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There Is Love – Only Love

May 27, 2017


Hello people who read. It’s been a little while since I’ve posted here, so thank you for your patience and I hope all is well with you. I haven’t worked a 9-5 style job in a while and well, that’s a bit different for me.  If you’ve spent any time reading and/or listening to anything related to me appearing in this blog, you’ll know that most of my family is deceased. I’m not harping on that at this point, but that fact does make certain things a bit more trying sometimes. I am also a 45-year old single heterosexual woman who has never married. It took me a while to heal from the fact the male who ran when he found out I was pregnant and left me to raise kids while working and looking out for my family who got hit with mental illness, cancer, diabetes, addiction and a host of other issues, only to return several years later and end up getting drunk and killing himself, our children and someone’s grandma in a car accident. Obviously, a relationship with even the best of males, was not something I was in some big hurry to go jumping into in any big hurry. That is not the way work. That will never be the way I work.

Then, of course there was my ice hockey boyfriend who I planned to marry. If you aren’t familiar with some of the ice hockey types, let me just say they can be a bit “superstitious”, so we kept our engagement very quiet and planned a simple, small wedding. We agreed we’d tell most of our friends and family after we got married. He never made it the alter. He passed away almost instantaneously in a car accident shortly before our nuptials. Again, that one hurt. I can’t lie. I knew it was an accident and the person driving certainly would probably give his actual right arm to change  what happened, so forgiveness came easily. Not to say I didn’t sob like a sad-sack every night for weeks, because that is exactly what I did. After a few years had passed though, I started to notice I was laughing a bit more and smiling about little kids on ice, funny movies, goofy habits people around me have and so on.

Eventually, I even tried going out on dates here and there. I learned from those experiences that some men lie about where they come from. Some of them lie about their age. Some of them hate sports. Some men think all women are stupid. Some of them take their wedding rings off and pretend they aren’t married. Welp, so much for dating. So, I hatched a plan. A good plan. A very, very good plan. If you’re curious – here it is:


Next up, I’d like to say in all truth that I am an actual, real ordained Pastor which means that I can ONLY marry a MAN (that is a very crucial key word “Man”) who loves the Lord Jesus Christ with all his heart, mind and soul and who has surrendered his will to the King Jesus. I ONLY have ONE King. Just ONE. God is as real as I am sitting here at 1622 E Rebecca Court, Forest Hill, MD. For those who actually want to kill me for some reason, here I am. For those who think I got upset about a death threat I received a few years back having to ice hockey – uh – NO, this is not true. I did however, have an actual, real, U.S. National Security Clearance which at the time was considered active and I’m not real shy about my expressing myself in the wide world of web about how I feel about those who come into my country planning to do harm. I don’t like you – okay.

Finally, as a Pastor, a person, and a lover who’s going to love whether any stinking one you likes it or not, I do not support, encourage, or condone any groups, individuals, entities, parties or what the FLOCK ever may or may not exist in the past, the present or the future who believe that beating homosexuals to death is something you win a prize in heaven. You don’t. You lose. Murder is not cool, or good or kind, or compassionate and that is exactly what that is. END OF STORY.

Yes God, I do love you, but you are now proving all those male-biased clergy yapping their flaps about how nothing is too difficult wrong. I’m sure you can manage to find me a proper male who isn’t afraid of commitment of my obnoxiously high IQ. Do not be frightened, I’m very friendly and particularly down to Earth. I still have a shot at making more children, so no rush or anything God, my great love, but uh – MOVE IT!!!!!!!!

The TV show Prison Break is back – this time, I’m not doing a marathon from Hell. Oh goody.

The “old-boys” club of the National Hockey League needs to cut out the elbows to the head. I’m very serious. I give a hoot. It’s important. Don’t wait around to take care of that. Thank you Jesus for helping me get that through their stubborn, hard noodles. Much appreciated.

Holy Spirit, the Archangel Michael, God loyal angels of the Lord, God trusted individuals and kind humans are always welcome to just stop on by my apartment, whenever you want.

If you have $10, 000 cash, you can become the owner of a 2009 Subaru Outback with the complete sports package in great condition. Give me a call.

I have indeed gone “commando”, for those who just had to know.

I did also date someone who would be considered famous, this is also true.

I have been on TV.

I have been on the radio.

I am OWED royalties.

All of those statements are true.

“Crazy Eyes” Guy Boucher, NHL head coach and Paul Maurice, NHL head coach make me smile sometimes, okay, a lot actually.

People who have suggested I work for $8.50 an hour are not my friends and if you consider the my resume (ask Josh Groban’s dog for that), my blog, the music I wrote, performed and produced, the stolen intellectual property I heard on the radio a while back and a variety of other things, I’d say you’re playing little league baseball on a gigantic sheet of Olympic ice with that nonsense all together. Good luck out there. It’s slippery.

I don’t take too kindly to cowards, er I mean, people who don’t provide your first and last names when communicating with me. I am informing all of you that I will take steps to uncover your real names and yes, you are a stranger to me until I know who you actually are via phone, email, letters, postcards, personal visits or Twitter. Please take this part seriously.

Unless you, an employer, or future husband or the Lord God Almighty pays for a text plan out of your very own pocket, I don’t have a text plan.

Stealing my personal identity will cause you so many problems, you end up going to God in painful tears, begging him for mercy and apologizing every which you can. Thank you for understanding.

I will never, not for all eternity apologize to anyone for the fact that I love Jesus.

If a demon were to contact me and tell me it ate my mother for breakfast, I would ask “did she taste like chicken?”

Do not ever think I am NOT GOD made. That will be the last thought you will ever have.

Peace to all of you in Earth realm – love like you don’t know how to do anything else. Pastor – Mia @ganstahoflove

PS – I have no issue being in front of a camera or behind one and if the “hockey elite” want my enormous hockey brains – you have to PAY FOR THEM. Hello Australia – some of you love hockey and music too, so we can be friends if you want. 🙂

RIGHT NOW IS VERY GOOD TIME FOR YOU AND ALL YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY TO SEW SEED TO ME A PASTOR – IT GETS MULTIPLIED BY GOOD AND WILL FUND A HEALING + REPAIR MINISTRY WHICH WILL ENSURE THAT NO ACTUAL REAL WAR VET IS EVER FOUND HOMELESS (I am one of those too and no I’m not yelling this time, just making a very clear and distinct point). Please do share this and currently I only accept cash or check in person or mail, but the SECURE digital option will come, even more quickly if you help me. Volunteer time is considered tithe by the Lord God Almighty. My digits – 410-980-1173


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