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Well gentlemen, you wouldn't be around to have your "fraterns" (latin) if you weren't born of a "womern" (straight out of the holler) now would ya. "fraternal" (latin).

And why would any single one of you have an issue with me if I'm all about love, peace and universal harmony - you wouldn't and you don't - so let's just leave me out of the whole "I'm famous and you're not" situation. Take that elsewhere and that is NOT a suggestion.

Thank you for your cooperation and respectful understanding.

Who Doesn’t Love a Threeway! (Humor Is A Gift)

September 9, 2014


Yes, it’s true – “everyone loves a 3-way”. Often, I find myself awake late at night and sometimes it just seems best to share in the fun. Perhaps you’ve discovered a few interesting facts in the middle of night as well.

For example - “Jesus is kind and humble”. As a hockey fan, I can certainly appreciate a gift of healing. Some seasons, some NHL teams don’t even have the luxury of what’s known as a “healthy scratch”. WAIT – DID HE MEAN THERE ARE EIGHT-BREASTED WOMEN AROUND HERE! Hey, don’t be distracting the men of hockey during the season like that! :-)

Now, if you’re not familiar with laughing often and don’t enjoy a good drive in a great car, then don’t watch Top Gear. Me, I’m a fan of both those two things, but the latter isn’t something I get to do very often. Instead, I watch other people do that and when these guy get into a bit of trouble - they go all the way in. It’s always proper to fasten the seat belt  and engage the hand brake in your sports car just prior to “wheels down” in Iraq. I mean that’s just plain road savvy. However, being “aware of something called ‘The News'”, may or may not be an indicator if a person has any trepidation in suggesting a “short-cut” through Mosul or Baghdad. Chicks not only dig ice hockey and guitars, some of us also dig cars too! Nope – I am not a mythical creature and there are witnesses. Of course, this particular female gets MIGHTY protective of little children and has the potential to become what some would not describe as “cute” when she gets her life threatened. Threatening my life WHILE protecting little children …. (there are no words, because those words aren’t for the little children and you wouldn’t have enough to time to utter any words anyway, so we’ll just focus on cute, fun times and stay in “happy zone”). What was my point again? Oh yeah, laughter is good the soul and I’m all about it. ;-)

Come on, you like to laugh too, even if you don’t want any of your serious art-school friends to see you do it and heaven forbid some one gets it on video. Da Horrah!

I can even have a hardy laugh at myself as well. Perhaps you’d like to join in? One of the ways to get to Ocean City, MD to enjoy some beach activities is via Route 50, which passes directly through a town called Easton. Once, when I was a passenger on a weekend trip “downee ocean”, I saw a sign indicating that seniors get reduced rates and free utilities. It just so happened that sign was located right next to Easton High School. So of course, I turned to my friend who was driving and said, “Hey, that’s pretty cool – the seniors at Easton High get to live right next to school and don’t have to pay for utilities!” Well, it seems as though I wasn’t thinking about what an inconvenience that would be to the SENIOR CITIZENS who actually lived in that apartment complex located right next to Easton High School. YAY-me get smart certificate for being able to read words on sign – #DuhMe

What can I tell ya – my friend who was driving felt very happy and secure that she was the one operating the motor vehicle that day, because she knew I was stone-cold sober and wide awake, yet somehow, I wasn’t quite able to grasp the obvious “flaw” in my rather “flawed” statement for – oh, say 10 full minutes. I figured it out eventually – so there’s hope for me yet.

Peace and laughter to every single last one of ya and may you NOT be the “genius” who has no clue that you’ve just said something rather silly, or at the very least, may you have the kind of friend who will laugh at you when you do such a thing, because on a different road trip at a later point in time that same friend saw a billboard with “AD4TIZE” written upon it and it took her waaay longer than 10 minutes to “unlock the secret code” of that “mystery. It happens to all of us, but I won’t make you admit it in public.

Love ya – mia –




A Little Bit of Love Goes A Very Long, Long Way (A Different Kind of War Vet)

August 27, 2014


Hello again or hello for the first time. I’ve been writing some prose, verse, lyrics recently, so I’m sharing the following verse (not in lyric form here, but if you like, I’ll sing it for you as well). I’m sure there are a few who might read it who’ll get it upon first read right away. If not, give it a little time and it will.

A Different Kind of War Vet

I’m a different kind of war vet,

With a different kind of pain.

I don’t think you wanna hear what I have to say.

Likely wouldn’t believe me anyway.

Even if you don’t really understand,

I’d still reach out and give you my hand.

So live like you like living,

And feel free to sing now.

It’s all right ahead of you,

Right there, right there in front of you.

All for you, all for us, it’s true.

You’re a different kind of war vet,

With a different kind of pain.

Now you don’t need to fear,

‘Cause you know you’re not alone.

You know it’s over and we no longer need to fight,

‘Cause we know, yes we know, we got it right.

Oh this road we’re on takes us home.

All the way home.



I’m not sure why it would surprise anyone that I might refer to GOD on this blog sometimes. I mean, I am a hockey fan. Anyone who has ever been to an NHL game in which a Canadian team plays should know, they sing to God before every single game don’t they. Besides (G)oalie (O)ffense (D)efense. If that doesn’t do it for you, perhaps you should visualize ice hockey goalie gear and then read Ephesians 6 10-18. It’s just like “invisible” goalie gear isn’t it. The time is now to #GearUp world. #PutTheLidsOnTheKids – both ways.

That’s right – #LoversGonnaLove Always. All Ways.

Rock the world peace.

Peace – mia – Go Bolts! Go YOU! Thank you. I love you. SING IT LIKE YOU MEAN IT! Keep your sticks on the ice. Got a guitar, play it. Don’t have a guitar, go get one. They hand-make guitars in Nazareth out of wood – coincidence shmoincindence. I don’t think so.

I Don’t Think You’re A Bandwagon NHL Fan: Ice Hockey Basics

August 20, 2014


Greetings. As a life long ice hockey fan (concentrating on the (N)ational (H)ockey (League)), I’ve heard and been involved in conversations about the concept of the “Bandwagon fan.” Sometimes they are viewed as “casual” fans or not “true” fans. well, if you’ve ever been called a “bandwagon” fan or someone has told you that you aren’t a “true” fan, well, I’m you’re friend and there’s good news. Why? Because at one point in my life I was sitting at a hockey game and I didn’t know all the terminology or know the names of the players or understand what “five hole” meant. We’ve all been there. So, for those who perhaps are preparing to go out on a first date with someone you know is a hockey fan and you want to get a bit of primer I’ll happily help you out with that. Perhaps some of you won ice hockey tickets and you’d like to get a few of the basis down ahead of time so you understand a little bit about what you’ll be watching. Maybe you’re a group leader who’s going to be accompanying a group who’ve received the opportunity to see a hockey game for the first time and you were surfing the internet to find a resource that could that’s easy to follow to get your group ready for the outing. Whatever the case may be, here are some nuggets of internet goodness that may be useful.

The NHL has 30 teams. The team I support all the time is the Tampa Bay Lightning. Go Bolts! During the regular season (October through April), the teams play 60 minutes. Those 60 minute are divided into thirds known as periods. The beginning face-off (game beginning drop of the hockey puck or opening face-off) starts at the center ice (middle circle. Each team starts every game with six men (or players) on the ice. Five of the players are “skaters” and one is the goalie (netminder, creasekeeper). The skaters are comprised of two defensemen and three forwards. Two of the forwards are “wings” (wingers, wingmen) and the one in the middle the “center“.

When you are at the game (or even watching it TV or internet), you may feel like you’re having trouble keeping track of the puck. No worries. You’re not the only one. The game moves very quickly and it’s nothing to worry about. It may help to simply watch the movement the players as team units before you try keeping track of the puck. Each team has home colors which are usually solid. The Lighting are the blue team when they play in Tampa Bay, FL. (home) and they’re white when playing elsewhere (away from home). So, if you follow the movement of the “blue” team, you’re eyes will be tracking the game. During the course of the game while following the movement of the team, you’re eyes will “see” the puck, even if you’re not aware of it. Eventually, you’ll start becoming more aware of where the puck is at the same time you’re watching a team play. As a new fan or when not in the habit of watching NHL games all the time, don’t feel as though you even should be focusing on the puck as much as watching the teams move on the ice. This will help a bit later on in being aware of the puck, but also what each individual player is doing on the ice. Of course, some may watch the game a little differently at first, but I’ve been to games with quite a few who haven’t been to a game before and it seems to be something those individuals noticed and mentioned to me during the course of each game, so it’s perfectly fine if you feel like the puck is “hard to see”.

There are four “officials”, two are “linemen” and two are “referees”. Together, they call “penalties” and make sure the players stick to guidelines of play. There are different types of penalties. Most of the penalties called during most games are known as “minor penalties”. Those types of penalties are things like “tripping”. The player who gets a penalty called on him (also applies to the team as a whole) gets sent to the “penalty box” and isn’t allowed to play for two minutes (five minutes for a “major” penalty like “fighting”). That player’s team is then on what’s called a “penalty kill” (man down, 5 on 4) which means the other team is then on a “Power Play” (man advantage, 5 on 4). There are many different types of penalties, but generally, during any particular game it’s the 2-minute penalties (minor) that get called.

It takes a little time to understand why the puck is dropped at certain face-offs at certain times during a period, so in sticking to basics, just know the terms “offensive zone”, “defensive zone” and “neutral zone”. When the Lightning are in their “defensive zone”, they are playing on the portion of ice directly in from the Lightning goalie. For the other team though, that portion of ice is the “offensive zone”. For both teams, no matter what, the middle portion if the ice known as the “neutral zone”. You may not remember all of this when you go to a game or while watching at first, but some of it may come to mind during the game. For those who really do become interested in becoming whatever kind of hockey fan you become, you can always re-read this and as you become more familiar with game play, penalties, a team or teams and perhaps the NHL in general, this blog post might be useful as a general framework or guidepost to explore ice hockey in greater depth. I encourage anyone who does read this before going to a hockey game or viewing one on TV or the internet) to re-read this post afterward and perhaps you’ll find that a few “details” of the game you thought you didn’t understand while you were watching, you actually did. That should make you’re next ice hockey viewing experience a bit less “beginner” and bit more, “Hey, this ice hockey stuff isn’t so bad” and “I’m not a bandwagon fan, I’m just beginning my exploration.”

For those who may have heard a few things about the NHL and men’s professional hockey or seen a few highlight’s on mainstream media, or even seen a few games here and there and are thinking things like “ice hockey is too violent”, or if you wonder why there “appears” to be a lot “fighting “, I can say that there is far more good game play and than there isn’t and there are many wonderful, awesome little moments than there are anything else. Perhaps, even those of us who have been hockey fans our whole lives can refresh our fandom a little and not look at the “little hockey players” who play during intermissions as the “same old, boring thing and wish that there was some other form of “entertainment” on ice during that time. Instead, keep in mind that is the future of ice hockey you’re watching. That’s the future doctor who might one day save your life. That’s someone who’ll become a caring wife, brother, friend. That little ice hockey player is experiencing a moment that doesn’t happen very often and his/her grandma is there. That moment might be the last time that grandma gets before leaving this Earth to see the happy, smiling, joy-filled face if her grandchild. I certainly have not ever missed out on the opportunity to sit and share that moment with the future, to share it, to get a lighthearted little laugh when they’re little faces light all up because they caught sight of the puck in front of, what is to them, a huge crowd and go after it with all their beautiful little hearts so that they can be the one the team who scored the goal. And, yes, of course, joyfully shared in so many moments when that little goalie sees that player coming and leaves the ice knowing that he/she just made the save!

Young or old, the men of hockey are aware that perhaps the “staged” fighting isn’t needed. They know the game may “seem” a bit violent at first. There is much good work being done in that regard. Keep in mind however, that just as they will protect themselves on ice they will also protect their team on ice. Off-ice, which in life is where it counts and doesn’t get all the press and highlights in mainstream media (let’s change that shall we), they will lend a helping hand to each other no matter on what team that person plays or no matter if a person is football and doesn’t “get” hockey – YET. I too would help a fan of another team, even if your team just just creamed my team 8-1, because you’re a human and I share this world with you and I care that you live to have children, be grandparents, be that “stranger” who volunteered to be a sober driver, who may have made me laugh at a hockey game or just out and about in the course regular every day happenings just when I needed it. I’m not the only one who does and that my friends I thank God for every single day.

Whether you are a Hockey fan or not, appreciate the same music as me or not, live in my country or not, there is love and I don’t think you’re an oddball. There is kindness. There is hope. There is compassion. There is a future. There is light. There is caring. There is sharing. This always a way.

A person is never to old to become a hockey fan. A person is never too old to get another chance to be loved. A goalie may get scored on here and there and a shooter may miss a shot. A relationship of any kind may seem as though it has been tested to the point of breaking, but God loves you, I love you, people you know right now love, people you haven’t even met yet love you and I know, despite “appearances” to me, right now, you love me too.

Share the love. Share the joy. Share the music. Share the hockey.

ROCK ON! Goalies, guardians, as usual, mind those nets and should, some of us have we retire, may we also share those moments with the “little goalies” who grow-up and become what we were, just a little better.

Peace to all – mia – if you’ve ever been THAT person who “pushed” on the door that had a sing that clearly read “pull” and did it more that once and wondered in your head why “the door is locked” when you “knew” it shouldn’t be, then you weren’t the only and perhaps it was meant to happen to that, because the person who saw you do it REALLY, REALLY, needed a laugh. It truly does all happen for a reason.

Luv ya universe. Yup, ya got the wrong one and nope, I wouldn’t even be nominated for a “who’s the weirdest of them all” award. I didn’t enter the contest, so that previous sentence makes a good bit of sense doesn’t it. :-) Laughter all around!! I’m enjoying “Suits”. Thank you. Oh and Lightning faithful, am I the only one who wonders if Gudas shaves that beard every morning and by game time it just, to him, “hockey o’clock” shadow”? Maybe that’s where he keeps his wallet and keys when he’s wearing an outfit with no pockets? Huh – one of those “mysteries” I suppose.  Yeah, yeah – I know clan goalie – I need to get the links to the right updated, because many of you have websites and you’re revered members of clan goalie too. Well, I am only one person and it’s not like you guys are perfect either – even if that’s what you’re 5th grade teacher told you. (goalies might be a bunch of divas – but this one – yes me -I went all “Wah, wah, wah – I want world peace diva about it” I am who I am man!)

Nothing Better Than a Glowing, Growing Love

August 11, 2014


Even if the lights go out, we’d glow through the darkness.

Even if the words got in the way, we wouldn’t need a word to say.

I know you know, because you see what I see.

Sometimes I’m not sure if it’s you or if it’s me.

We’re crashing into each other and that’s the way it’s meant to be.

Getting closer. Ever closer. There’s a kiss being kept only for you.

I’m keeping it safe here with me, so it can be shared between we two.

Are you coming to me? Or should I meet you somewhere?

I’d drive all night to get to you. Wouldn’t want time to run out, so I’m there.

True love cannot be stopped.

Peace, love and light to you – mia



I saw you happy with me and that made me smile.

Luv Ya


Oh The Things I Can Do To Help One Mr. John Clayton Mayer

August 9, 2014


There’s a spiritual realm. It truly does exist. Heaven exists as well. Having written that, all I can say is that John Mayer, yes the one who plays guitar, YOU ARE ALL OVER MY SPIRITUAL REALM. Pretty sure I took quite a few spiritual hits that directly relate to Mr. Mayer. I know what you need John. I know what you want. I know you still have faith. I also know that “heaven never hurt no one.” isn’t entirely the truth. We should meet person to person. I’ve already gotten angels involved, so it’ll happen sooner rather than later.

You’ve been hurt in your life John. More than you know, no matter how enlightened you may believe you are. You do carry a load, perhaps you can’t see it or feel it, but it’s there and it affected me. Your spiritual got all tangled up in mine somehow. Regardless, if any of your fans, friends, or maybe those who don’t like you so much see this – show him this blog post and ask him to e-mail me

There were some very, very, very “interesting” things I pulled out of your music John. When you stated in your 2012 Rolling Stone article that you were looking for your soulmate. I understood. Then I listed to all your CD’s a few times.  Since that time, I’ve been in “firefight” that had everything to do with you. The result turned out to be that a pregnant woman (yup, that’d be me) got used for a shield in a Spiritual war, so I expect Mr. John Mayer’s going to either contact me of his own free will OR something from the spirit realm is going to be upon him, get him in the now and keep him there long enough to “guide” right to my apartment in Maryland. I been in that war since I popped out the womb in 1972, so as one can imagine – I’ll be getting the straight, whole truth about that situation. I gotta go all “other wordly” on some asses and wear Jesus like a garment in order to make that happen – that really should not surprise anyone who knows me. If it does surprise you, then you didn’t really know me at all did you.

It’s going to happen, so might as well be sooner rather than later.

My faith and my love is strong John (it runs in the family, so I come by it honestly) – I believe you need to experience that with your own two eyes in person.

Besides, I know you want a son, perhaps you’ll even name him Hendrix, so maybe your friends and fans who love you will do you a kindness and make absolutely sure you see this blog post.

Peace – mia

(or call 410-980-1173) You can also just show up at my apartment anytime, day or night – ask God for my address. You know he has it.

True love never dies.

The heart of life is good.

So too is the heart of love.

As is the same with the heart of life.

We’re not entirely strangers.

A perfect rhyme for “heavier things” given context of your writing could be “mightier wings” “or “sturdier strings”.

I like humming – it helps builds bridges. You should try it sometime.

ps-the mechanisms in your head were NOT working correctly – yipes!

The power of love is so strong – members of the other team are starting to defect and they’re singing like little canaries.

Oh, he knows what this is all about it – he knows.





Finally – Progress (And A Few Little Things Can Make All The Difference)

April 27, 2014


Hi there person who reads. It is NHL playoff season, so you can expect any posts appearing here at this time of year will have some sort of ice hockey content. The good news for me and a particular NHL team is that I’m now medically cleared to travel. For me, that’s a very good thing. As for where I’ll be two months from now; that’s still an unknown, but not for much longer. Let’s see, will it be Detroit? Perhaps maybe Phoenix? It could be Denver. It’s still possible I could go Tampa Bay. My decision could be swayed by a little bit of hockey love coming from certain locations. Who wants a hockey fan?

I’m retired from my previous, I suppose it could be described as a “vocation”. Obviously, I can’t (won’t) retire from being an ice hockey fan. Also I can’t (won’t) retire from being the musical sort either. Retiring from life doesn’t fly in my airspace, so what’s next? I’ll know very soon.

As for the NHL playoffs, I’ll admit it took me a few days to get over Carey Price (Montreal’s goalie). Oh, he’s a good goalie. I’m sure some of the Montreal Habs faithful are glad they didn’t run Price out of town a few years ago. It was my team, so the kind of antics coming from the Montreal net defender weren’t making me happy in one way. Of course, now that we know who the Habs play in round 2 (Boston Bruins), I’ll be far more likely to have a good-old “goalie snicker” if suddenly Lucic has a little trouble standing up on two skates during a TV timeout. Clearly, Mr. Price plays to win. I’m over it now. It’s hockey and I love it.

As for the Tampa Bay Lightning, well, it was pretty darn amazing that they made the playoffs in the first place and it just so happened that they had to play the ONLY Canadian team in the playoffs in the first round. It wasn’t just Montreal fans supporting the Canadiens, it was ALL of Canada. The coverage was Canada biased. Yeah, you can deny it all you want Canada, but I know better. The Bolts had an injured starting goalie, several brand-spankin’ new rookies and the face of the team changed this last season, so as a fan, I’m proud that they went out playing Lightning hockey and they went down fighting. I don’t want to press on any Bolts bruises, so to speak, right now, so I’ll simply state that the Habs had the edge and Lightning hockey is far more stable than it was even two seasons ago, so all is well as far as I’m concerned.

As for the “little things”, well, here’s a moment from the first round of the playoffs I think I’ll always treasure: I imagined Zedeno Chara giggling like a little school girl when this happened.

I admit it, I’m home in the mornings and yes, I’ve been watching Supernatural. Can you blame me? Jensen Ackles – uh, yummy. The writing is pretty good actually and Jensen’s delivery is right spot on every single time. He’s good at what he does. There are some “little things” that when delivered by Ackles are just humorously priceless to me. I know how to hold onto to what I got and even a teeny-tiny smattering of laughter a day is enough. It often times has had to be and if I have to make it last, I make it last.

For example: “I love posse. Gonna make a t-shirt out of that.” Dean Winchester, and then Sam’s reply “are you done?” – equally priceless.

“What? I’m nesting.” Dean Winchester, Supernatural. Don’t even get me started on the scene where Castiel discovers porn and the ensuing comments from the Winchester brothers. All very well done as far as I’m concerned. I have needed a laugh here and there over the last year or so like nobodies business, so thanks much for those little fun treasures all of you who have anything to do with Supernatural. (Especially you Ackles – you can lip-synch “Eye of the Tiger” at my house any time you like – I mean anytime) ;-)

Watch the show if you want to understand the fun of it all. It’s got many fun tidbits to discover. (Dean “communing” with the dog which makes him a bit more canine than usual is worth a watch I tell ya!”

Also, the number of nicknames I have for Henrik Lundqvist, New York Rangers goalie has increased again this season. Here’s one I’ll share for fun: “The Metrosexual Swede Singularly Responsible for the Mani/Pedi Wing at Madison Square Garden.”

Here’s to laughter, love, back-getting, guitars and smart goalies I can appreciate even if you gave my team a hard time.

I’m still having a little trouble with links and I live (not for much longer) where internet isn’t always available, so social media isn’t my prime mode of communicating these days. And yes, those are indeed my digits on the home page. No kidding.

Peace – mia – – have I mentioned “out loud” that I’m really tired of being single? Yes, I have, you just read it. Luv ya.

Tampa Bay Lightning – Game 4 – Let’s Do This Boys!

April 22, 2014


Oh how very interesting the Bolts (Tampa Bay) - Habs (Montreal) NHL playoff round 1 series has become. First, I still believe in the Lightning. Second, his name is Anders Lindback. No, he’s not Ben Bishop. He’s not Ryan Miller either. He’s an NHL goalie. He stood in front of his net in Montreal in game 3 to do his one and only job, stop the puck. He faced the challenge of keeping a crease for a team that was down 2 games in an arena that is always filled to the brim with loud, hockey-lovin’ Canadians. He took the initial hit of being scored on within 11 seconds of the opening face-off in said game and said arena, and then shook it off like a professional and helped shut-down a FOUR minute Montreal power play immediately afterward. So, for those who continue to mention on air, on your blogs, in your tweets, in your living rooms, and where ever else you opine about the NHL and particularly the Lightning and goaltending, in some cases with a rather matter-of-fact tone (as though you even have the chops to be a goalie), here’s a bit of news of for you:  Anders Lindback doesn’t care what you have to say. Ben Bishop is injured. That’s the story. That’s the only story. Move on. Get over it. The Lightning have TWO goalies don’t they. Exactly how is it anyone’s “expert” opinion that the Bolts would have at least one series win if Bishop were in the net? It’s not “expert”; it’s hot air expelling words from the bodies of those who can’t seem to understand reality as it actually happens in real life, in real time. Perhaps the “experts” out there would like to share with the rest of us your “secret” technological mojo that you apparently must be in possession of because you were able to go back in time and actually be present, in the building to see the alternate Bolts-Habs series in which Ben Bishop was manning the crease. Until such time as you can share that with the rest of us – SHUT YOUR YAPS. (yes – I am very clearly typing this for public consumption). 


As long as I wake-up in the morning, which is always a good thing no matter what the day brings, I’m going to do point out the obvious when it comes to ice hockey. My team has two quality goalies and when one is injured, the other was ready. That’s not something several other NHL teams still playing can say with confidence is it? Go Bolts! Go Lindy.

Hi Montreal. I protect my team. Bare that in mind. Somehow, I just get the feeling Game 4 will be a little different. I may not yet be a recognized member of the “old-boys” club fella’s , but when it comes to a certain something a hockey lifer who had to fight just TO BE A HOCKEY FAN “picks-up on”, oh let’s just call it an “intangible” or “unseen factor”, well, she isn’t exactly powerless. I protect my team. It’s just that simple. The officials are neutral and impartial now, and for every right good reason, including the love of game and implications extending through the course of an actual human lifetime form beginning to end, it best it stay that way isn’t it “gentlemen”?

I’ve only just begun.

Tampa Bay Lightning are getting better every game. What’s the matter Montreal, getting a little worried about that? Let’s be sure Carey Price’s skates are sharpened correctly before the game and in between periods. The Habs equipment staff must be slacking a bit. Can’t win on skill and teamwork like mere mortal men of hockey Montreal? Oh well, I’m on to you and I know with no doubt you know exactly what I mean. That sort of thing comes back to you later, so perhaps you’d like consider that this morning. It’s a hockey love thing and maybe I don’t want to hurt yourselves that way.

Yeah, so I’m a little goalie weird. It’s quite normal actually, but it’s not for everyone.

Peace and GOOD hockey love – mia –

Oh, you’ll hire me alright. As a matter of fact, you’re thinking about doing it right now.




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