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Who Doesn’t Love a Threeway! (Humor Is A Gift)

September 9, 2014


Yes, it’s true – “everyone loves a 3-way”. Often, I find myself awake late at night and sometimes it just seems best to share in the fun. Perhaps you’ve discovered a few interesting facts in the middle of night as well.

For example – “Jesus is kind and humble”. As a hockey fan, I can certainly appreciate a gift of healing. Some seasons, some NHL teams don’t even have the luxury of what’s known as a “healthy scratch”. WAIT – DID HE MEAN THERE ARE EIGHT-BREASTED WOMEN AROUND HERE! Hey, don’t be distracting the men of hockey during the season like that! 🙂

Now, if you’re not familiar with laughing often and don’t enjoy a good drive in a great car, then don’t watch Top Gear. Me, I’m a fan of both those two things, but the latter isn’t something I get to do very often. Instead, I watch other people do that and when these guy get into a bit of trouble – they go all the way in. It’s always proper to fasten the seat belt  and engage the hand brake in your sports car just prior to “wheels down” in Iraq. I mean that’s just plain road savvy. However, being “aware of something called ‘The News'”, may or may not be an indicator if a person has any trepidation in suggesting a “short-cut” through Mosul or Baghdad. Chicks not only dig ice hockey and guitars, some of us also dig cars too! Nope – I am not a mythical creature and there are witnesses. Of course, this particular female gets MIGHTY protective of little children and has the potential to become what some would not describe as “cute” when she gets her life threatened. Threatening my life WHILE protecting little children …. (there are no words, because those words aren’t for the little children and you wouldn’t have enough to time to utter any words anyway, so we’ll just focus on cute, fun times and stay in “happy zone”). What was my point again? Oh yeah, laughter is good the soul and I’m all about it. 😉

Come on, you like to laugh too, even if you don’t want any of your serious art-school friends to see you do it and heaven forbid some one gets it on video. Da Horrah!

I can even have a hardy laugh at myself as well. Perhaps you’d like to join in? One of the ways to get to Ocean City, MD to enjoy some beach activities is via Route 50, which passes directly through a town called Easton. Once, when I was a passenger on a weekend trip “downee ocean”, I saw a sign indicating that seniors get reduced rates and free utilities. It just so happened that sign was located right next to Easton High School. So of course, I turned to my friend who was driving and said, “Hey, that’s pretty cool – the seniors at Easton High get to live right next to school and don’t have to pay for utilities!” Well, it seems as though I wasn’t thinking about what an inconvenience that would be to the SENIOR CITIZENS who actually lived in that apartment complex located right next to Easton High School. YAY-me get smart certificate for being able to read words on sign – #DuhMe

What can I tell ya – my friend who was driving felt very happy and secure that she was the one operating the motor vehicle that day, because she knew I was stone-cold sober and wide awake, yet somehow, I wasn’t quite able to grasp the obvious “flaw” in my rather “flawed” statement for – oh, say 10 full minutes. I figured it out eventually – so there’s hope for me yet.

Peace and laughter to every single last one of ya and may you NOT be the “genius” who has no clue that you’ve just said something rather silly, or at the very least, may you have the kind of friend who will laugh at you when you do such a thing, because on a different road trip at a later point in time that same friend saw a billboard with “AD4TIZE” written upon it and it took her waaay longer than 10 minutes to “unlock the secret code” of that “mystery. It happens to all of us, but I won’t make you admit it in public.

Love ya – mia –





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