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Christians in the United States and Worldwide Where Applicable

March 8, 2017


I am a Pastor, I care United States. I am a registered Independent in the State of Maryland. I am not a politician and sometimes, I’m sure, I do not come across as “Politically correct.” So be it. Amen At this time, I am happy to let people know that I have spent the last three or so years, in the Bible and in daily talks with the Lord Jesus Christ. It is VERY IMPORTANT for all who consider themselves to be Christians, to consider that we recognize the Father, The Son AND The Holy Spirit. If you have not thank The Lord God for the Holy Spirit, please do so now and tell your friends and congregation members to accept the Holy Spirit. There are many who have accepted the Father God, His only begotten Son Jesus, but who have NOT accepted the Holy Spirit. Praying in tongues is NOT weird. It is an integral part of our relationship with the Lord and helps provide a better understanding of the Kingdom of Heaven.

It is possible to and a good idea to ask the Holy Spirit to help you understand prayer and praying in tongues. You are only 2/3 of a full human being as intended by God’s sacrifice of Jesus on the cross, until you become Holy Spirit filled. The Holy Spirit also helps you keep evil spirits away. All Christians must read the Holy Bible. No matter how often you attend church, open your bibles at home, where no Law in the United States can prohibit you from doing so. Begin at Genesis and keep on going right to Revelation. I am aware that some people give up and think it’s too hard to understand, or it’s boring or it doesn’t make sense.

Here are some tips for those types of people:

  1. Thank God for his Holy Spirit
  2. Thank God for the Holy angels that have been activated around you, even if you believe you have never seen a supernatural being called an “angel”.
  3. Invite the Holy Spirit to be with you every single time you read scripture and expect that you may have to take little “bites” and “sips” when you first start reading the bible no matter your age or reading experience.
  4. The Holy Spirit will move with you and your assigned Angels will help you process and understand (digest) scripture, even while you sleep. This is a part of God’s good plan for humanity.
  5. Don’t worry at all for any reason if what you just read doesn’t seem to fit with anything you understand at all in your experience as a human. This is normal and you can expect that it may take until you have read the ENTIRE bible for the Lord’s good work and God’s good news to start moving within in you and start showing you external signs (guiding your eyes and thoughts). Eventually, as you find proper churches, leaders and go through your daily activities, the stories, instructions, parables, gospels and letters (epistles) will start to make more sense. You do not need to rush, you simply need to commit and if you get frustrated, it is okay to take a break and begin again the next day.

Many people, even professed Christians are still participating what the Lord God would consider “pagan”. Many of you are not aware of what God’s definition of Pagan actually is, so as you are praying, it is okay to simply let Jesus know that it is His Will and not yours and you will rely on Him for understanding. You will start to become of some of the things you do and you will get the help you need, even if it is not from another human being to have a better understanding of Jesus and what is best to do in every situation.

Do not fret if you just aren’t sure. Jesus always understands. On your own, remember to use the Holy Bible to check what you have been told in church or by any other human. Most Church leadership should have no issue with and should be encouraging of people who find passages that “seem” to conflict with something a church leader has said or something you read somewhere else in the bible. The Holy Bible only “seems” to be in conflict with itself and the natural way of thinking. Remember always that it will make more sense as you read, pray and study. No worries.

The baptism in the Holy Spirit is very important and helps quicken your understanding of how to react when you sense danger, sense that you may be distracted and a variety of other situations. Yes, naysayers, everyone can learn and ALL lives matter to Jesus.

Any one who actively and knowingly pursues witchcraft AND professes to Love the Lord and call yourself a Christian, must immediately STOP any sort of witchcraft, EVEN if you believe it is NOT dark or meant for healing. It is not possible to Love the Lord with all your heart, mind and soul and practice witchcraft. You must chose. You are worshiping idols according to the Bible and likely hurting yourselves spiritually. Let go of it and affirm to the Lord Jesus that you are a committed Christian who needs help. I have met individuals who are deceived and believe that they are helping others with witch craft, but in fact you have made certain things your lives and the lives of others’ worse. I do know that some of these types may have thought they were doing the right thing, but it is best to let The Lord Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, Holy servants of the Lord, human and angle handle “cleansings” no matter what the circumstances. All paranormal investigators should ALWAYS have a Holy Spirit filled servant of the Lord present with them for your sake’s and for the sake of the people you believe you are helping.

Any animal sacrifice is slap in the face to Jesus AND, in terms of many State’s law enforcement (LEO) it can be considered to be animal cruelty, so don’t think you can’t spend time in jail, I mention to those who uphold the law for the cats who some of you (inert no-so-friendly words here) out in the American public.

Any one who has been told that putting a “Pentagram” ANYWHERE in your home or business should IGNORE this advice. It will only bring you heartbreak and it does not PROTECT anything, most especially you, your belongings or your friends, patrons and neighbors. There are many people “claiming” to be psychics and mediums who are actually helping the enemy of God. Do not proceed with a house “cleansing” or property “cleansing” without a Holy Bible, the Holy Spirit and someone sure and confident of his or her right in the Supernatural realm to handle something you feel is evil, demonic or unfriendly. “Ghosts” of your loved ones and “speaking” to the other side simply cannot be done without a representative of all things Holy and Good in Heaven and/earth. A Galation has the power to close doors. Many do not understand the “The Seal of God”, what to do when “sealed in”, or how to withstand an attack. It is important to understand that even if you do not attend a church, don’t go regularly, don’t believe that you are religious or aren’t sure about God or any of those things, if you put a simple crucifix in your homes, you will be on your way. You will know if there are signs of that which opposes God and good and the true real light of the world, Jesus Christ soon enough. Do not panic if you start to sense supernatural activity in your home or business. Simply read in scripture daily. You can read a little a day. Talk to God at least once a day. Thank the Lord God for spiritual armor and thank the Lord Jesus for going to the cross and accept that you are covered by his blood. If activity ramps up a bit, it is okay to ask a Holy Spirit filled member of Clergy at any, not just Catholic, Church in your local area, even if you do not attend Church at the present time.

Eventually, you find that you are building a good relationship with the Lord and it is even okay to ask the Holy Spirit to guide to the best Church for you and yours. That may not happen overnight. Patience is the key in many instances. Let Jesus know that you want to follow him properly and don’t truly want to be the best human being you can be, even if you have done awful things, screwed up your life, gotten involved with unsavory activities and so on. Many, through no fault of their own have been hurt by some of you, so their healing, comfort and well-being is prioritized before some others who are learning to walk with the Lord. Do not let those who have done you wrong, stop you from developing a whole, real and true relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. Often times, you do not need to take matters into your own hands, Jesus has already done it for you and you can Trust God to make sure you are lifted out of trouble or ease some situations for you, but putting people, angles and the Holy Spirit where you need it.

Trust the Bible and God, not the internet. No one needs help from a witch. I realize some witches and wiccans aim toward “no harm”, that is not possible without God. It is through Christ we do all things. It is written and in the United States of America we have the right to Love Jesus right out loud, take full advantage of that. I am sure that the Lord Jesus Christ is much more than just a powerful prophet. He is good. He isn’t a bully. He doesn’t make life difficult. Let him be the head of your family and you will be welcomed. Your habits will likely change, you may get stuck, you may struggle here and there, but there is always help. Accept help from God. Seek to please God, not others.

Peace, Pastor Mia @ganstahoflove Speak good, love, healing, help, encouragement and success into those around you – even if they roll their eyes at you or think your weird. We are all weird normalos and normal weirdos. it’s just true. 🙂 Please say Amen, and share this with friends and loved ones. Thank you and God has blessed you.


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