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Archives – November 2006

Finally with the Duckets

Friday, November 24, 2006, 12:41:00 PM

…one if land, two if by sea and three if by me…

Ah, the things language can do to history. For example – she’s not the Blair Witch. She’s the Bel Air Witch. Now as the story has been told through the generations, the baltimore “accent” has turned Bel Air into Blair. Ask any Baltimore native what the road name for Route 1 from Bel Air to Baltimore is and they will undoubtedly say “Blair Road” instead of Belair Road. Amusing isn’t it?

I’ve been taking a mental and physical vacation for the last six weeks or so. I can finally walk up and down stairs without pain and I don’t need my sporty boot anymore, so I suppose I picked the exact right time to quit my job. At this point, however, I’m glad I have been scooped up for employment again. I think I might be spending a little too much time breaking in my new sofa set. I’ve enjoyed my time off, but it’s time to strap on the business attire yet once again and make some money – honey! I’m finally earning “the big bucks” as a fellow concert goer I know in Mass. would say. I have paid dearly to get to this position, so I’m comfortable accepting my salary without hesitation and “screw you” to all those people I know who want to hold it against me – those people have NO IDEA my sacrifices. Those people have no idea the kind of responsibilities lain squarely on my shoulders simply because I was adopted into ONE HELL OF A DIFFICULT and ISSUE-RIDDEN FAMILY. Those people have no idea that most of the “big bucks” I’ll be earning will go directly toward my efforts to get MUSIC BACK IN SCHOOLS.

Anyway, my first day of work is December 25th, so I have less than a week to relax before I have to start working the hours that people who make the “big bucks” tend to work. I’ve been watching a lot of hockey, as usual, and as a Washington Capitals fan who lives in Baltimore – I’M LIVID!!! I do not know where all the other baltimore hockey fans are, but they need to start standing up and being counted. I have the Center Ice digital package and I STILL CAN’T SEE ALL OF THE WASHINGTON CAPS GAMES. IT’S ABSOLUTELY A PISSER AND IT NEEDS TO BE REMEDIED IMMEDIATELY. Anyone who lives East of, oh say – Columbia, MD, gets the shaft when the game is not played on Comcast SportsNet or VS. I have already been unable to about 10 games and the season is not even half over. WHY-WHY-WHY-WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did you know it is easier for me to find Baltimore Colts gear in Baltimore than it is to find a single shred of evidence that hockey even exists. Trust me, some Baltimore folk are still bitter about the sale and the literal overnight disappearance of the Baltimore Colts, so it says something when I can find Colts crap, but nothing hockey related anywhere. You’ll think the sport doesn’t exist if you come hang out in Baltimore for a while. Sometimes I even have to beg bartenders to change the channel to hockey instead of things like Jeopardy or Friends.

I’ve been a Baltimore proponent for as long as I can remember and I am proud to do so – However, Baltimore won’t be getting any of my “big bucks” or promotion any more. Now, I’m fully focused on moving to a real, bonafied Hockey City. As soon as I no longer have a living parent in Maryland – me and my “big bucks” are OUT! Baltimore sports fans and sports related businesses seem to have no fucking clue that Alexander Ovenchkin (F) Washington Capitals IS the next big thing and will be compared later in life to the likes of Messier, Gretzky and Jagr. I do not mean to offend the other Baltimore hockey fans, but I do mean to light a fire under their asses. Make some noise here folks – If you love hockey – do something about it. I’ve pestered the Mayor (Gov. elect). I’ve pestered many people. I will continue to do so. It totally sucks to be such a diehard fan and feel like I’m the only person for miles around that gives a shit about hockey.

Oh and here’s some news hot off the presses. Yes, I’ve already mentioned I was adopted, but now I know which culture I represent. I’m a proud, winter-fat bearing, colder climate loving INUIT. My peeps have been on this continent long before it was known as North America. It’s nice to have a cultural identity, so now I have to figure out what that means. Any fellow Inuits out there who want to give me some insight?

Lots of things are going on all at once, so I’ll do my best to keep the blogging steady. I wrote a song this afternoon, right on the spur of the moment. I’ve had some thoughts and ideas rolling around in my noggin for a while and today it all came together. It makes for a good day when that kind of thing happens.

Go into the music. When you come out, you bring it with you. Peace to all in 2007.

Moving Beyond the Buckeyball

Saturday, November 18, 2006, 3:14:00 AM

Okay, so the darn New Englanders beat the CAPS by one and I got to listen to a few of the Boston fans give me crap for a little while, but still is was a good game and lots of fun was to be had.

Now onto quantum mechanics (I seem very random don’t I?)- Here is a quick catch up to my thinking at this moment taken directly a June 05, article by Tim Folger.

The Orthodox Quantum Mechanics View

A light source shoots particles of light, or photons, at a beam splitter. According to standard theory, when a photon arrives at the beam splitter, it splits into two states. One is reflected toward mirror 1; the other goes through the splitter to the tiny mirror, moving the mirror on the way out and restoring it to its initial position on the way back after reflecting off mirror 2. It is impossible to know which path the photon takes, so the tiny mirror exists in two states (moved and unmoved) at the same time.  Both states of the photon perfectly retrace their paths and interfere with each other, so no photons ever hit the detector.

The Penrose View

If Penrose is right, gravity forces the tiny mirror into a single state. As a result, the photon now can follow one path only. It either goes through the beam splitter toward the tiny mirror (dashed lines), or it reflects off the beam splitter toward mirror 1 (solid lines). In either case, the photon returns to the beam splitter and is directed to the detector half the time. If this happens in the real experiment, then we will know there is something wrong with conventional quantum mechanics.

And now here is the Mia view – but quickly a small physics lesson. It has been proven that subatomic particles (the smaller parts of an atom) can be in superpostion, which in short terms means that they can literally be in two places at once. The question posed to quantum thinkers is why can’t humans literally(physically) be in two places at once if the subatomic particles we are made of can be in two places at once.

Gravity is a fact no matter what or who you are on this Earth. You don’t have to call it gravity or even believe inor know about gravity for “gravity” to exist. Anything with mass is said to be rooted by gravity. I do agree with Penrose in that a single path will be established due to gravity. However, in the case of the human, there are trillions, probably many more times that, of subatomic particles in a human body and the amount of energy it would take to have every subatomic particle in the same two places at once would be immense. Also, time is a factor. Gravity can be overcome. NASA does it all the time, but it takes all that fuel just to break the force of gravity. I don’t particularly want to sit down and go through all of this mathematically, but in general, no person well versed in physics can deny that on the basis of Penrose’s view, no Earthly amount of energy could manipulate every subatomic particle in a human’s body to be in two places at once at the exact same time. Also, energy is needed to maintain that for more than just that exact moment, so even if enough energy could be concentrated to have all of one human’s subatomic particles in superposition at the exact same time, there most certainly would be no chance that there is enough energy to maintain that beyond that one moment in time, hence humans cannot be seen in superposition.

Also, all those subatomic particles will have to cooperate exactly as a single unit even if there was plenty of energy to go around for such things, how would one really benefit by being in superposition when those subatomic particles only exist subatomically no matter how many are put into one package (the human). It is of no use for most humans to be in superposition subatomically since most humans do not physically perceive the subatomic levels of existence, hence cannot consciously function on a subatomic level.

I mean that’s why people want to know why humans cannot be seen in superposition – to find the benefit to mankind right? Or maybe some smart and energy efficient quantum thinker out there started the whole thing so that someone could find a way to be in two places at once for him/her, then use that to give them an advantage over other homosapiens. It would be of great advantage to someone who could consciously manipulate subatomic particles.

So let’s just say there is enough energy to have a human in superposition and there is enough energy to maintain that superposition for some useful period of time. And then let’s say that the human in superposition consciously made that happen (remember, there is no benefit in expending all that energy to be in superposition if that human cannot consciously function at the subatomic level, hence we can assume that a human who can consciously operate on the subatomic level did so themselves with no outside influence because there is some benefit, not because an outside force (experimentor perhaps) made it happen). Well than at this point, I suspect superposition is really just a wee,tiny, puny, little exercise for the person who can absorb enough energy to consciously manipulate subatomic particles. I mean, that’s an evolutionary trait that would certainly give the offspring of the person just described quite an advantage.

I have a few other views on superposition and subatomic particles in general, but for now I’ll just mention that there are so many subparticles of subparticles of subparticles that the human mind cannot even fathom the subatomic infinity and perhaps 100 years from now the entirety of physics will be quite different from what is known of today’s physical world. In short, it is not impossible for a single person to be in two places at once. No one can prove otherwise to date. If a physicist cannot find proof of something, a physicist will try to disprove it, just to be sure.

Events over the last ten years have brought me to the same question posed to many quantum thinkers regarding human superposition. Of course, for those of you who don’t believe in the fundamental building blocks of life and objects with mass (objects that take up space), then you can either have faith in your belief that a human literally can be in two places at once, or you can have faith in your belief that a human literally cannot be in two places at once. For those who simply just don’t give a shit, I suppose that is one less thing for you to worry about.

Yup – I’m a big old quantum geek. Believe me, it’s not by choice. More like necessity.

Here’s a tip for those out there who struggle with musical notation and theory AND those who struggle with theories in physics and mathematics – it’s all the same thing. String Theory, Resonance, Sound Waves, Vibration, Fractions, Pitch, Frequency – think of them in relative terms to each other.

CAPS’LL KILL the Bruins by at least 2

Wednesday, November 15, 2006, 1:23:00 PM

…a tiny, furry face, stretched out in the sun, then a fly buzzes by and the kitties up for fun – poor fly, never really had a chance, the felines know the predator dance…

I’m slowly recovering from a couple of weeks of typical, mia-like festivities. It seems I’ve done some sort of damage to my chest and the swelling will not reduce as it should. So I quess the answer to my question to the unknown, “Are my boobs getting bigger?” is “No, your chest has been dramatically damaged in some way and the swelling makes you look bigger!?” I’m still gaining weight. That’s cool – know I can do the girly thing and go shopping with money I don’t have to buy clothes that fit me.

Yeah, I know, I have to get exercise and eat right. I do the best I can with that and I am always aware of the calories that go in me – including liquids, which many people tend to forget. It’s not my glands either according to tests done throughout my years. There’s no swelling in my legs, so the docs tell me, and that means it’s not water either. Well then, what the fuck is it? I have to switch sizes almost every other week. Even if I were eating incorrectly and completely on my fat ass all the time, I’d have to eat tubs of lard and drink maple syrup to get to my size so freakin’ fast. That just isn’t what I do, so now I have to worry about my swollen chest, while I’m trying to quit smoking, while I’m trying to lose weight, while I’m trying to find a job and keep up with side gigs for cash, while I’m trying to adjust to my boyfriend sharing my living space, while I’m trying to figure out what to do with my ailing, elderly mother, while I’m trying to buy a house so I can build equity and have a secure location for my recording studio, while I’m trying to get A+ certified (which is about to go on hold I think), while I’m trying to rehab the lower half of me because of my almost useless left foot. All I can say is – if anyone ever wonders if I get bored, perhaps that last, rather long sentence will help answer that question. SHIT!

I’ll be at the CAPS game this evening. I managed to get our posse of 12 situated amid a bunch of New Englanders. No-No BU alumni – this is OUR house. Yay hockey!

There’s plenty more, but I must shower for an interview and find a money tree.

“Turn up the radio”

(B)ehind (N)ow – (L)ater

Thursday, November 02, 2006, 3:56:00 PM

I am running behind today and I really wish I could take a nap right about now. That just isn’t going to happen. I have tons of things that need to be done before 5pm today. My dude and I will be going to see Barenaked Ladies tonight in Philly. I have just realized that this is the second time in 6 (six) years I have left a job and two days later ended up at a BNL show. Maybe there’s a small part of my that quits jobs just prior to the shows to make absolutely sure nothing stops me from getting to the show. Oh well. I barely even get to go out and see a movie nowadays, so this is a major treat for me.

I also found out that I’ll being seeing a CAPS game soon too! I got hooked up with some BU and BC alumni who are also big Bruins fans, so I think I’ll be the only person in a 100-seat large section who’ll be wearing a CAPS shirt, but if anyone of those Bruins fans wants to give me any guff – I’ll just remind them whose house they’re in. I’m counting on the CAPS blowing the Bruins off the ice.

I mentioned in a recent entry that two little tiny toes pretty much put a halt on my activities for three whole days. I actually broke my own two toes. With my already previously badly injured left-foot, I rammed my piggy toe and the one next to it straight into a hardwood chest. I limped around and iced for a day and then went to the x-ray. Indeed, I smashed my two little toes quite nicely. I was on the couch for three days with ice and did almost nothing else. Even walking the 10 steps to the toilet ached, throbbed and shot pain up my shin with every twitch of any foot muscle that moved.

However, I don’t think it was the two broken toes that totally brought me to the point of thinking about bribing orthopeadic specialists in what every way I can to get my foot fixed. It was the econo-sized, full, dill pickle jar that slipped because of picke juice and fell directly on the two broken toes and their two neighbors, that took care of any parts of my foot that didn’t previously hurt all the time, non-stop. Can’t say I’m not thorough!

As I’ve typed before, I love my Bledsoe Systems boot. I can walk around, with minimal pain, and this boot is just right for certain types of foot injuries. I wonder if Drew Bledsoe has anything to do with my boot.

I keep getting calls for interviews today, so my schedule for the next 10 days is totally nuts. Right after we leave the BNL show in Philly, we’ll drive to Allentown (or nearby), sleep for a few hours, then drive to Allenwood, PA to visit Leif’s aunt and uncle. Then Saturday we’ll drive to NY to roadie for from sum friends of his. Then we’ll drive straight back the apartment to change and shower so we can be at DAR Constitution Hall in DC no later than noon on Sunday. He’s the camera/screen guy and I’m the electrical/techie girl and our Latvian friend is the “I-can-put-up-scaffolding-faster-than-a-jack-rabbit” guy. We’ll get home by 2am and my first interview on Monday is 8am and is about an hour and half drive in traffic. My week goes on like that until next weekend.

I have hair-dye in, so I better go rinse.

Rock on Rockers. Guitars are good for you. 9 out of 10 scientists agree.

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