting any clergy who wishes to start or continue running a 501c3 using Christian values which includes Catholic denominations.

Yes, “Church” the state does have a right to scrutinize some so-called “religious” charities. I am an ordained Pastor and I am TELLING them it is appropriate given that I have personally found numerous “charities” and “ministries” using clergy titles that apply to the GOD’S HOLY KINGDOM and HIS SON JESUS CHRIST, which is the definition of “Christian”. Many of them are not operating under the financial constraints of an what any layman would consider “NON-PROFIT!” People in the United States who run “Non-Profits” and that is their only source of income BE WARNED – if any of you think for some reason Jesus would approve of you using his name to rip-off the elderly, commit adultery, molest children, bully disabled people, tell BOLD FACE LIES to the PUBLIC, then you are sadly and nearing the SECOND DEATH close to finding out that you ARE WRONG! Every single “Church” in the United States will hold themselves up to the HIGHEST of standards. All Clergy will take the time to ask the Lord God Almighty to check your eyes for planks AND you will start talking more about scripture, than telling people funny and interesting stories.

The “State” puts forth exact guidelines as to what is expected to become and remain a 501c3. It is not unclear. There are people in this country and in foreign countries using the name “God” and “Jesus” to collect money for very “ungodly” purposes. Both the “State” and the “Church” should know that all use of the internet to run any sort of ministry or “church” MUST openly and frequently (on every page) acknowledge King Jesus as the Supreme Provider, otherwise, “State” that is NOT a legitimate “religious” charity based on the Holy Bible. Those internet “churches” and/or “charity” must also frequently note that they are a registered 501c3 and provide evidence out in the open as to the legitimacy of that claim. Clergy may not have to pay certain taxes, but that does not mean that you are not accountable for providing a very high percentage of your monetary intake to NOTHING but charity (alms). That is all.

Any Clergy walking the face of the Earth God created who has ever touched any child under the age of 18 in any country, even if it was when you were a teenager will confess this to God and if you have done sexual to anyone under the age of ten, ever in your Earthly lives, a Supernatural force will compel you to immediately turn yourselves to the first law enforcement authority you can find and you will cease leading the beautiful sheep of Jesus. You will take your consequences as you should. Those people need healing and you will do the right thing NOW. Any “Church” singular or as part of the larger church which is ruled by Lord Jesus who knowingly and willfully “covers up” or attempts to keep a child molester in food and clothing will CEASE TO EXIST and will be cut-off from God in Heaven. Trust these words are true.

Any Pastor or ordained Minister who DOES NOT provide pre-marital counseling to those who have asked to be married by a servant of God, will be experience a Supernatural problem and you will be handled by a loyal angel who are to serve “humans” yes, but will not do so if that human does not recognize the Supreme Authority of the Lord God Almighty.

Take God seriously United States and other people who use the internet. Take the time to be sure you are spreading the True and Real Gospel according to the Creator of all things. I don’t like going to church services, because every single time I have, no matter the denomination, I hear untruths, and many congregation members can’t even wait to leave the parking lot before they are gossiping and back-biting others after service. All those who accept the Lord Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior are REQUIRED to read the ENTIRE Holy Bible.

All Holy Churches of God who meet in buildings MUST display a crucifix. Why, there are some who may enter your church who JUST CAN’T STAND the sight of it. Stop working for the Devil – it doesn’t end well.

Lord Father God I ask that you guide us perfectly and properly as we prepare for the return of your beautiful son and thank you for your patience, mercy, kindness and your Holy Spirit, Amen. May you known as the “State” in the United States of America be guided properly and Blessed by the Lord our God who loves us. Amen. Thank you Jesus.

All those who hate God will be separated from Him for all eternity anyway, and since all those kind are in such a big hurry, so be it, quickening the Spirit isn’t that hard for God. You’ll get your wish unholy, ungodly, filth demons – you all knew that day would come.

Peace – Pastor Mia @ganstahoflove Nothing has ever been written AND considered Holy Scripture by the King of Kings which indicates I have to sympathy for the Devil. Oh I know Satan likes to huff and puff and while he is powerful he surely didn’t realize that one day he would fall into his very own trap. Oh well, I Love Jesus, what can one do?



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