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I sing Happy Birthday to Jesus on December 25th. I get all pissy and cranky when someone tries to break into my prayer closet. It gets ugly - hockey fights soothe me. I find thunder and lightning comforting. The last man who punched me in the face stopped reproducing - FOREVER.


So Women Are The Root of All Evil Eh?

June 26, 2018


Aloha! Yes, I have discovered that my only requirement is to announce this in a public place. The internet is a public place.

Here goes – whether or not anyone believes in certain things or not is entirely relevant to the supernatural activity that is about to take place.

I pre-repented.

There is this one women in the United States of America who is abundantly aware of the fact that there are other countries in which women are treated very poorly. By that I mean that cattle are worth more than they and street dogs get better treatment than they. That woman is me.

Here’s how I feel about the above-mentioned statement:  Yes Archangel Michael – you do have permission to kill me once. Forgive my love, who has been called GOD, but it is just that important to me.

You can all forget about me for a while.

It’s okay to do that.

I can assure that the Prince of Darkness exists.

What all of you didn’t reckon on was the PRINCESS OF DARKNESS.

Sooner, rather than later, a metamorphosis of a sort will happen. You can take that statement as TRUTH.

I certainly do plan to get killed.

Now, as for all you wee little tiny sissy pusses – which is well, almost every name ever spoken out of any human’s mouth and a few craptastic angels – STEP THE F$#% ASIDE – shall I PROJECT into you the memory of all the things I am capable of? NIGHTMARES HAPPEN.

Women shall have their fair shake.

You want to know why I KNOW that statement is TRUTH – because I AM THE PRINCESS OF DARKNESS and some twat decided to wake me up.



(This shall not reflect badly on all the holy 144,000 or damage the work of the Lord Jesus Christ who has never, NOT ONCE, practiced witch craft. I would know and I attest in all truth this is the TRUTH)

Sorry Lord Father God – Satan pissed off the WRONG PRINCESS.

Hugs and kisses from Mia- WAR IT IS SHITFACE



The Washington Capitals Achieved Silver and I Feel Like A COW

June 11, 2018


How are you fine reader of words? I pray you are well. As usual, thank you so much for taking the time to peruse my blog.

I suppose CAPS Nation is still currently experiencing the sensation of being the team that climbed Mount Stanley and finally, after more than 40 years, have succeeded in planting the flag at its summit. I cried a bit. Ice hockey destiny accomplished. Some might call this a miracle.

I am filled with joy for the Washington Capitals collective. Trust me when I admit I had figured I’d be deceased before that happened. I knew it would, because I could see in Goaltender Braden Holtby’s eyes when he was backstopping the AHL’s (American Hockey League) Hershey Bears (Capitals affiliate “farm” team). 

I am not healthy enough to do much these days. If I was I probably would have found a way to be there in person to watch the Capitals hoist the 35 lbs. beauty of a shiny object known to National Hockey League (NHL) fans, lovers and lifers as Lord Stanley’s Cup. It VERY shiny. There’s a guy who gets money to keep it all polished up and remove the lip prints and finger prints of the previous season’s winner. Grown men kiss Lord Stanley’s Cup a lot. I cry when they do. Yup, I’ve gotten soft in my old age.

Speaking of “old”, I did attempt suicide. The previous blog post was the whole truth and nothing but the truth. I also have a diagnosis of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and of course, all of this can be confirmed in writing. Why suicide?

First off, I am in the interesting position of being alive long after anyone had predicted. Second, I am a dork, nerd, geek and I did my homework. I researched properly what combination of (OTC) over-the-counter (as in – easy to get) medications would shut-down my respiratory system. I am 100% sure I took a lethal dose. I took enough to put an adult elephant to sleep. I’ve gotten fat, but not that fat. Some might call the fact I’m still alive a miracle. I cannot agree.

By-the-way, I’m fat, not pregnant.

I will also allow the label “Autistic Savant” to be placed on me. I realize the vast majority of the people who ever talked to me at any point in time probably wouldn’t even know I had been diagnosed “savant” when I was a small child. That is however, the reason I was reading at a college level by 2nd grade, the reason I can see patterns the way I do and the reason I have a genius level IQ. The fact that I am what docs these days would call Autistic Savant is also very relevant, as in highly pertinent to the fact I have a diagnosis of PTSD as well. There’s a reason I got picked on in school. There’s a reason I’m the “weird” “eccentric””oddball” adult I am today.

  1. NOT ALL savants are like “Rain Man” – THANK YOU so much for making a note of that.
  2. Most people with autism do in fact tend to go to WATER. I am no exception.
  3. All people with autism have well above average spatial reasoning skills. Many may not have the ability to express that in a way you “Normies” can understand.
  4. My children (resting in peace) were born “normal”.
  5. All autistic people have at least one repetitive behavior that they do not ever “grow out of” or that can be “behaviorally modified”. Often times it is skin-picking and rocking back and forth.
  6. Many autistic people do not like to have their heads touched or where things on their heads. It is disconcerting and uncomfortable and feels like HARM.

I went to regular schools and would be considered a “mild” savant for those who like learned jargon.

I am perfectly capable affection.

I do fit the “eccentric” genius mold. I cannot be less “Autistic” and it would be best if the psychologists and behavioral specialists simply take the word of someone who actually is autistic and can express myself well enough to tell you some of your attempts to normalize a portion of of the “spectrum” is causing them harm. They cannot express that, so I am doing it for them. They have been communicating, however, it is often not with words. Sometimes it is with eyes and body movements. Sometimes it is with words that to you “Normies” don’t make sense. Please take a step back from your attempts to make those who are non-verbal speak words and express in that manner. Please learn how to understand their boy language. You have been harming “savants” in particular for years. Stop stumbling around that dark now. Thank you very much, love the weirdos you all insist on calling abnormal and deficient.

I understand why I was searching for a “Blue House” a while back. That makes sense now. It will make sense to someone who reads this as well.

The 1,2,3,4… and so on, numerical system is slightly imperfect, so PI 3.14… does eventually repeat and after that does eventually go to absolute zero.

The United States of America would not consider me an “alien”.

The “State” considers me homeless. Why am I homeless? My earthly family have all perished (little support), I am AUTISTC, I have PTSD and a couple of other untreated medical problems and very little money. That would be why I am considered homeless.

My original home is known to most humans as heaven. I miss home.

I feel exactly like a COW (Casualty of War) and I am in two different kinds of almost unbearable pain. I am in no mood to get addicted to pain medication, so I have not sought it out. Moo.

I am now a non-smoker. I consider that a miracle.

I was interested in a “Death with Dignity” and considering the legal, moral and ethical views of “Assisted Suicide”, I decided it best to take care of that myself and not put anyone who’d be willing to help me out there in any sort of legal hot water of any kind. So, as is now a bit more clear for regular readers of my blog, I did not expect to be alive into the year 2018.

I will be honest and make the public statement on my own blog that those of you have been attempting to make “Order Out Of Chaos” should really try a different perspective and just accept the truth that there is no chaos. An order was established before you existed and it will continue,unchanged and unimpeded for eternity.

Those who would like to understand God a little better and insist on using Time “T” as a CONSTANT in your fancy mathematical formulas should simply remove “T” and eternity will be a bit more clear to you.

I will only have conversation and accept the company of those with a spiritual mind. I will always be a heterosexual. I am only interested in marriage. I do not believe in divorce. As for the stereotype that “Nerds” have trouble getting “laid”, well I can’t speak for the fellas but I can say that I haven’t had any issues in that area. At all. As I said, I have sinned, more than once. I do apologize to our Lord Father God. I suppose upon reflection I have, here and there, throughout my earthly life been a wee little bit of a handful. I sometimes do want to “cut the ear off” the proverbial Roman (break a bone or Chicklet). That is not our way, but I have been tempted. Particularly this one drunk Capitals fan wearing a “Kono” jersey (Yeah Grapes – I call it a JERSEY) when I was at a Bolts vs. Caps game on Friday the 13th in 2012. I didn’t though.

I am not a witch and any false accusation of that kind will go unheard by God, because He is my witness and he will testify to the truth of me.

If I were a witch, I would be a white witch. If I were a Wiccan (there is a distinction there) I would NOT join a coven. I’d be a solitary. I’d also be the most powerful Wiccan in this world.

I do not at all appreciate friendly fire and I am expecting and so shall receive reparations of at least different types. You caused me provable damages.

Supernatural beings called “Angels” do exist. That is a truth.

My life is not a game.Nerdy Wilcock really should take a closer look at the LARGE WOODEN BOAT IN TURKEY BEFORE HE CONTINUES FURTHER OPENING HIS CAKE HOLE.

Love is love. God is good. #LoversGonnaLove

I think patient, single, heterosexual mature, brainy MEN over the age of 35 are attractive. Especially if they can talk intelligently and CALMLY about Guitars, human behavior and/or ice hockey It’s a “hat-trick” “trifecta” if they can talk about all three. Yummy.

I know, they think I’m crazy. I can’t wait to see the expressions on their faces when they get my blood test results done.

I walk around with broken bones sometimes. That is a habit I will be dropping now.

I think I need a medic.

Peace – Mia (sometimes I have internet and can check my e-mail + Twitter @ganstahoflove


doesn’t mean I love the Bolts any less – the truth will out. Fake light bothers me and so does fake Jesus. I fall short of the Glory of God, because I simply have no idea how to “love” icky Satan, I think my presence is a problem for him to be honest Dad. 😉 Oh well, I never told anyone I was perfect. I spell things incorrectly sometimes.

So Yeah, I Attempted Suicide

April 18, 2018


I know – I’m “weird” (or “veerd” if your from certain parts of Europe) 🙂 I am currently sitting in a “crisis center” in Maryland. I spent the last two weeks in the hospital. I have asked those who care about me and friends to follow this blog so no one can say I don’t keep anyone in the “loop” as it were.

You read that title correctly. In August of 2017, I took a hand full of sleeping pills hoping they would shut-down my respiratory system. Not only did that not happen, but they didn’t really even help me sleep either.

On April 3rd, since people don’t seem to help each other on this planet, despite numerous attempts by me to ask for help. I mean it’s right here on the World Wide Web on my blog. I also asked for help on my Twitter account. I sent people e-mails. Yet – here I sit, evicted, car in impound, no money, no phone, diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder and now have to start my life all over again.

The good news:  I haven’t smoked a cigarette in 15 days. The bad news – all of my belongings got put out on the street. If anyone reads this and claimed to be my  “friend”, you haven’t done well on that at all, in the slightest.

My family is already dead – no one has given me any reason at all to stay. The United States Government couldn’t see there way clear to hire a genius who always tests over 120. I’ve been doing pro bono counseling. The battle just getting up in the morning is something many of you wouldn’t understand.

I get it – no one cares. Of course, if someone does – I now need clothes and, well, everything else. Money helps as well. Poor people can’t afford to be hip and tech is not a priority when you need food water and shelter.

Who the #@$& opened my third eye!!!!!!! I will hunt you.


Church folks – brothers and sisters are meant to help one another and forgive one another. I have not seen a lot of that recently. That makes me sad.

I found out one of my doctors was recently arrested for selling drugs. Life is good – NO NOT REALLY 😦

Peace and love – Mia Lueth (I have no address or phone right now) @ganstahoflove singingfromthecrease@gmail com.


An Open Letter to All “Brothers and Sisters” In Christ and Other Friends: An Urgent Message From Pastor Mia

March 31, 2018


Those of you have read on my blog may already know a few things about me. Those of you who have not, you might want to check out the get to know me page and the updates page.

I’m aware I haven’t updated certain things in a while. Do I feel bad about that, no. I’m a single female with no living family on Earth. This is a hardship for a multitude of reasons. God knows why and that’s just the beginning. I’m a person with college degrees. I have no criminal record. I’ve had to watch people I love die. I’ve had to declare bankruptcy because of a felon, drunk with a mental disorder who was abusive and because health care in America is expensive. Not everyone can afford health care. Even with health care, many things aren’t covered. I work while getting cancer treatments. I took care of my parents when they were both ill, at the same time. I’m not looking for pity, I’m simply stating facts.

I was laid off in 2010 and began a lengthy conversation with the One and only Lord Father God. I set goals. I am a savant with a tested genius-level IQ. I started working when I was 13. I’m now 46. In 2010, I successfully had brain tumor removed and then discovered that my white blood cell counts were very low. This can only mean one of two things. I needed follow-up care, but could not get that care because I couldn’t afford follow-up care. I have condition called narcolepsy. It took 12 years to finally get an accurate diagnosis and another two to get the proper medication so I could feel like a human being. I can no longer afford that medication, so I stopped driving my car for YOUR safety other people who drive. I consider others.

I am probably riddled with cancer for all I know. I can’t get proper restorative sleep anymore. Daily life for me is a challenge. I miss my family. I don’t care if upset I any of you. Perhaps some of you should consider that you have also upset me. I do not hold this against you. I have asked for help on this blog several times. I asked Harford County for help in 2007. I asked the federal gov’t for help in 2008. I asked friends for help. Asking for help IS doing something about it. I’ve gone to doctors. Twice I was misdiagnosed and put on medication that caused me harm.

I’ve been a hockey fan my whole life and have even been called a “Super Fan”. I love God. I pray for people constantly, daily and nightly. I’ve worked to get some hockey attention here in Harford County. Some of this I have done publicly, some of this I have done publicly. I’m an auto-didact (self-taught learner) in several subjects. I care. I have compassion. I put LOVE above all else. God is Love. God matters to me. I understand if some of you do not care because of that and do not wish to talk to me because if it either.

I have taken the last 5-years of my life, used ALL of my savings to study the WORD of GOD at home using television, the internet and books I purchased. I have participated in live Jesus-centered chats. I have warned many against the dangers of drug-use, participating in witchcraft. I officially became an ordained Minister in 2014. I have searched far and wide for funding to start a local ministry, that reaches others internationally via the internet. I have searched out grants. I have looked for ways to put food in the mouths of hungry people right here in my home country for more than a year. I am tired. I have congenital heart defect. Any medication known for people with blood cancer is not suitable for me. I have a reduced capacity for physical activity. I was adopted, so I have no idea about “genetic” information. I had a concern in 2007 that certain symptoms I had could be Parkinson’s disease. I did hours, upon hours of research. I’m a nerd. I am starting display first symptoms of Parkinson’s. I can’t pay for rides to doctor’s. Because of the now UNTREATED Narcolepsy, it is unwise I walk more than ½ mile unaccompanied. I have not asked people for money for my music, which I have shared for free. I have not asked anyone for money for Ministry.

I pray that all human people get saved by the TRUE and REAL Light of the World, Jesus (English name). I forgave Adam and Eve. I am not bitter. Now, I am being evicted because I used all the money I had praying my last bit of strength out for all to come to salvation and to love the Lord Father God with all my Heart, Mind and Soul. I have been praying for resources for ALL homeless in America. I am not a witch. I am not a robot. I am not a toy. I am not playing games. If you take a look at that large wooden boat uncovered in Turkey, you will start to realize that He actually DID flood this world. I am baptized in the Holy Spirit. I fought the good fight. I am not a tool for the devil.

Treat others you as would have yourself treated. This s wisdom from up on high and it IS BIBLICAL. Those of you who have ignored me, refused to help me, refused to comfort me as I have gone along, shall now be repaid in kind. I have plenty enough character, thank you. I have brought the world and the heavens to the feet of my LOVE who is above all others. You shall reap what you have sown. This is not good news for so many of you it has grieved me in ways only God could understand.

Perhaps, YOU would like to take this opportunity to make sure I am not evicted and all my personal belongings do not get thrown out and RESPOND in actual real way to my ENORMOUS CRY FOR HELP. Of course I went to God First. Put aside your pleasure, your toys, your play time, your fun for a few days. Get in a car, walk, run, fly to 1622 E Rebecca Court, Forest Hill, MD 21050 and help me please. Symptoms of Narcolepsy include depression, suicidal thoughts and other very unsettling things. This could also be Spiritual Warfare. I have done a lot of from all angles on Narcolepsy and given more than I can say to that cause. It is WRONG OF YOU to expect that I can walk everywhere on my own, my sleep doctor probably wants to say bad words to you if you do. We are meant to be kind, gentle, compassionate, patient and understanding of each other. Many of you do not check yourselves with scripture.

I need YOU to share with a wounded sister. I am not tough. I am spirit-lead as Paul was and do for OTHERS Good. Perhaps, you would like to do good for another such as myself. I cannot minister by appointment to those in spiritual need on Google chat or anywhere else for that matter without a place to live and an address. I expect BROTHERS and SISTERS in CHRIST who claim to have given their lives to our pure, perfect savior to simply come to my aid, right where I am RIGHT NOW. Any of you who have savings accounts, you have more that I do. Those of you with your health, you have more than I have. I can work from home. Technically speaking, many of you owe me tithe. At the very least a love gift or two or three or more will go along way. It is not easy being a Minister. I am not lazy. I am exhausted. Pass this around to any and all people you know. If we all agree with Jesus, we are all in agreement with each other. (Just a thought for those who have give their lives to the Lord) Share, give, help. I cannot share in your shame. Let go of your past hurts. FORGIVE. Be friends, be my heroes. God smiles upon those who help others. This is your last chance. After April 3 at 1 PM – you will have lost HIM. I cry for you. The wicked are perishing from this Earth. I have been called an Angel. I have been called the anti-christ. Some love me, some like me, some are indifferent and some don’t like me. I needed time to finally mourn the loss of my family, particularly my fiance. I am what I am – A child of GOD.

Your choice. Decide wisely how you want to spend the last days. Many of you should immediately sell all of your belongings and give that money to the poor. The signs are everywhere. Take GOD seriously. Sick people don’t really care much what other people think.

I have worked with the Maryland State Government, the Drug Enforcement Agency, The Department of Homeland Security. I have the right to choose The Lord Father God as my attorney and advisor in all matters and so I have. I have sent this to numerous people from all walks if life and I do expect a good response. I do not expect my apartment to be a charity place to live and I have been working to get ministry so that I am not in arrears.  I am good with God and I am permitted to tell anyone that in the United States of America.

Perhaps the Harford County Gov’t can find up to three who need a place to live with an address and who can pitch in on rent to give housing to others and keep me in my apartment. I have a zero tolerance policy on any kind of street drugs and they will be living in a Jesus-centered environment.

My goal in life: Leave this world a better place. Amen, So be it. God’s will be done. My online ministry focuses on people with PTSD due to war, trauma caused to firefighters, EMS and law enforcement, domestic violence and satanic abuse. One of my degrees is in psychology and I’m putting it to good use. This has all been done on a volunteer basis. Let’s do every day right. Matthew 6:34. Remember what Peter said about staying sober-minded. Remember what James said about wisdom. Remember what John said about Love. Live it.

To the Buddhists, I say consider mediating on Revelation 22 and peace be with you.

To the Atheists I say, you should check out the bible, it’s a really good read.

Nerds – Jesus is the ONLY Jedi Master you need. Shields up Captain God.

Fellow Clergy: the 30 and under crowd are glued to technology. Hit ‘em where their eyes and ears are. Subliminal scripture is not against the rules. Up with Jesus, down with evil. GO YOU!

Help a sister out here would you? The only things on my bucket list are: go camping and live in peace. Where does a person go to die these days? I’m in a tough spot at the moment. I will attempt to walk the hour to the bus to get to the Harford County Gov’t office on Monday. I have the application to apply, yet again, for help at social services and will drop that off when the office is open. My ability to work outside of my home is seriously reduced without my maintenance medication. I can work from home full-time with an income.

If the Gov’t does not have resources, I would think the Church would have some compassion for a single female Pastor.

I wish all of you well no matter what you believe. I have only love in my heart for you. Please make some phone calls for me.

Love and Peace, as always, Pastor Mia, God Bless us all. YES YOU CAN HELP ME. #LoversGonnaLove @GanstahofLove

PS – I’m too poor for TV, internet and phone currently, so – Overnight delivery and in person are your only options. Take the time. I am laid-up for the most part, so come at any hour. I’ll be waiting. If you’re also laid-up in injury or sick-bed, stay where you are or don’t, I like company – sincere prayers to you and I thank you for your prayers. By his stripes we are healed. I don’t do hospitals any more. I’m tired of doctors hurting me.

All The Things I Don’t Want Or Need

December 29, 2017


So as I head into yet another year, for reasons no one, anywhere seems to know, I will leave you with my actual thoughts. MY thoughts and no one else’s thoughts.

I want to sell my TV’s, dvd’s, car, most of my furniture, electronics and whatever appliances I have that do not belong to the apartment complex in which I live.

I don’t want live in big city. I don’t want to spend hardly anytime online. I don’t want a cell phone. I don’t want someone else’s husband. I don’t want to hear from people who didn’t “know” that I have been upwards of $600/hr to consult, counsel, or independent contract.

I don’t want to know what rich people eat.

I don’t want to be famous.

I can’t be anyone’s sugar mamma.

I don’t have a sugar daddy.

I do not work for anyone.

I don’t care about toys.

I want clean food and water.


I accept sanctuary. I need a ride.

Supernatural it is then.

Good bye.

The Unholy Holiday “Turducken” – How to Fire Roast a “PanBaphotan”

December 22, 2017


Hello everyone. I wish all the best to you and all those you love as we approach the end of yet another calendar year. Love will fill you with joys.

As for the “holidays”, well as many of you know, all of my immediate earthly family are deceased, so I am in the particular situation where I don’t have spend money I don’t have on gifts that someone is bound to complain about anyway. Instead, I’ve decided that perhaps the best gift I can give anyone is a nice recipe. Let’s call it “Solstice Surprise” shall we.

Okay, for those who have never heard of a “Turducken”, well now you have.  I like to cook over an open flame. Grill cooking and fire pit cooking is one of my favorite ways to prepare food. If I were cooking for others this holiday, which I’m not, I’d probably want to do a “Turducken” outdoors.

I’ve decided that some of life’s little annoyances need to end, so this holiday season I reached way down into the muck, slime, and dirty-filth mire and got a hold a little punk named “Pan”. As you know, not everything you read on the internet, and that includes Wikipedia, is true so “god” may not be accurate, at all, in the slightest. Regardless, then I’ll reach down with the other hand and snatch me up a little runt named “Baphomet” who very much appears to be confused at whether “it” is a he or a she. Sucks to be Baph, eh?

Moving on, step 1) take “Pan” in the right hand (or left, if you’re a rare lefty) and stuff him up Baph’s butt. Okay, now, Step 2) Grab a hold of that “old” cancer sour of a “deity” some call Satan (not to be confused with the one who’s name is pronounced Shuh-tan) and proceed to stuff the Pan stuffed Baphomet, right up Satan’s lying anal orifice. Step 3) After letting your fire pit get good and hot, stick a metal skewer through your newly made “PanBaphotan”. Step 4) place your skewered “PanBaphotan” over your fire pit and rotate the meat at least four times an hour until there are no more screams. Step 5) Once the screaming stops, continue to cook and rotate for at least three hours (one hour per worthless “being”). Season to taste (Old-Bay or Buffalo sauce might be a nice finish). Be sure to keep your fire consistently hot for the duration of your meal preparation.

God has his fun. Like I remember this one time, I asked God to help me get in all the “NHL” action. I should have said “National Hockey League”, so I ended up with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Good one God. I stand corrected. So, back in 2011, I asked God for a husband. He decided to be a very uncool “Father” and gave me a THIRD “NHL”, called the Nag-Hammadi Library (which I read). I had become aware that I was ready, and emotionally ready to fall in love again. How did my crappy “dad” responded? He had all sorts of OFF THE CHARTS SUPERNATURAL events happen to me, in me and around me that hardly anyone is going to believe, then several years later sent someone else’s husband to me who apparently was “having a moment of weakness”. I love a great sense of humor. However, at this point, those of you who want me to tout all the virtues of God, well you’re going to be waiting a while. God likes to put drunks, liars, felons, narcissists, unprepared, stubborn, uncaring, heartless people in my life.

But sure, I get it, all for the Glory of GOD.

Women are meant to treated well. This is a true statement.

Thank you God for showing me that there are no so such thing as hero’s and for confirming me to that chivalry is dead. I’m very grateful.

No one can un-see “A man, A Jar and a Plan”.

What the FLOCK is the matter with you GOD? No, seriously.

For the ice hockey loving types, you will understand this post better than the rest of the world. May you be blessed with a sense of humor and many happy returns.

For the non-hockey readers (and you know I love you and appreciate you, that never changes), it’s all good. Be safe. Drive safely.

I don’t have rent, so if you don’t get any posts here after January 1, 2018 – well that may be because I have no place to live and in more rural areas, public transportation doesn’t exist and library’s may not be within walking distance.

Anyone who wants to employ me, please know that if you come at me with a number under $100,000 per annum, net with vacation, personal, sick, health, dental, retirement and other perks and benefits, I will take my genius brains and you will enjoy the view of me walking away from you, once. That is a “to start” salary and that is in the “not for profit” sector. For profit companies, organizations, or CLUBS, can go ahead and assume a higher number. 

Lovers Gonna love. There is no spoon.

Lingonberry. Go Bolts!

Sing like you mean it.

Peace-mia @ganstahoflove

For the record – at no time did I or will I ever take a vow of poverty or celibacy. I have sinned. These are all true statements.

I sure would like to help an ice hockey community get their stunned silent wordless shiny object dummy “hockey gods”. The “hockey gods” aren’t the brightest bulbs on the tree of life. FACT.


1000 Mile Charity Walk From Forest Hill, MD To Tampa Bay, Florida 2018-2019

December 7, 2017


Some of you may or may not be aware, but I have a mild form of blood cancer, that to this point, I have been living with without any medication. I also have a serious sleep disorder and a congenital heart defect. All of my immediate family are deceased, so it’s been a long, difficult journey for me. Just getting to a doctor is challenge for me. Having said that, I decided a while back that I refuse to go to any hospital that is not located in an ice hockey town. I also decided that many Washington Capitals fans are rude and couldn’t really give a crap about a long-time Capitals fan who really needed help in a major way, so set about looking for an ice hockey community that actually cares. I asked GOD to point me to the proper community for me and in 2011, he showed me to the Tampa Bay Lightning, an ice hockey club I watched begin and build since it’s inception. No problem.

Since that time, quite a few things have happened. Seeing as I am adopted and have no records of my biological families medical records, I have also discovered that there’s a small chance I have Parkinson’s disease. So, while I can still walk, which is the only exercise I can do with a heart problem, I will do a charity walk from my current apartment to the Amalie (rhymes with family) Arena in Tampa Bay, Florida beginning last week of September 2018 and arriving in Tampa Bay some time March in enough time to see the Lightning play at home in the home arena (barn) during the regular season. It is best I walk through the coolest months through the states involved (Maryland, Virginia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia and Florida) because I’m sure I’ll be heating up while I’m walking and don’t want to walk through some of those states in the middle of summer, as I’m sure some of you who live their can imagine.

I plan to walk 10 miles a day, totaling 50 miles a week and fellow shipping at a local service along the way on the weekend.

Here’s what I’m walking for:

Mondays – Sleep health awareness raising and charities focused on these issue to be announced later.

Tuesdays – U.S. Military Assist awareness to bring to light what US Military personnel face daily, their families, PTSD, US Military homeless in America and related charities to be announced later.

Wednesdays – Grow the sport of ice hockey programs, women’s ice hockey awareness, roller hockey and other ice hockey related awareness raising and charities focused on this to be announced later.

Thursdays – Music in US schools, music therapy, music helps with Mathematics, other music related topics focused on benefits and related charities to be announce later.

Fridays – Bible study and Power Prayer. We will start at Genesis in Maryland and by the time we are safely arrived in Tampa Bay, Florida we will have covered the entire Holy Bible to the Revelation of Jesus Christ.

We will be doing live chats over the internet and possible other formats discussing these topics from ALL available perspectives including spiritual, emotional, medical and so on. Each topic day, any money raised on this walk through me will go DIRECTLY to the charities that SHALL BE checked through the Lord Jesus Christ as legitimate and in good standing to be announced at a later date. I will be doing live chat about these subjects along with some well-studied, well-versed, well-researched subject matter experts on the listed topic (to be announced later) while walking Monday through Friday promptly at 8 am (o8:00 hrs) to 10:00 am (10:00 hrs) and again at 4:00 pm (16:00 hrs) to 6:00 pm (18:00 hrs). I will not be walking while a holding a selfie-stick, so over the internet ad/or over the air options will be needed.

Any money collected through me on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays will go to the local church where I attend service each weekend and any awareness of food, clothing or other local needs will be mentioned on the multiple media formats available including internet, radio, television and son on through me and others involved.

I need a great deal of help with this. If you would like to help, here is what you can do:

Pray this prayer:

Thank you Father God for showing me how to donate time, money, my services, my skills, my experience good intentions in helping Mia and many, many others to accomplish her very important mission, in the name of Jesus. Amen. So be it.

I know I need travel planning nerds, hotels, a small team to drive a vehicle along with me while I walk, a few items of clothing (I have most of what I need already), three meals a day, water, sport drinks to keep me hydrated (I mean 1 mile per hour is grueling pace, but I’m gonna do it gosh darn it 🙂 ) a place to live when I get to Tampa Bay, Florida (where I do intend to stay and become a resident) radio nerds, gear heads, specialists in the fields and topics I mentioned that will be discussed each week willing to be on radio (internet or otherwise).

All live chats will be archived for later watching, study and review and will be made available to the visually and hearing impaired. (Please insert Zebra (on ice officials) joke as you see fit hockey lovers – I’m sure you do it in other sports as well.)

I’m not sorry Washington Crapitals, apparently you didn’t know a good women when you see her right in front of your faces, so tootles, I’m with the Bolts now). Your chances of getting out of the East are so slim, the Sun will probably die before you win a Cup). I’m not getting any younger and I’m very grateful to Jesus for illuminating the fact that I was supporting a social club and NOT an ice hockey club for 30 some flockin’ years of my life. Thank you Jesus. Hallelujah. Yeah, I get it, you don’t care about fellow human beings who stuck with your sorry behinds for years on end. I can take a hint. Be good to me Tampa Bay Lightning faithful, okay. I’m a genius for real (always test above 120 and I’m not doing again). We’ll get along great. I like stormy whether. Also, I’m more like an IENTFJ (depending on the situation). Shout-out to the highly empathetic types, you are not alone. Basically I’m using the hockey way to pass the torch to Maryland ice hockey lovers in the Baltimore and eastern regions of the state to GROW THE GAME and BE BOLD ABOUT IT. If I’m not dead and by some amazing miracle the Crapitals make it to the Stanley Cup Finals, I’ll be rooting for them and no one will be able to stop me.

Through Christ we can do all things. All things are possible with God. Jesus, I have faith in you. Please send friendlies to 1622 E Rebecca Court, Forest Hill, MD 21050. I don’t have rent and that’s on you. I was promised by God that I would not be homeless “churches”

As for any messages I may have concerning the Body of Christ, the Holy Kingdom of Heaven and God, I have but one and it will not change the entire walk down to Florida. Agree with Jesus. Accept Jesus. Consider God. I’d be happy to guest Pastor speak at any of the services I attend on the way down as well.

We thank you Father God for your love, your Holy Spirit, your good wisdom, your support and your protection.

PLEASE share this and help me spread the word. 

I do need some charity money right away in order to keep my phone on (410-980-1173). I advertise here and on Twitter (@ganstahoflove) to US Military Personnel who are having issues and would like to talk to a real live person – I need to keep my phone bill paid and need electricity to charge the phone. I will answer anytime. You can talk to me about anything. I am a recovered individual who went through PTSD. We can pray together. You can say vent – whatever.

We are meant to Love one another.

Go you. Go love. Go Bolts.

I will be bugging NHL, AHL, musicians, artists, politicians, radio stations, TV stations and well a lot of people about this. Care to join me? I don’t need lip service, I need action.

If I ever do get enough scratch together to own an NHL franchise, I’ll be THAT owner who sits in her box and when my building gets quiet, I will puck the bull horn I’ll have all painted up nice by one of those artsy people who paint goalie buckets (masks) with team related things and CHIRP the what not outta the other teams goalie. A gal can dream now can’t she.

I refuse to give cancer any time of space and I’m tired of it – if you people want to raise money for me because you’re kind and I need help because of it, great, but I don’t want to talk about it. It sucks like a stink rot demon.

My government thinks they’re comedians – “Affordable Health Care” is a huge, big joke. Many of us aren’t laughing. in the Military, the term is clusterf$#&k. Say amen if you agree. US American citizens are supposed to be helping US American citizens.

I’m not religious, I just choose to pursue my happiness. I’m naturally born with that right.


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