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I sing Happy Birthday to Jesus on December 25th. I get all pissy and cranky when someone tries to break into my prayer closet. It gets ugly - hockey fights soothe me. I find thunder and lightning comforting. The last man who punched me in the face stopped reproducing - FOREVER.


I See Jesus Handing Me The Stanley Cup With A Little Baby In The Bowl!

October 4, 2016


Hello to the few of you who read my blog. I am, perhaps to some, a bit of an “odd” pastor. I am a pastor, nonetheless. All YOU (yes you – reading this blog) need to do is say “It is your will, not mine Jesus.” Accept and embrace the fact that we live in a Jesus-o-centric universe.

I know all about grief and loss my friends. Perhaps any of you who are or have gone through the loss of a child or children, job, security etc. might find this helpful. There is something missing from the article however. Always remember you can walk through every single day with the Lord Jesus Christ. It doesn’t matter how ugly it gets – he will not give up on you, so do not give up on him.

I’d like to suggest Matthew as a good read in the Holy Bible these days. Go on – give it a shot. I’ll admit it right out in the great world wide web open that I was starting to feel a bit too much like Job. I mean friends dying, parents dying, fiancé dying, children dying, aunts, uncles, grandparents, loss of a home, loss of a job, the death of my children, bankruptcy, cancer, car accidents and on and on. THE GOOD NEWS – God made it up to Job and his wife, so no my faith in the Lord has not diminished. I rely on Jesus for everything, including understanding. In what we call “end times”, it is very important to rely on Jesus for understanding. Literally give God the authority over your life. Go ahead and write that down. Sing it out loud. Declare it on your blog. Tell your dog. If the Lord has authority over you, it will not be possible for ANY enemy of God to get control of you, your mind, your heart, or your soul.

Say “good morning” to the Holy Spirit every morning when you wake. Then say “good night” to the Holy Sprit every night when you settle in for sleep. On Halloween, get your friends and/or family together, dress up like Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus, a mule, the three wise men (get creative with it :-)) and when you knock on the door and the door is answered, instead of saying “trick or treat”, hand the person a Holy Bible, smile, say “TREAT!” and walk away. Yes you can.

I know I’m not your everyday sort of Pastor, but God likes me and I Trust him, so why not tell all of you to open your heart to God, let him make himself at home in their and off you go on a journey filled with love and joy. No my friends, you are not afraid of evil, evil is afraid of YOU. Besides, heaven needs fun, musical, hockey-loving, sporty, good natured people like you. I thank you for tweeting this to your friends and family. That’s very kind of you.

I’ve been thinking that perhaps I DO want to actually walk the walk. That means, yes Jesus, I DO want to walk from Northern Maryland (where I live now) all the way down to Tampa Bay where my ice hockey team lives in Florida. Since I-95 simply won’t do, I’ll have to walk the back roads, through the smaller towns, the farm country, the hoods, the hollers. I’ll be needing A Lot of help though. Trust me, cancer or not, I have the legs for it. All things are possible with God. I can lift the name Jesus (he’s the famous one in the family and I wouldn’t have it any other way) at the same time people who get on board can sponsor me a certain amount per mile I complete on foot for the purpose of helping me start a very easy going, easy to understand online ministry and bible study for everyday people. Plus I’m sure there will be plenty of money raised which will go to help a certain charity (to be revealed to me later) meet it’s fundraising goals. I don’t know that part yet.

Body of Christ unity will be the walking mantra for me as I go, so I’ll make sure the route includes a Baptist church, a Methodist church, a Catholic church, an Episcopalian church and so on, visit as well. Maybe I’ll just pop in to the churches along the way on my walk to Tampa Bay and sing to them. I’ll make up some Jesus related love-type lyrics right on the spot. Maybe I’ll get some media attention – “Weird Walking Un-PC Pastor Sings the “Spirit” Right To Churches Faces.”

Jesus is for Everyone.

I have quite a few inspiring ideas. Get in touch about it – (I’m checking my e-mail again), call me 410-980-1173. Write to me at 1622 E Rebecca Court, Forest Hill, MD,  21050. It’s okay, it won’t be the first time someone has told me I’m crazy and it probably won’t be the last. I may not have a bunch more time left on Earth, so don’t dawdle and DON’T BE SHY

#LoversGonnaLove (ministry media will be established – I need FINACIAL SUPPORT, VOLUNTEERS AND SOME FELLOW NERDS.) God has the Con and Jesus taught Yoda everything he knows. (Maybe were more like “nerks” – nerd/dorks – yeah, I like that. What do you think?)

I wouldn’t kid you Tampa Bay Lightning faithful. I will actually WALK from Maryland to my new home in the Tampa Bay Area. You should help me Bolts fans. You too other teams’ hockey fans. Yeah and you too other sports fans. Oh you want to and if you stay quite for a few brief moments you’ll actually hear God whispering “yes, help Mia coordinate and execute a charity, church unity walk of faith with Jesus to Tampa Bay, Fla.” No really try it. Also, if you ever get bored on Friday nights, go into the bathroom, turn out the light say “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus” and then turn around three times. You’ll see him. It works.

Yes, and as for you “dirty bird” section of the planet who read blog – I meant the Holy Trinity threesome, as in the divine number three. Ask God to clean out your noodles will ya! Jeez.


Peace – Pastor Mia – I love you (yeah, even you Washington Crapitals – you were about as helpful as a lightbulb to a blind person – booooooooooo – hisss – hockey community my as, er uh foot.) FROWNEY FACE DC.

How To Evacuate The Planet In A Day

September 20, 2016


Hello six people who actually read my blog. I suppose I could type all sorts of shfoe aidaoijfajdsf and barely anyone would know. First on the agenda: The Order Is – EARTH EVACUATION (ask Jesus). Next on the agenda: by the time you figure out that practicing witchcraft is DIRECTLY against the Lord of Lord’s command as quoted in the Holy Bible (New Testament), it may already be too late. The 2nd death is about as real as the eyeballs you are using to read this.

As for my e-mail account at gmail, I just plain stopped checking it. I do however have a cell phone and a mailing address. I know, I know – I say un-PC things right out loud and I also type them, right out loud. It happens. This is not something “new” for me, so don’t go thinking you know me well.

Yes, I am one of “those” who is holy spirit filled and speaks in tongues. I talk to our Father God all the time. I also wait patiently for Him. OPEN YOUR SPIRITUAL EARS – JESUS can actually be heard. No kidding.

I’m ready to leave Archangel Michael (if you aren’t friendly with the Angel who is actually in charge of God’s Holy, loyal angels – I doubt you want to bother me with, well, anything) Thank You. Amen to that!

Any enemy of God’s in an enemy of mine. It’s true, I love a Jew named Jesus with all my mind, heart and soul.

Breaking news from the kingdom of God – You Don’t Ever Want To Mess With A Genesis Eye. If you’ve never heard of a Genesis Eye (Google can’t help you now), come on over to 1622 E Rebecca Court, Forest Hill, MD, 21050. If you aren’t GOD trained to fight in the supernatural, you should just sow your seed (send financial support to an Ordained Pastor – that’d be me) and be happy God Loves you. Grins and kisses.

Yes, I am a female. No, demons don’t stand a MUTHA FREAKIN’ chance. Yes, I do call God Daddy.

THE REAL SUPERNATURAL BEINGS ARE ABOUT TO GET KNOWN ON PLANET EARTH. The “Sons of Thunder” are my brother’s and the Family Christ hasn’t lost a war since before the foundation of this world. Please note the Old Testament that the word “worlds” denotes more than one world. The word “aliens” is also used. I LOVE GETTING SHOT AT – IT’S A HOOT! Hugs and flowers planet Earth. My brothers Daniel, Luke, John and well – all the rest as mentioned in the Holy Bible found out what happened to me while I was on this planet. Some of you of this world will be receiving bad news, because of it.

Just wanted to mention to the curious types that it isn’t polite to ask a lady how old her soul is, but let’s just say – I’m older than Eve. I had nothing to do with what happened in Eden. Ask God.

It’s been interesting planet Earth – a separation from God is coming quickly. IT’S NOW BEEN WRITTEN ON THE WORLD WIDE. If you don’t tell your friends and the apocalyptic Armageddon sneaks up on you and takes you by surprise – hey – YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

I love you Daddy. I loved you planet Earth.

Pastor Mia – Peace – 410-980-1173 (sure, give me a call for prayer, death threats, chat, or try to sell me something I probably won’t by. Also, if you’re considering suicide and you are a US War Vet and the VA sent you to an answering machine – DAY OR NIGHT – YOU CALL ME!) You may consider me one of God’s “Spec Ops”. Tootles – as for the work of the Devil (God has special erasures for that). Suck dusty fire Satan and friends.

Well God, I Think It’s Because They Think You Pay All My Bills

August 31, 2016

August 31, 2016

So, it has become abundantly clear to me that people on this planet think money falls from the sky and people without any living family have ZERO problems. Not true my “friends”. I highly doubt, as a matter of fact that the few people who actually read could really care that I have written suicide letters. Nor would it really make any difference that financial stress isn’t something one care “pray away”. It is true that my suicide letters aren’t very nice, but since I won’t give a hoot, who cares about that anyway. God may love me, but his response time is, well, lacking in WOW factor. What’s the big plan Jesus? Perhaps one of you who likely hasn’t been raped, seen people die right in front your face, had to sell everything you own because God puts mentally unstable, alcoholics and drug addicts in your life, lost people to suicide, cancer, drug abuse, war and just plain bad driving would like to drag yourselves all whining and complaining over to my apartment at 1622 E Rebecca Court, Forest Hill, MD 21050 and explain to me where all the “manna from heaven” has gone?

No, I am not putting fun little emoticons on my post. This should indicate to you that I AM NOT OKAY.

I could swear that when I was on Twitter as @creasesinger, some people were just all sorts of smiley happy to be calling me a “friend”. People get sick planet Earth. People get broken bones and people get laid off. After two FULL YEARS, every week, for 40 hours a week of looking for work – NOTHING. I have no criminal background, no wants, no warrants and guess what else – A GENIUS LEVEL IQ. Yet still – duh peeple who hire r wanduring around wondering why they can’t get good help. I’m not being snarky, I’m just being truthful.

Here’s the deal, I can’t pay my rent and I can’t buy food – so I’d like the planet to burn now.

Yes, the fire will be hot enough to actually melt the Stanley Cup.


No, I don’t want to be famous. No it’s not because I want attention. No I don’t like Twitter. Why? Too many terrorists and ignorant rude people whose only hope of being social in real life is if their mommies get them drunk first. Hey NERDS, real women EXIST. Imagine that single males who don’t live with your parents (except if you’re taking care of them as a caregiver – I’ve been there and I think that’s nice).

Jesus WAS my Jedi master, but it seems like he and all his friends like saving all the pretty girls with big tits better. THAT’S WHY GOD!

Yes, I have “gifts”. No, I cannot do an online ministry for you far from perfect hockey types who chase tail in every sort of wrong way FOR FREE. I created a not-so-fun place in HELL for people who pick on people living in abject poverty. Yes, I was one of those people. Now, YOU BURN. I know deities, so that’s easy to arrange.

Oh and yes it is true I am a sexual being who doesn’t believe in divorce and who is a FLAMING HETEROSEXUAL. Amen. Love like mine doesn’t grow on trees and once it’s gone – YOU WILL FEEL IT. I want to be a housewife and mother for a living militant women. Back away from me bitches or you’ll catch fire. I’m built for the men’s team. Make a note of it.

I’m pretty sure their are some slow-thinking people on this planet who might actually think I can snap my fingers and rain can become silver and gold for ya.


I used to want to save people. Now, I want to live among people who love ice hockey and who don’t think their doctors or GOD. No, I’m not desperate for SEX – I just LOVE IT and I’m only interested in long term, monogamous dick.

Simple enough. Learn to give a crap. Thank You.

Peace – Mia (yes, I’m still alive, but God hasn’t given me a purpose like the rest of his “special kids” , so, ya know – there’s that whole pile of BS being tossed around these days). I don’t need help in the Supernatural. I need help in the natural. Yes, I am a princess and yes I exist.

Yes, please continue thinking I’m just kidding around with you. My Angels are drunken slackers God! No JOKE.


Well, So Much For Doing It The Nice Way

November 11, 2015


What!? You thought I was someone else? Yup – I have supplied my home address 1622E Rebecca Court, Forest Hill, MD, 21050. Yes – I’m allowed to have a job.

Oh, come on now “old boys club” of the NHL – I’m not that bad. You know you like me. I can pastor part-time. If you don’t believe me, ask JESUS.

The National Hockey League males aren’t the same women-disrespecting heathens they used to be. Besides – the “church” is much more bigoted and rude than you oh lovely, gap-toothed, oft scarred-face men of the National Hockey League.

Ah, sometimes one must take a break from virtual goal-tending and find the liars who said it was okay to tell young ladies that they can do anything when they grow up. Well, yes, I did play hockey for real.


I wanted the one to four people who actually care that I am a living breathing human female who DOESN’T LIKE BEING USED AS A SPIRITUAL SHEILD BY SILLY STUBBORN MALES WHO REFUSE TO ADMIT YOU NEED HELP.

Well, I haven’t checked my e-mail or cell phone for ah, let’s see, e-mail, I’d say about 1 full year and cell phone, well, uh, about a month or so – IF YOU WANT ME TO DO THAT – PAY FOR IT. Thank you,




Apparently people who claim to care about me just couldn’t get through their interesting noodles that what I need is new family. MINE DIED – YES, ALL BUT A FEW AWOL COUSINS I don’t know very well.

Sure, while I’m praying for the entire planet and getting dinged for every single mistake every ice hockey team has ever made since the dawn of ice hockey, I’ll BE GLAD TO MAKE YOU FEEL BETTER – READ MY BIO -TRUST ME – YOU ARE HAVING A GOOD LIFE.

I find being direct is best when dealing with people these days.

Go eat the fruit of your own poison demons – you’re daddy reached his maximum limit.


Oh, my oh my you naughty men of planet Earth, the only male who can score on my five-hole, is the one who has got the BALLS to marry me. Simple enough isn’t it.

I’m only scary on game days. The rest of the time, I sleep.

Yeah, who doesn’t like sex – apparently Jesus. Now, I shall return to continually kissing the ass of the King of Kings, because people didn’t think I was serious about owning and NHL franchise one day.

So , what’s up with you guys?

Sorry I rearranged Lucifer’s face God, he didn’t understand how much your glory meant to me. Exile me to Canada – I’ll understand.

Pardon me for morning my dead sh&$bags – won’t happen again. I never said I was finished having babies planet Earth.

Peace – mia (it’s true, my legal name is maria)


Check out Galatians when you’re in your hotel rooms when you’re on the road boys – you’ll find it quite enlightening. No excuses, there is a Gideon’s in every room.

Nevermind Then – I’ll Do It Myself

November 1, 2015


Well, for the eight or so of you who actually read my blog – hello. No, I don’t really check my e-mail anymore. Why? Death threats – that’s why. Two of them to be precise. Yes, I realize you don’t care world. You have made that abundantly clear by your lack of any concern for a fellow human being in a grand variety of ways. If the fact that I was born is such a huge freakin’ problem for who ever you are, here you go: my address is 1622 E Rebecca Court, Forest Hill, MD, 21050. That is also pretty much my only contact information for anyone else who claims you are a friend of Mia Lueth. Yup, that’s me. That hasn’t changed. I mean come and kill me if it’ll make you feel better, or something like that.

Yes, it was a drunk coward Washington Crapitals fan who killed my children, himself and someone’s grandma a while back. I didn’t hold it against the Crapitals mind you, but apparently my feelings and thoughts about cowards, belly-crawling filth mongers and general computer hacking slime buckets don’t mean much in today’s world. Unfortunately for those of you who sit in what you thought was the safety of your own home or wherever else the “keyboard” cowards like to “play”, I amassed quite a large pile of hate aimed directly at me for absolutely no reason at all and it is all admissible in a court of law. You would be surprised how easy it is to trace an IP address these days.

That’s fine, you’re not afraid and running away from life as though that were actually possible is some sort of crazy thing the kids do these days. I feel like suing everyone, for everything, all the time, until I feel better.

Yes, I will also take prayer requests sent to the above mentioned address and yes, as AN ORDAINED PASTOR, I will take the time to respond you personally. I tell you know lies. It’s unprofessional.

No Canada, I wasn’t kidding when I asked God to transfer me to your country on the grounds that I have been over-persecuted in my own country because I’m a hockey fan, and/or the fact that I’m a female, the fact that I used to work along-side law enforcement officers and I’m generally viewed as some sort of funny joke (which is not even close the truth), but what the heck everyone’s allowed their opinion in the U.S.

Oh and witches – Jesus is your only answer. I don’t do the false prophet thing, so please feel free to open a bible, begin at Genesis and check it out for yourselves. No curses can stand against me and as I understand it, the “second death” is in play. I will water baptize anyone who comes to me, however, I will only do so in living water the way John baptized Jesus.

Yes, Ellen Lueth, the only mother I have ever known is deceased. Yes, Fritz Lueth, the only father I have ever known is deceased. Yes, I’m single. No, I can’t call my “mom” and whine and cry. I don’t talk to the dead.

Someone please refer “Sean” from the Arizona Coyotes to this blog (consider a tithe – thank you). No, I got attacked a few too many times on Twitter and I’m not addicted to technology like many of the rest of you impatient, immature types (plenty of ya out there). I DON’T WORK FOR FREE. I’M NOT A PROSTITUTE. I’M NOT YOUR MOTHER. I’M NOT YOU’RE EX-GIRLFRIEND.

I will hold out hope like a stupid, foolish dummy that God will perform a miracle and find an actual real, live man with a steady income, a home, a car and who rarely ever finds poop humor funny so I can get married and start a family again. I won’t hold my breathe, but he is God after all.

I also government contract, because Jesus likes me and the Devil is liar, so some times he let’s me earn money and have at least a shot as health insurance.

Yes, Department of Education, I paid off my school loans.

Baltimore Sun – threatening bankruptcy protected people is against the law. I’ll be needing more lawyers. Thank you.

Satan – Second Death

Legion – confirmed dead

Mephistowhateverthecrapyouwere – confirmed dead

No, I’m not an angel – I’m a child of God and I don’t really like evil very much, so I do something about it.

Wiccan people – protect yourselves – it’s called the bible – don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Psychics – you’re screwed.

Have a wonderful life Tampa Bay Lightning fans (hockey in June was really a bit strange to be honest with ya)

Go God (he has eyes and ears everywhere)

Jesus is alive and well and ALL prophecy babies get born, that has and will never change.

May the good love of God bless you and keep you.

Hey Paul – NOW!

There Is No Punch Line Jesus & Friends (A.K.A Goalie Down Clan Goalie – 911)

January 15, 2015


I’m ready enough to let the world know exactly WHY I HAVE TO ASK THE ONE WHO CREATED PLANET EARTH TO HELP RESTORE MY FAITH IN HUMANITY AND SOME OF WHO READ THIS ARE PART OF THE REASON SO I’LL BE TRANSPARENT ABOUT THE CONVERSATION I’VE BEEN HAVING WITH GOD OVER THE LAST FOUR YEARS – MY FREAKIN’ PLEASURE! Yes, I don’t care if some of you think that typing in all capital letters is “internet yelling”. You see, I’ve been “web journaling ” all out on the World Wide Wed since about the year 2000. I’m fifteen years in and I use all-caps to EMPHASIZE certain information so as to let you, the reader, know that those words are KEY WORDS.

I’d like all of the JOSH GROBAN fans in the world to CEASE AND DESIST any all activity in efforts to bully me, contact me via e-mail, via cell phone, in person, or via any living human who chooses, as GOD as your witness and MINE, to pretend you are NOT a Josh Groban fan. No I’m not a lawyer, but I don’t need to be, because there are MILLIONS of them who do that sort of thing and sometimes they like to go on the attack. So, any of you who read this who are JOSH GROBAN fans, please forward this the people who run the Josh Groban fan club.

I very much appreciated the fact the a few years ago Sweeney Groban sent me some cards in the mail with a little help for a weary traveler, so to speak. However, the gratitude for that from me is a bit less than the true and real form of that word. Why? Because I thought it would be nice to mention how nice Mr. Groban’s doggie was out loud in public. Well, lesson learned universe. Understood. Some of your fans Groban thought my personal and private life as a regular old United States citizen was there business. Some of them got into their heads that I personally knew and paled around with Groban all living the high life or something. Some of them were so bold as to try to locate my personal medical records, thereby violating A WIDE ASSORTMENT OF MY RIGHTS AS A PRIVATE CITIZEN, INCLUDING MY HIPPA RIGHTS.

Now, I’m not going to be the one who foots the bill for all the extra INTERNET SECURITY SPECIALISTS, LAWYERS, ETC. to protect myself, yadda, yadda, yadda, send each and every one of the ones who were TOLD in writing, via internet, or via telephone not to contact only to find they had no problem creating new e-mail accounts to further harass me. No, instead what I’m going to do is find out how well some of the things that have happened to me in my 42 years of life on Earth as a member of the Lueth family hold up when seen through the eyes of the SUPREME COURT. Yes, Josh Groban, even you I prefer not to personally have face-to-face interaction with, so I’m not sure how your record company feels about me right now -BUT I CAN ASSURE THIS WORLD AND EVERY LIVING CREATURE ON IT – I DON’T CARE. YOU DON’REALLY GIVE A CRAP ABOUT A HUMAN BEING WHO HAS BEEN FIGHTING CANCER SINCE HER FAMILY PET JOHAN GOT LEUKEMIA WHEN I WAS A VERY SMALL CHILD. You don’t care that my family, several of whom are U.S. Military has been DESSIMATED by WARS they didn’t start. You don’t care that I was still trying wrap my had around the death of my brother Fritz Christian Lueth, at the same time I was trying to wrap my head the fact that my father’s kidney’s were failing and he chose not to have dialysis, at the same time I was trying to wrap my head around the fact that my mother had just been diagnosed with breast cancer when I get hit a HUGE PILE OF B.S. FROM NASTY HUMANS WHO DISGRACE THE NHL LOGO BY CALLING HUMAN BEING PIECES OF SHIT WHERE I CAN HEAR YOU.

The problem with doing that to the ONE GUARDIAN WHO HAS BEEN KEEPING THE HOLY WRATH GOD WANTS TO “DROP LIKE IT’S HOT” UPON THIS PLANET EARTH BASED ON MY CONVERSATION with him is well – I don’t know any other words to use other then HOLY WRATH. I have gone on strike so I’m not protecting any of you from GOD’S ALMIGHTY WRATH Gaurdians. If you’d like to do it, I will not stop you.

Fans and who the F’ else needs to see this over there at the John Mayer camp. The reveal as to why I had to get a BOAT LOAD of messages from JOHN MAYER haters while going through will come. This will not be negotiable. I DO NOT KNOW THAT GUY EITHER – SO MUCH LIKE THE JOSH GROBAN – YOU TOO SHALL CEASE AND DESIST  ANY COMMUNICATION IN ANY FORM CREATED AT ANY POINT IN TIME, PAST, PRESENT BY ANYONE UP TO AND INCLUDING GOD. I don’t EVEN WANT TO KNOW right now how John Mayer became my problem God. We’ll get to that later. Not negotiable.

Which brings me to Washington Capitals LLC. You and any affiliated entities, along with those who wear your logo in grocery stores, use the internet for ANY REASON WHAT-SO-EVER, shall also follow the same guidelines given to every one else who gets anywhere NEAR ME with anything, including words.

Clan goalie, YOU WILL GOALIE UP FOR ME NOW. I don’t care if your name is Evgeni Nabakov, Marty Brodeur, Olaf Kolzig, Bill Smith, Yunj Chow Fat, Blue Ribbon, Sally Jones. I went WAFFLES UP GOALIES IN 2012 and what that means is you do whatever the F’ it takes to GET EYES ON ME NOW!

Tampa Bay Lighting fans and Lighting faithful, I’d love to be in Tampa right now all enjoying the hockey paradise, but ain’t nobody on this planet seems to give a crap about how well I’m handling the EPIC BIBLICAL PROPORTION AMOUNT OF GRIEF AND LOSS THAT HAS BEEN BEATING THE CRAP OUT OF ME SINCE 1974, so pardon me if I wonder why some of you who wanted me to talk-up the women’s hockey for ya and be all “ENTERTAINING” for ya and rather didn’t happen to notice that a member of BOLTS NATION is waaaaaaaaaaaay over the top done with x-hockey team and all their CAPS CARE crap. They don’t know how to 7th player. They don’t know how to help one little hockey fan who had to sit in the old CAP CENTER and get called things like “bulldike” by human scum and hear someone wearing the crapitals logo call Mike Grier a “raisin”.

If Kevin Weekes sees this blog post and that’s not a suggestion NHL faithful, I want you to know that I need some full-on, no holds-barred, real and true help. My grandparents are all deceased. My aunts and uncles are all deceased. My children, siblings and many of friends – all deceased. I NEED SOME HOCKEY LIFERS TO HOCKEY FAMILY FOR ME AND I DON’T YET UNDERSTAND WHY THAT WAS SO MUTHA FREAKIN’ HARD FOR ANY HUMAN I HAVE SPOKEN TO TO UNDERSTAND. So you, Mr. Weekes, are AWESOME to me. I know, I identify with Dominick Hasek, because that’s how I’d describe my variety of goaltending to any who might ask. ANYTHING IT TAKES TO STOP THE PUCK. Go You Hasek. Go you.

Somebody on this planet’s going to rally some support for me TODAY. I don’t need to be cheered on or given some sort of weird instructions from @Twitterthons. You too are not beyond the judgement of God, especially when you use that name as a password, so when some person who tweets/e-mails me and REFUSES to properly identify yourself to me with that whole situation back in 2010-2011 and directs me to “FOCUS” on your little project and instructs me to “pick a project that means something to me”, well then I guess all of you involved with all of that didn’t quite understand that all of you are now saying HELLO TO YOUR LORD, JESUS CHRIST. I was being stalked. I was being beaten down by my own government. I was being treated like total and complete CRAP by people I’ve know for years who claimed to be my friends and YOU AREN’T GOD. YOU ARE ON THE “LET’S DO A FULL-SIZE GOD AUDIT LIST NOW.

I will continue on with another blog post tomorrow. Maybe one of you humans, might get freakin’ inspired to HUMAN UP and call my CELL phone. Not e-mail me. Not any other thing. My cell number is on this blog – take some INITIATIVE and give me a call people of Earth who say with words you care, but who have ZERO follow-through when it comes to actually showing up for fellow human.

Military side of my family, Veteren’s of Foreign Wars – My father was a U.S. Military veteran of the Korean war and spent many years after being forced to retire from the military because he had diabetes in civil service to the country and he didn’t even get a funeral when he passed away. I NEED you to MILITARY FAMILY UP FOR ME NOW! Pessin Katz Law has shown very little respect to a fellow 101 Airborne and seems to think stealing the inherantence of his daughter who fought that PTSD war with him, who fought that war he had with alcohol, who fought that war we both had to fight because my Mother, also deceased was demetia variety non-copus mentus Pessin Law. Pessin Law Katz is NOT MILITARY FRIENDLY – PLEASE PASS THIS AROUND TO ALL U.S. MILITARY IN THE MD/DC/VA AREA – SPARE YOURSELVES THE MISERY. I most certainly can prove that in a court of law. Would you like to join me legal pitbulls? There’s plenty of room for a few good men and women, just give me a call.

My tomorrow is going to be so much better my today people of Earth and one of you is going to be THAT PERSON for me and you’re going to do it like you mean it. I want to IMMEDIATELY get help moving to Tampa Bay. I don’t want to spend another single day in Maryland for any reason. That’s right Harford County, MD – I got no problem letting you know – I’m still a Duran Duran fan those of you who added to all my woes by doing things like throwing my shoes out the window of Harford County Public School Bus #113. I have no problem telling all those who grew-up in Bynam Ridge, especially those pretending to grown-up adults that you let my family full of addicts keep knocking me around and YOU DID NOTHING TO STOP IT! Yes, I also got anally and vaginally raped when I was a teenager in that neighborhood where I grew up because vile adult perverts got no problem putting a chemical in a beer that an underage female (yes, that’s me), drank. Interestingly one beer does not produce a complete and total state of paralysis in a young teenage girl who felt and heard every word that M-F’er did and said but could not move a muscle to stop him. My little rapist “friend” liked to put his sperm “right in my ass”. He also fancied taking some polaroids to remember me by – how nice for him.

Every human alive should READ THIS BLOG POST AND WEEP NOW. Nothing on this planet but a bunch of people who say they’re fighting cancer, but won’t show up at my door with love in your hearts, empathy, sympathy for a woman who WANTS TO F’ ING know for sure if she’s got blood cancer but can’t seem to find doctors who give a crap about me a whole, real and true human being.

HEY, HUMANITY – Kiss my ass. Of course you’ll have to do that virtually, because all I wanted was to settle down, get married and make babies. Instead, I’ll not be letting MOST of you anywhere NEAR my ass (in any sense), and I’ll be asking God not to assign me to the CRAP detail known as Earth again. Not for me God – they think you’re going to make them another planet to screw-up – I do not recommend that action.

GO BOLTS! Spend some real time getting to know me by taking in my blog human people who thought for some reason I want to sit in my apartment alone, unable to muster up even the will to bathe properly and not get some hugs, some sympathy cards in the mail or well any indication that you have a single shred of decency at all.

Yes, I do know some federal law enforcement officers and to those of you actually know me – I’d have to give you a failing grade when it comes to resiliency training and that is all I have to say to any of you as well.

Bring on the Holy Wrath God – they’ll probably think it’s some sort of fun game to play and complain that there weren’t enough pyrotechnichs for ’em. It wont phase me God – so were good.

I love you, but not enough to wait for a fake, imaginary hero – I got past that a LOOOOOOOOONG time ago.

Gee, sorry I don’t have a text plan A-holes. I don’t feel like putting the links in this blog – THAT’S WHY.

No, most of this blog is not a work of fiction. There is no punch line.

No snark or sarcasm should be implied.

I’m as serious as the second death is serious. Don’t care? Oh good – there’s a plan for that. The “S” list is long and deep.



Who Doesn’t Love a Threeway! (Humor Is A Gift)

September 9, 2014


Yes, it’s true – “everyone loves a 3-way”. Often, I find myself awake late at night and sometimes it just seems best to share in the fun. Perhaps you’ve discovered a few interesting facts in the middle of night as well.

For example – “Jesus is kind and humble”. As a hockey fan, I can certainly appreciate a gift of healing. Some seasons, some NHL teams don’t even have the luxury of what’s known as a “healthy scratch”. WAIT – DID HE MEAN THERE ARE EIGHT-BREASTED WOMEN AROUND HERE! Hey, don’t be distracting the men of hockey during the season like that! 🙂

Now, if you’re not familiar with laughing often and don’t enjoy a good drive in a great car, then don’t watch Top Gear. Me, I’m a fan of both those two things, but the latter isn’t something I get to do very often. Instead, I watch other people do that and when these guy get into a bit of trouble – they go all the way in. It’s always proper to fasten the seat belt  and engage the hand brake in your sports car just prior to “wheels down” in Iraq. I mean that’s just plain road savvy. However, being “aware of something called ‘The News'”, may or may not be an indicator if a person has any trepidation in suggesting a “short-cut” through Mosul or Baghdad. Chicks not only dig ice hockey and guitars, some of us also dig cars too! Nope – I am not a mythical creature and there are witnesses. Of course, this particular female gets MIGHTY protective of little children and has the potential to become what some would not describe as “cute” when she gets her life threatened. Threatening my life WHILE protecting little children …. (there are no words, because those words aren’t for the little children and you wouldn’t have enough to time to utter any words anyway, so we’ll just focus on cute, fun times and stay in “happy zone”). What was my point again? Oh yeah, laughter is good the soul and I’m all about it. 😉

Come on, you like to laugh too, even if you don’t want any of your serious art-school friends to see you do it and heaven forbid some one gets it on video. Da Horrah!

I can even have a hardy laugh at myself as well. Perhaps you’d like to join in? One of the ways to get to Ocean City, MD to enjoy some beach activities is via Route 50, which passes directly through a town called Easton. Once, when I was a passenger on a weekend trip “downee ocean”, I saw a sign indicating that seniors get reduced rates and free utilities. It just so happened that sign was located right next to Easton High School. So of course, I turned to my friend who was driving and said, “Hey, that’s pretty cool – the seniors at Easton High get to live right next to school and don’t have to pay for utilities!” Well, it seems as though I wasn’t thinking about what an inconvenience that would be to the SENIOR CITIZENS who actually lived in that apartment complex located right next to Easton High School. YAY-me get smart certificate for being able to read words on sign – #DuhMe

What can I tell ya – my friend who was driving felt very happy and secure that she was the one operating the motor vehicle that day, because she knew I was stone-cold sober and wide awake, yet somehow, I wasn’t quite able to grasp the obvious “flaw” in my rather “flawed” statement for – oh, say 10 full minutes. I figured it out eventually – so there’s hope for me yet.

Peace and laughter to every single last one of ya and may you NOT be the “genius” who has no clue that you’ve just said something rather silly, or at the very least, may you have the kind of friend who will laugh at you when you do such a thing, because on a different road trip at a later point in time that same friend saw a billboard with “AD4TIZE” written upon it and it took her waaay longer than 10 minutes to “unlock the secret code” of that “mystery. It happens to all of us, but I won’t make you admit it in public.

Love ya – mia –




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