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Former Blogs Archives 1999-2008

6/22/2012 – As of today, the archives from all non-Wordpress incarnations of this blog are being included here. There are many already uploaded and are being linked below. Today, the 2006 archives have been linked below & because “quick & easy” is how many choose to roll these days, streamling for your convenience is also in progress. My life hasn’t been “quick & easy”, so your continued patience and willingness to struggle through has been noted. I have an “in” with a vertically challenged, curly-toed-shoe-wearing-North-Pole-Dweller, so expect a jolly, rotund man who puts animals into slavery once a year and calls the names like “Prancer” to have you on the “not naughty” list this year. If you’d prefer to be on the “naughty” list, however, please contact me and I’ll make sure you are appropriately dubbed as such and punished in according fashion.

The 1999 archives are from a website created for a project I began calledOpen The Box“. These “posts” were originally a page on the site related to the project that was first titled “Daily Ruminations” and then changed to “Almost Daily Ruminations“. These few entries were my “web diary”. Click here to see the entries from (which now no longer exists).

The 2006 archives can be found by clicking here and are from the same previous blog incarnation as the 2007 archives known to perhaps as many as 12 real people as “Musical Laughter”.

The 2007 archives from a previous incarnation of this blog titled Musical Laughter” are as complete as possible and can be enjoyed by clicking here. Me no edit reel good sometimes (standerd disclaimher). I’m like Duran Duran’s Simon LeBon, an “invertebrate bad speler“.

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