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NOTE: Only the information contained within the confines of and/or can be considered approved and in any way representing those individuals who are listed within as contributers of said blogs’ content and personal information. All original text within this blog was created by Mia Lueth. Format corrections and technical edits are being performed on an ongoing basis by Sara Daniels.
Updated 1/21/11

For current specifics on Mia, visit Mia’s bio page which is viewable, but still in draft. For an update (as of 1/21/11) of “Mia Life” right now visit the “About page” on Mia’s other blog .

For a more general idea on the evolution of Mia’s world of blogging:
Currently, this blog contains a woman’s thoughts on a life-long NHL hockey obsession (addiction is more fitting I think),  focusing on the Washington Capitals and NHL Goalies. She’s known to say to those who know her, “If I were born a boy in Moose Jaw – you’d be watching me in an NHL crease somewhere (okay – maybe by now I’d be too beat up to play – I’m no Dominik Hasek)!!” Ice hockey is her passion and music is her peace, so for now, she has two blogs. This blog focuses on hockey with a few glimpes of her life, while the other focuses on the world as perceived from her music-fulled, hockey-centered, inner universe. Interaction is encouraged. It is hoped the comments come freely and often. But – be sure to take a few deep breaths before you type please!

The photo above should be credited to someone, but I lost track and am not sure right now to whom goes the nod. It’s probably the CAPS shutterbug, but I’ll triple-check to be sure and update this as soon I get it right. SORRY! This fell off the radar, but not completely. A concerted effort to track the proper person to credit for the photo is currently underway.

You can listen to her sing here. This is also a place you can go to upload and enter your music in contests every month FOR FREE! All music heard at under Mia’s profile was written, produced and performed by Mia – quite a number of years ago.  Mia can’t sing anymore due to a mass that is pressing against her throat. This minor detail has not stopped her from singing, it just “isn’t quite what it used be,” Mia states. Or rather, she actually sang that description of her vocal abilities. I decided to help her if I could for reasons just like that. The “Mia mold” was broken as soon as she was made in my mind. She really will sing at you for no reason at all. Once it happens to you, you’re face will magically produce a smile.

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