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Archives – June 2006

I’ll wait for the next Eternity

Thursday, June 22, 2006, 11:42:00 PMGo to full article
…those things aren’t real, the things they say they feel. Tears burn and you still yurn and with every turn and every newly lit morn – there lies the hope of dread and thoughts that we’ll never be dead. The rolling waves of urgency wash clean pain into the chaotic mind – more and more and mounting even more, the shattered, splintered love of human life gets harder to find. Those who’ve come before did send and receive those messages, I will till the end – exisitng isn’t enough – swirling words haved reeled and peeled and sealed me in good and tough. We come because we’re called. Their screams of anguish just somehow get stalled. Always we love and never we live. It’s all been taken. No more refills. I’ve no more to give…

What the shit!?

Tuesday, June 06, 2006, 10:23:00 PMGo to full article

…strap on the guns boys – we’re going in. So let me get this straight – killing for your god is not a sin? Scrape off the poor – into the streets they go, so just to clarify – it’s so your fat pockets can grow?…

 Okay, cool – I’m not the only goalie that got taken out by a fellow teammate this year. I don’t feel so alone anymore. Of course, Roloson will live to play another day. I, on the other hand, will have to hang up the gear and conceed to purely spectator status. I’ve been rooting for the Oilers all along, so why stop now. I get the feeling it’ll be the Canes who turn out victorious, but I’ll hold out hope till the very end.

I’ve heard tell recently that I get all the misery and tragedy because I can handle it and those who can, get it piled on heaping spoonfulls of shit. Fantastic. So at this very moment, I have a slowly healing broken tailbone, a hole in one tooth exposing its root, a missing filling, exposing another root, a half finshed root canal, no pain killers and a cat who just got out of the ER after spending a weekend there for an enlarged heart and asthma. To top off the cake of fun, it was discovered that somewhere along the way my cat had been shot with a bee-bee. I’ll state this right out in the open. If I ever catch anyone shooting at animals with a bee-bee gun for shits and giggles, I’ll beat that person to within an inch of his or her life. Here’s why – 1) How fun would it be if you were wandering around trying to live your life and suddenly someone decides to use you for target practice (if you think it wouldn’t bother you – then I’ll happily meet you a pre-determined private location and we’ll test that out for you) and 2) A majority of the jackasses who do things like that to animals, will most likely also do them to humans eventually.

I think my dentist went to The Josef Mengela School of Dentistry. I went in with three distinct and painful issues involving teeth on my lower jaw and his best advice was to tell me to go home and “bang around” on my teeth to be sure I know which tooth needs a root canal. Umm – uh – okay. Sure. That sounds reasonable (not). I was given a few pain pills and sent on my way. The next day, after I did indeed bang around on my teeth, I assured him it was the tooth with the crown that was painful. Next they schedule me for a root canal four days later. No more pian pills and no temporary fillings for the other two root exposing holes. I get to my appt. on Monday morning and sit through an hour and ten minutes of jaw yanking fun, only to be told that I needed to come back to finish the root canal. WHAT THE SHIT!! Still, no pain meds and no temporary fillings. I finally called today to demand some sort of something be done and I got an appt. for tomorrow afternoon to get temporary fillings. I also asked to have my records copied and ready to go on Friday when the root canal will finally be finished. I must have some sort of sign that only others can see hanging from my neck that reads “I love pain – please torture me at your leisure.” If anyone out there sees this sign, would you please be so kind as to remove it for me? Thanks much.

I am halfway through my Networking class. I got a little side-tracked by hockey and work and taking care of my mother, but so far, I’m still pulling perfect quizzes. I’m all excited for the practical exam. I can barely contain myself. (I’m sarcastic like nobody’s business – in case it wasn’t clearly evident already).

Oh and I do know the archives I added are not “there” when the link is clicked. I found the problem, but I haven’t had time to make the adjustments. I will get to it at some point.

Play to the music and it will play to you.

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